Twilight Fragment Locations in Persona 3 Reload

A detailed guide on the locations of Twilight Shards and how to use them in the game.

Twilight Fragment is a major new addition to the game. You can use it in one place. In this guide, we explained the location of the Twilight Fragment and how to use them.

Where to find Twilight Fragment

This guide will show you the locations of all the twilight fragment and how to use them!

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How to Use Twilight Fragment in Tartarus

Tartarus Treasure Chests

Twilight Fragments have very few uses, but it’s important to stock up so that you can utilize them when necessary. Twilight Fragments are primarily used to unlock the white treasure chests scattered throughout Tartarus.

These chests are identifiable by their red locks, with the number of locks corresponding to the number of Twilight Fragments required to open them. For instance, the chest in the screenshot below necessitates one Twilight Fragment for unlocking.

These treasure chests appear randomly as you progress from floor to floor, with your Navigator often notifying you when a special chest awaits on your current floor. Strive to unlock as many as possible – they frequently contain valuable items such as weapons, armor, and unique outfits.

Tartarus Clocks

The clocks scattered throughout Tartarus require Twilight Fragments for activation, but unlike the treasure chests, the required amount remains constant. Each clock activation demands seven Twilight Fragments, rewarding your party with a full restoration of HP and SP upon use.

While there’s always a clock on Tartarus Floor 1, these clocks may also appear sporadically on other floors as you ascend. Thus, it’s advisable to carry at least seven Twilight Fragments whenever you embark on a Tartarus exploration to ensure you have sufficient healing resources available.


Paulownia Mall

  • Paulownia Mall – In front of the fountain
  • Paulownia Mall: Club Escapade – by the stage

Gekkoukan High School

  • School Entranceway – By the lamp post
  • School Corridor – On the bench
  • School 1F – In front of the sword and staff statues
  • School 1F – At the printing room
  • School Gym Hallway – In front of the lockers
  • School 2F – In the sinks
  • School Rooftop – On the first bench

Port Island Station

  • Port Island Station – On the fountain bench
  • Port Island Station Outskirts – By the trash pile

Naganaki Shrine

  • Naganaki Shrine – On the signboard
  • Naganaki Shrine – At the playground

Iwatodai Station

  • Iwatodai Station – By the traffic cone
  • Iwatodai Strip Mall – Near Umiushi Beef Bowls

Iwatodai Dorm

  • Iwatodai Dorm 4F – By the stairs
  • Iwatodai Dorm Rooftop – Top left area, near planters

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