How to Solve All Puzzles in Confabulation

How to Solve All Puzzles in Confabulation? If you are looking for the answer to this […]

How to Solve All Puzzles in Confabulation? If you are looking for the answer to this question, this guide is for you! We explained in detail all the information on how to solve puzzles. Check out our How to Solve All Puzzles in Confabulation guide without wasting your time!

How to Solve All Puzzles in Confabulation

Welcome to our How to Solve All Puzzles in Confabulation guide. We explained in detail all the information on how to solve puzzles.

For the most Parts this is Copy&Paste

The answers to the puzzles in this Horror Game are randomly generated. There is a cool mechanic added to the Normal Mode which will save your progress no matter how many times you replay the game if you solve the puzzle a total of two times. By doing this, the key will be permanently unlocked for a specific door or chest/drawer. The key will always be different however, as this too is randomly generated. With that out of the way, let us dive into each puzzle in Confabulation and what you need to do to solve them.

Brute Memory Lock Box

This Confabulation puzzle appears right next to the Basement Door. There is no specific solution to solve this puzzle but as the name suggests it to be, to use your memory to solve it. You need to select the right slot until it remains lit up and then memorize it. As you try to get the second slot in the sequence the first slot will likely disappear. You will know when you get the second slot correct when it remains lit up with the first. Repeat this once more until you have a lit sequence of 3. The Key will appear here once you have correctly input the sequence of 3. Realistically for this memory puzzle, you only need to remember two at one time.

Storage Closet Box

The Box in the Closet, to the right of the Candle display on the ground floor can be unlocked by looking for the three birds that correspond to the bird picture above the television. The Blue Bird is found on the staircase, take a picture of the large picture of the Macaws to reveal the Blue Bird. The Red Bird is located above the Brute Memory Puzzle, next to the Basement Door. Finally, the Green Bird is found on the bird picture at the top left corner of the Candle mantle place, beside the Kitchen. Refer to the picture above the television to reveal the 3 digit code you need for the Bird Box inside the Storage Closet.

Daughter’s Bedroom Light Puzzle

The Light Puzzle in the Daughter’s Bedroom has four separate light switches corresponding to different colors that you need to correctly select. These do not need to be done in a particular order, rather you need to correctly choose the color that matches the girl’s plush toys that are scattered around the house. There is a symbol above each light switch which will correspond to the pose that each plush toy is holding. You need to remember both the pose and the color of the toy to correctly input the right color on the 4 light switches in the room.

Dog Puzzle

The Dog Puzzle appears in the Pool Table Room on the ground floor. What you need to do here is refer to the picture of the three dogs on the left wall in this room. It will tell you what word you need to spell using the numbers on the Pool Table. You will find a paper with each letter corresponding to the numbers on the Pool Table on the floor, beside the radiator. Refer to this when creating your word from the picture. You should pick up all of the balls off the Table before you begin putting the numbers into the holes to spell the word from the Dog picture.

When inputting the word for the Dog Puzzle, you need to spell the word by selecting the holes in the Pool Table in order for each letter of the word. For example: BURIAL would be 2, 21, 18, 9, 1, 12. So on the Pool Table it would be 1=2, 2=21, 3=18 and so on. You will need to add balls together to add up to the number you need for the letter. For example: 15+3 to make 18 for the letter ‘R’. Once the word has been correctly inputted into the Table you will receive a key on the dog picture frame.

Bedroom Puzzle

The Bedroom Puzzle has three parts to it. The first is to find all of the picture frames for the framed slots across the Bedroom. Once found, these will show you various symbols, but you are only required to remember a couple of them for part 2 of the puzzle. The second part of the puzzle is solved by turning off the lights in the Bedroom. This will highlight the relevant symbols you need to remember for the door downstairs, next to the Basement Door.

The sequence for the door asks for you to remember 4 symbols. Go to the Bedroom and turn off the lights, use the camera to see the original picture’s symbol. Look for the glow-in-the-dark shape that will appear in the top left corner of the picture you need to remember. The order you need to remember goes by the amount of sides each shape has. The lowest number of sides means it is first in the sequence and the highest number of sides is the last. Input the sequence by clicking on the graffitied symbols around the door by the Basement Door.

The final part of the puzzle is through the door you just unlocked using the Bedroom symbols. In this Red Room, you need to input a new sequence following the letters on the main door. These correspond to colors, being the first letter of the color. As the letters on the door are placed in 3 pairs, you need to input these are if they are the layout of the room. For example if the top pair is White and Green then you would put 4 as White and 5 as Green.

Basement Puzzle

The Basement Puzzle in Confabulation is split into two parts. The player must first find the 5 cracks across the house that will reveal a word. To reveal the letter underneath the crack, press the shutter on the camera twice. Once you have found all 5 cracks with the letters underneath, head to the Basement and input the word made up of these letters you found on the white boxes in the Basement, to the right of the ‘Walls Remember’ sign. If the word is correctly inputted, you will see a Demon on your left with a key in his hand as an offering. You can take it to progress.

Attic Candle Puzzle

For this one, you need to obtain the Lighter. One of its spawn spots is on the mantle piece, underneath the candles which tell you if there are changes in the house for you to look for. Head to the Attic with the Lighter and use it on the candles in the Attic. This is a speed based puzzle that requires you to lit the candles from tallest to smallest as the taller candles will remain lit for the longest. Once you have successf

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