How to Unlock All Noise Costumes in Pizza Tower

Many new clothes have been added to the game with the Pizza Tower Noise update. In this guide, we explain how to get all the dresses added with the Noise update. There are some things you need to do to unlock each dress.

All Noise Update Clothes in Pizza Tower

How to Get Noise Costumes in Pizza Tower

How to get all the clothes in the Noise update coming to the Pizza Tower game:

  1. Noise: Unlocked by being The Noise (This is likely the default outfit for Noise)
  2. Boise: Unlocked by flying with the crusher jump and the side spin
  3. Roise: Unlocked by killing 4 enemies in a row with the tornado attack
  4. Poise: Unlocked by taunting at the gate the maximum amount without losing a P rank
  5. Reverse: Unlocked by completing John Gutter with a D rank under 4 minutes
  6. Critic: Unlocked by defeating Pepperman without wasting a single bomb
  7. Outlaw: Unlocked by defeating The Vigilante without wasting a single bomb
  8. Anti-Doise: Unlocked by defeating The Doise without wasting a single bomb
  9. Flesh Eater: Unlocked by defeating Peppino without wasting a single bomb
  10. Super: Unlocked by defeating the final boss without wasting a single bomb
  11. Fast Porcupine: Unlocked by getting the Slow Down, Nerd review
  12. Feminine Side: Unlocked by spending the remaining money on the Noisette Bunny
  13. Real Doise: Unlocked by breakdancing on Doise’s corpse in the last phase of the final boss
  14. Forest Goblin: Unlocked by finishing Gnome Forest without killing a single Noise Goblin
  15. Racer: Unlocked by beating the time in your Peppino file
  16. Comedian: Unlocked by breakdancing for 10 seconds during any bossfight
  17. Banana: Unlocked by slipping on bananas 10 times in a playthrough
  18. Noise TV: Unlocked by getting enough combo to have Noise come out of the TV
  19. Madman: Unlocked by finishing a level while Pizzaface is nearby
  20. Bubbly: Unlocked by getting every Olive Bubble in Deep Dish Nine
  21. Well Done: Unlocked by getting hit by every cow in Oregano Desert
  22. Granny Kisses: Unlocked by interacting with every Granny in the game
  23. Tower Guy: Unlocked by sighting every PTG

All Noise Update Costumes

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