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We continue to bring you the best Backpack Battles builds that will help you rank up with new updates. In general, the best builds of the classes and the best builds created by the community were included in our article. Share with us the builds you found and believe to be really good in the comments and we will publish them with your name!

Best Builds for each class in Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles offers a number of build combinations, but we’re here to explore the best builds in the game. This guide will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to create these powerful builds. When building Backpack Battles, you need to know the recipes of all items. You can craft all the items in the builds by looking at the recipes.

Bloodthorn Build

The Bloodthorn Build reigns as the undisputed king of Backpack Battles, offering a balance of DPS and survivability. Its passive abilities, including vampirism and thorns, enhance both offensive and defensive capabilities.

  • Key Components: Central to this build is the Bloodthorn weapon, which converts regeneration into vampirism and thorns. Supplemental items like the Blood Goober and regeneration sources further amplify its effectiveness.
  • Strengths: The Bloodthorn Build excels in both sustained damage output and survivability, making it a reliable choice for competitive play. Its versatility allows players to adapt to various combat scenarios effectively.
  • Weaknesses: The Rip Shaw Blade presents a notable counter to this build, as it negates regeneration and spikes. However, strategic item selection and stamina management can mitigate this weakness.

Hammer and Dagger Build

The Hammer and Dagger Build emphasizes versatility and early-game strength. With various dagger options available, players can tailor the build to suit their playstyle.

  • Key Components: Spectral daggers are highlighted for their effectiveness in creating another glass cannon setup. The combination of a hammer and dagger provides significant damage potential, especially when complemented by mana regeneration.
  • Strengths: This build boasts impressive scalability, becoming increasingly potent with additional daggers and mana sources. It can effectively counter many meta builds, including Mana Torch Rip Tow Blade and Bloodthorn setups.
  • Weaknesses: Stamina management is crucial due to the high stamina consumption of the hammer. Players must balance regeneration and speed enhancements to maintain combat effectiveness.

Dark Saber Build

The Dark Saber Build revolves around leveraging debuffs to maximize damage output. By utilizing items such as Bellona’s Whisperer or Tusk and Piercer, players can inflict potent debuffs on their opponents.

  • Key Components: This build incorporates a Ranger subclass item and relies on Pineapples to generate spikes, which convert to poison for sustained damage. The debuffs also enhance the effectiveness of the Dark Saber and Bellona’s Whisperer or Tusk and Piercer.
  • Strengths: The Dark Saber Combo excels in delivering high DPS, making it a formidable offensive option. It can swiftly eliminate opponents, especially when paired with spike-generating items.
  • Weaknesses: However, this build lacks survivability, as it primarily focuses on offense. Players need to adopt a “glass cannon” approach, prioritizing damage over defense.

Best Ranger Build

The foundation of this build begins with selecting the Ranger class. Remember, luck plays a significant role in Backpack Battles, so be prepared to adapt based on your shop rolls.

Primary Weapon: Holy Spear

  • Start by acquiring the Normal Spear.
  • Combine it with the Glowing Crown to create the formidable Holy Spear.
  • Position empty spaces or holy items in front of the Holy Spear to maximize its effectiveness.
    • Each empty space or holy item in front of the Holy Spear will allow you to:
      • Destroy six armor.
      • Cleanse a debuff.
  • Accumulate Mana to unleash devastating attacks:
    • Spend 25 Mana to become invulnerable and attack 100% faster for 3 seconds.

Secondary Weapon: Crit Wood Staff

  • Begin with the humble Broom.
  • Fuse it with a Mana Orb to craft the Mana Staff.
  • Combine the Mana Staff with the Acorn Colla to forge the potent Crit Wood Staff.
  • Enjoy the benefits:
    • Spend 4 Mana per attack to deal an additional 7 damage.
    • All attacks are guaranteed critical hits.

Supportive Gear: Gem Box

  • Acquire the Gem Box, also known as the Box of Riches, to enhance your weapons further.
  • Utilize various gemstones to amplify your strengths:
    • Ruby: Life steal and healing.
    • Emerald: Regeneration and poison.
    • Topaz: Increased attack speed, crit resistance, and stamina regeneration.
    • Amethyst: Buffs, debuffs, and opponent healing reduction.
  • Strengthen your gemstones by combining identical ones.


  • Keep an eye out for additional weapons such as daggers, stones, or rocks.
  • Daggers occupy only one slot and provide extra damage without stamina cost.
  • Combine daggers with potions for enhanced effects, such as poison damage.


  • This build prioritizes DPS and offense over defense.
  • Aim to defeat opponents swiftly with relentless damage output.
  • Adapt your strategy based on available resources and shop offerings.

Best Early Game Build

You can try it yourself. The buckler + poison build stands out as a formidable choice for early-game dominance. When paired with a wooden sword or other early melee weapons, the buckler’s frequent procs enhance your armor and reduce stamina consumption. However, when facing opponents with the same build but lacking melee weapons, the buckler’s effectiveness diminishes significantly. Therefore, it’s essential to use it strategically and adapt to each encounter accordingly.

Best Community Builds

Excalibur Build

The recent change made it consume 15 mana to trigger all food. This build is using dual Manathirst and mana orbs to ensure that Excalibur has 15 mana nearly each time it hits.

Went with Vampiress since there’s not a lot of defense. Didn’t win all matches but was loads of fun.

Holy Spear Build

Given that it uses Mana, we go the same route that my builds take, synchronizing: Yggdrasil Leaf + Blueberries + Mana Orb + Pineapple + Spectral Dagger(after all build done)

Since Holy Spear takes 25 Mana to trigger its second special effect, it is probably for the best to save up much as possible without wasting it on other areas, until certain to have sufficient Mana to be wasting.

Best Reaper Build

Alright so, potions > poison goobert. Easier to build and sets up insane DPS for darksaber right from the get-go, can rush opponents down instead of focusing so much on defense. (Just corrupt crystals do the job fine there) Even finished one opponent in 4 seconds.

If ya can’t get darksaber better just stack up all the defense you can and pray to outlast em. (mana pot would be better than health pot too)

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