Unicorn Overlord Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough guide about quests, characters and more in Unicorn Overlord.

In Unicorn Overlord, you must master many characters and classes to take back your homeland and improve your combat power. In this walkthrough guide, you can find details about the characters, missions, and how to proceed.

Unicorn Overlord Guide

This walkthrough has tips to help you explore the continent of Fevrith and accomplish quests in Unicorn Overlord.

The Unicorn Ring Walkthrough

The Unicorn Ring serves as the inaugural Main Quest in Unicorn Overlord, encompassing both the prologue and the tutorial mission to acclimate players to the game’s real-time and turn-based strategy elements. Below is a comprehensive walkthrough for completing the prologue and utilizing Alain to defeat the enemy forces that have besieged the isle of Palevia.

Prologue – The Fall of Cornia

The prologue begins amidst the tumultuous attack on the nation of Cornia by one of its treacherous generals, Valmore. Queen Ilenia of Cornia, in a desperate bid to safeguard her only child, entrusts her knight, Josef, with both her son Alain and the Ring of the Unicorn.

As the narrative unfolds, players assume control of Queen Ilenia and her trusted battalion of warriors. Despite the chaotic and dire circumstances, focus on familiarizing yourself with the Battle Map and identifying Ilenia’s Unit in relation to General Valmore to the south.

The Fall of Cornia

Disregard the encroaching enemy forces and direct Ilenia’s Unit towards Valmore. This action will initiate an automatic path for Ilenia while bracing for enemy ambushes.

Though faced with formidable opposition, Ilenia’s unit proves more than capable, showcasing various combat skills and abilities. Use this opportunity to grasp the mechanics of combat, observing how each character in your unit utilizes their skills.

Ultimately, Ilenia’s valiant efforts will be thwarted upon encountering Valmore, marking the conclusion of the prologue. Subsequently, players will delve into the aftermath of the battle and shift focus to Alain, Queen Ilenia’s son, a decade later.

Having matured amidst the tranquility of Palevia Isle alongside friends Scarlett, Lex, and Chloe, Alain undergoes rigorous training under Josef’s tutelage. Their peaceful existence is shattered with the incursion of the Zenoiran Empire, compelling Alain to rally against the invaders.

Taking Back Palevia Town
Taking Back Palevia Town

Following Alain’s rendezvous with Scarlett and companions, the battle commences with a strategic advance towards the occupied Palevia Town. Players deploy units from the Cathedral, their base of operations, with each unit requiring Valor for deployment, earned through victorious engagements and capturing enemy Garrisons.

Initiating the battle with Alain’s Unit—comprising the prince and Scarlett the Priestess—deploy them strategically before Palevia Town. As enemy forces emerge from their garrison, engage them head-on.

Combat unfolds in a turn-based manner, with characters utilizing Action Points (AP) and Passive Points (PP) to execute skills and abilities. Manage each character’s resources wisely, exploiting their unique capabilities to gain the upper hand.

Secure victory by eliminating the enemy forces, subsequently claiming Palevia Town. Seize control of the Garrison to reap its benefits, including stamina regeneration and health recovery.

Taking Back Palevia Town

When Lex embarks on a lone endeavor, deploy Josef and Chloe from the Cathedral to provide support. Adapt your tactics, leveraging the mobility of your units and strategic positioning to overcome adversaries.

Upon rescuing Lex, Chloe bestows Healing Tonics, essential for sustaining offensive momentum during prolonged engagements.

Taking Back Palevia Town
Defeating Hodrick at Palevia Harbor

As Alain and companions converge on Palevia Harbor, confront Hodrick, a trusted soldier now aligned with the Zenoiran Empire. With a time limit imposed, swiftly engage the enemy forces en route to Hodrick’s position.

Defeating Hodrick at Palevia Harbor

Coordinate the movement of all three battalion units, strategically synchronizing their advances to overwhelm the opposition. Utilize Josef’s prowess to swiftly dispatch adversaries, while maximizing the potential of Alain and Scarlett’s combined abilities.

Upon confronting Hodrick, leverage Scarlett’s magic to penetrate his formidable defenses. Coordinate your assaults effectively to vanquish Hodrick and liberate him from Emperor Galeus’s influence.

Following the battle, witness the Unicorn Ring’s true power as it breaks the curse afflicting Hodrick, compelling him to join your cause.

With victory secured, Alain and his allies embark on a journey to reclaim their homeland, igniting the flames of rebellion against tyranny.

Call to Action Walkthrough

“Call to Action” is the second Main Quest in Unicorn Overlord, serving as an early tutorial mission to familiarize players with the game’s real-time and turn-based strategy elements. Below, you’ll find a walkthrough for defeating the Sand Scorpion Mercenaries guarding Ouvrir Harbor and defeating their leader, Aubin.

As Alain and his friends arrive at the harbor in the former nation of Cornia, they are ambushed by members of the Zenoiran Empire, led by Renault, another of the former Queen’s trusted companions. Scarlett is kidnapped by the enemy, prompting a local mercenary group to attack Alain and his allies.

Fortunately, Josef arrives with a new recruit, Clive, to whisk them away to the relative safety of their base camp.

Taking Control of Ouvrir Harbor
Taking Control of Ouvrir Harbor
  • New Units: Hodrick, Clive, Travis
  • Obtainable Items: Revival Orb (S), Dew of Strength, Vitality Talisman

At the start of the battle, you’ll have a Command Post to the far northeast, while enemy forces approach from the west near Ouvrir Harbor. Your first objective is to secure the harbor.

Reorganize your battalion units, considering Scarlett’s absence. Formations like Alain with Hodrick on the front row are recommended. Hodrick’s Passive Skill allows him to intercept attacks meant for Alain.

Deploy a second group alongside Alain to conserve stamina. Alternate between groups to manage stamina effectively.

As you defeat enemy groups, move towards Ouvrir Harbor. Watch out for enemies summoning reinforcements from garrisons.

Capture the harbor to gain stamina bonuses and a Revival Orb from a grateful townsfolk.

Defeating Aubin

With the harbor under your control, deploy your forces from the new garrison. Expand your units using Honors earned from completing quests.

Capture the bridge Garrison defended by Spearbearers, then repel Aubin’s reinforcements.

Utilize Valor Skills to boost your offense, particularly Alain’s skill for First Strike.

Defeat Aubin to obtain the Vitality Talisman and recruit him into your army.

Expanding a Unit (2 to 3)
Expanding a Unit (2 to 3)


  • Novice Military Treatise x1
  • Honors x2
  • War Funds: 500G

This short Main Quest becomes available after liberating the region from the control of the Sand Scorpion Mercenaries and recruiting Aubin to your side. Before venturing further, Josef advises returning to Fort Soligie to begin expanding the size of your battalion units.

Your movement is currently limited, so head back to Fort Soligie and interact with the Garrison. Since you now control it, you’ll find a list of options available, though some are currently inactive.

Choose the “Expand Units” option, and you’ll see a list of your current units and formations. You can now increase the size of any of your three current battalion units from a maximum of 2 up to 3 characters. Expanding a unit requires Honors, represented by a trophy icon. You earn Honors by completing quests, performing tasks like deliveries, and defeating enemies on the map. You should have enough to expand one of your units.

Select Alain’s Unit to expand his group to a maximum of 3, thus completing the Main Quest.

To unlock more unit slots or expand to a maximum of 4 units, you’ll need to increase your group’s Renown Rating, which gradually rises as you complete quests.

Post-Battle Exploration

Complete short Main Quests like “Expanding a Unit” and “A Change of Clothes” to unlock exploration opportunities.

Explore liberated areas for quests, items, and allies. Consider completing quests like “Rebuilding Fevrith” and “A Sparring Session.”

Prepare for the next Main Quest, “The Priestess, Abducted,” by exploring and recruiting allies.

Where to Go Next

Embark on Liberation Quests like “The Battle for Barbatimo” or pursue Side Quests like “A Solitary Resistance” to gain allies and resources.

Where to Go Next

Consider revisiting Palevia Isle for additional quests and items.

Prioritize quests and allies to strengthen your forces before pursuing Renault and rescuing Scarlett.

Completing optional quests like “The Ravaged Swamp” can provide valuable rewards and allies before confronting Renault.

Expanding a Unit

The quest “Expanding a Battalion (2 to 3)” is an early, brief main quest in Unicorn Overlord that follows the completion of “Call to Action.” It is one of three short quests designed to familiarize players with various features while navigating the open world.


  • Novice Military Treatise x1
  • 2 Honors
  • 500G War Funds

This main quest becomes available after liberating the region from the control of the Sand Scorpion Mercenaries and recruiting Aubin to your side. While you can explore the area on foot, Josef advises returning to the fort to begin expanding the size of your battalion units.

For now, your movement is limited, so make your way back to Fort Soligie and interact with the Garrison. As you now control it, you’ll find a list of options, although some are currently inactive.

Choose the “Expand Units” option, and you’ll see a list of your current units and formations. You now have the opportunity to increase the size of any of your three battalion units from a maximum of 2 to 3 characters. This expansion requires Honors, represented by a trophy icon. You can earn Honors by completing quests, undertaking tasks like deliveries, and defeating enemies on the map. You should have enough to expand at least one of your units.

Select Alain’s unit to expand their group to a maximum of 3 characters, thus completing the main quest.

A Change of Clothes

A Change of Clothes is one of the early short Main Quests in Unicorn Overlord, appearing just after completing Call to Action. It’s designed to introduce players to various features while exploring the open world.


  • Novice Military Treatise x1
  • Honors x2
  • War Funds: 500G

Following the completion of Expanding a Unit, Aubin will advise you to start equipping your units with unclaimed gear, especially since you looted a valuable talisman (his talisman).

To ensure nothing goes to waste, consider these methods:

  1. Character List: Open the menu and select the Character List. Here, you can quickly see which characters lack gear. Each character can equip 1 Weapon and 2 Accessories (except for Josef, who can equip 3 Accessories due to his higher tier class). Accessories vary from shields and gloves to charms and trinkets, each offering different stat bonuses. By selecting a character’s slot, you can see all available items for that slot, how many you have, and if someone is already wearing it.
  2. Items Option: Alternatively, select the Items option in the menu. This will display all your owned consumables, flags, and gear. Any equipped item will show the character next to it. Selecting a weapon will list all characters who can equip it, allowing for easy comparison if they already possess something similar.

Note: Since Scarlett has been abducted, her equipped items cannot be swapped, but you can still view them for the time being.

To complete this Main Quest, simply decide whether to give the Vitality Talisman back to Aubin or to another character who would benefit most from its increased HP effect.

A Quick Supply Run

“A Quick Supply Run” is an early short Main Quest in Unicorn Overlord that unlocks right after completing “Call to Action.” It’s part of a trio of short quests designed to familiarize players with various features while exploring the open world.


  • Novice Military Treatise x1
  • Honors x2
  • War Funds: 500G

This third and final short Main Quest is assigned to you upon completing “A Change of Clothes.” Chloe will guide Alain to Ouvrir Harbor for some essential gear and item shopping.

Similar to the liberated Garrisons in this region, towns play a pivotal role when interacted with during world exploration. Various options are available, though some may be inaccessible until you assist in revitalizing the area by completing tasks.

Start by conversing with the Armorer to browse his inventory. Keep in mind that his stock is limited, preventing you from purchasing unlimited quantities to equip your team fully.

Focus on fulfilling the immediate needs of your current team. At this stage, disregard bows, staffs, and the pricey Runic Sword. Instead, consider the Unwavering Spear, a valuable investment for Chloe, Clive, and Hodrick, enhancing accuracy and introducing the True Thrust Attack Skill to the wielder. Not all weapons offer additional skills, so prioritize gear with supplementary effects.

With approximately 3,000G remaining, you can afford two more weapons. Alternatively, opt for fiscal prudence by acquiring the Recruit’s Shortsword. Assign it to Alain to expedite your main character’s leveling process.

Additionally, explore the Provisions section. The Provisions vendor offers consumable items crucial for challenging battles. Stock up on Smoked Nuts as emergency rations for Units experiencing Stamina depletion far from a Garrison. Replenish Healing Tonics depleted in recent skirmishes to ensure readiness for upcoming encounters.

The Ravaged Swamp

The Ravaged Swamp Main Quest commences as you venture southeast from Fort Mainteneaut. Upon crossing a bridge, a scene unfolds, revealing the enemy scouring for witches and causing disturbances in the vicinity, prompting the initiation of the quest.


  • Defeat Beaumont: The Liberation’s command post is captured


  • Grupont Town: Silver Hourglass
  • Aubel Ruins: Dew of Skill
  • Avague Village: Wind Fearie’s Charm


  • 5000 Gold: Steel Trap
  • Farsight Crystal: –

This pivotal main quest introduces us to Captain Beaumont, an adversary fervently seeking the Swamp Witches’ elder upon learning of our presence. Undeterred by our intervention, he harbors ambitions of grandeur akin to a general, a notion that may prove costly for him.

Assisted by the witch Yahna and her unit, we embark on a mission to drive the enemy forces from their stronghold in the swamp. Witches possess formidable prowess against buff melee units like Hodrik and Hoplites, capable of bolstering allied units while necessitating protection in the rear ranks. Yahna, accompanied by a Warrior and another witch, serves as our primary asset against bulky enemy units in this engagement.

To commence the battle, strategize your deployment with consideration. Given Yahna’s presence, fielding three units proves optimal. Direct Yahna and a formidable mixed unit, such as Rolf’s, to the southwest to counter bulky adversaries and Housecarls. Meanwhile, dispatch your remaining units, like Alain and Lex, to the southeast, where they’ll encounter barricades.

These barriers impede progress temporarily but succumb to sustained assault. While designating a Housecarl as a leader expedites their destruction, such a tactical adjustment may not warrant the effort. Assign Alain and Lex to dismantle the barricades and repel any opposing forces, guiding them toward the Watchtower in unison.

En route to the southwest, seize the opportunity to procure the Concealing Cloak from a gleaming object. Similarly, a sparkle along the southeast path reveals an Empowering Draught beyond the barriers, providing valuable resources free of charge.

As you proceed, prioritize the liberation of the southwestern village, though expect potential harm to your witches amidst the endeavor. Grateful for your aid, the inhabitants of Lebouge Hamlet reward you with a Conveyance Stone, a gesture of appreciation.

Simultaneously, ensure your other units secure the northern Watchtower. Additionally, acquiring Hallowed Corne Ash, whether through conquering the Watchtower or other means, proves advantageous, offering emergency Victory Points and averting potential defeat.

Redirect your focus toward confronting the primary adversary as your units converge. Leveraging Victory Points to teleport Yahna and her cohorts facilitates strategic maneuvering, augmenting your offensive capabilities as you advance toward the boss.

Beware of enemy abilities like Arrow Rain, which poses a significant threat to vulnerable targets. Utilize restorative items, such as the Small Camp, to mitigate damage sustained before engaging the boss.

Upon vanquishing the enemies surrounding the boss and initiating combat, prioritize utilizing the witches to secure victory efficiently. Upon triumph, reap the rewards, including the esteemed Azure Crest Greatshield, a formidable addition to your arsenal.

Subsequent scenes unfold, guiding us to another location to rendezvous with the elder, Yahna herself. While expected, her allegiance to the liberation army and formidable magical prowess bolster our cause, despite the inherent risks of her youth.

Completing this quest yields additional rewards, including the Leaf Broach, Silver Hourglass, and the heraldry of the Witches of the Swamp, further solidifying our progress and fortifying our resolve in the ongoing struggle.

The Priestess, Abducted

Embark on the mission towards the eastern reaches of Cornia, near La Criselle Town. Upon initiating dialogue with the knight named Miriam, several scenes will unfold. The mission flag will be officially marked just to the east, signaling the commencement of the mission.


  • Defeat Renault: The Liberation’s command post is captured


  • Grupont Town: Silver Hourglass
  • Aubel Ruins: Dew of Skill
  • Avague Village: Wind Fearie’s Charm


  • 5000 Gold: Steel Trap
  • Farsight Crystal: –

As the stage commences, witness the capture of Kitra until Fran intervenes, providing her invaluable assistance once again. Following subsequent scenes with Renault and Galerius, a grim picture of Scarlett’s situation emerges.

Once on the field, take note of the full control over Fran’s unit, poised to offer significant support. Initiate by swiftly eliminating the southwest cavalry/watchtower with Fran’s unit, followed by seizing the opportunity to collect 5000 Gold from the sparkle in the lake.

Subsequently, deploy two units northward and two units eastward. The northern path should be secured by a flying unit and Rolf’s unit to confront hidden enemy units within the woods. Engage and eliminate these units to safeguard your command post.

With the three units, eliminate the enemy guarding Grupont Town and seize valuable resources. Withdraw Rolf and redirect him eastward while employing flying units to attack the Watchtower south of the city.

Moving eastward, be prepared to defend your command post against another enemy griffin. Navigate through the forest to confront additional hidden enemy units and secure the area. Utilize Alain and a selected unit to capture Avague Village, ensuring its defense against wandering enemies.

As progress leads towards the city, anticipate the introduction of the Battering Ram. Strategically thin out enemy reinforcements and explore nearby points of interest, such as the effigy offering the “Divine Whirlwind” attack.

Continue securing the southeastern area while preparing to face the Housecarl enemy unit. Utilize available resources, including an encampment for healing, to reinforce your units.

Gather your forces outside the southeast city gate and utilize the Battering Ram to breach the walls. Engage the boss, Renault, with Fran’s unit, utilizing available VP abilities for added advantage.

Following Renault’s defeat, uncover Scarlett’s location in the ruins to the north. Despite initial perceptions, the stage continues with the objective to defeat Galerius, located northwest of the map.

Confronting Galerius proves challenging, necessitating strategic use of VP and available resources. Employ multiple hits and status effects to overcome his defenses, eventually securing victory.

Upon Galerius’s defeat, enjoy the ensuing scenes and claim your stage rewards, including new recruits and valuable items. With the quest “The Priestess, Abducted” completed, the game’s possibilities expand, accompanied by the steadfast companionship of BK and Vinheim.

The Kingdom of Dragons

This main quest is initiated immediately after rescuing Scarlett in the previous main quest, “The Priestess, Abducted.”

To embark on this quest, make your way to Drakenhold. You can expedite your journey by fast traveling to Nordplage Town. From there, head south and take the southeast path at the fork. Along the way, be sure to collect any gathering points you encounter. Upon reaching a pair of dragon sculptures, engage in conversation with the Wyvern Rider to initiate a brief scene and activate a new quest.

The Battle for Mier

Upon completion of the aforementioned quest, “The Kingdom of Dragons,” this quest will also conclude, granting access to Drakenhold.

Call to Action – Drakenhold Walkthrough

Once the border events conclude, proceed further into their territory to automatically initiate the next Main Mission: “The General in Black.”

Upon arrival at Drakenhold, within the first hour, you’ll gather an impressive addition of 5 new party members. Quite the whirlwind! Among them, Primm stands out, reminiscent of Velvet from Odin Sphere, despite their dissimilar appearances.

Now, take the opportunity to explore the surrounding region before advancing.

Your journey commences at the entrance of Dreibaum Town, situated on the southern perimeter. Venture north into the wooded area to discover Dracia Lumber, boasting an array of new materials. To the west lies a sparkle containing a Divine Shard, and to the northeast of the lumber, another sparkle awaits, harboring yet another Divine Shard.

Continue northeastward to encounter three consecutive gathering points. These yield Holdra Herb, Unsullied Scrap Metal, and Sedranite Stone, respectively. Journey north to Mier Town for tasks and deliveries. Just south of Mier Town, along the road’s right side, a cemetery awaits. As with those in Cornia, enlist Sharon’s assistance to commence a quest, necessitating visits to Drakenhold’s cemeteries.

Embark on the quest “The Cemeteries of Drakenhold.”

Eastward lies Vesten Town, with a gathering point to the south, offering Holdra Herb. Just beyond it stands Einsel Church, where Divine Shards can be utilized. Adjacent to the church, several gathering points and a sparkle beckon, offering Unsullied Timber, Dracia Lumber, Sedranite Stone, and a Concealing Cloak.

Journey north to encounter a pair of gathering points offering Copper Ore and Dracia Lumber. To the right, a sparkle awaits, concealing a Divine Shard. Proceed eastward, bypassing Fort Herstann, where a scene unfolds, triggering a new quest. Though the game discourages this route initially (I, for one, am currently at level 15), let’s abide by its guidance and venture south. However, the alternative route link will be provided below.

Embark on the quest “The Battle for Adopti.”

Return to Dreibaum Town and proceed south, following the road until Aubin reminisces about his upbringing, marking our guide’s familiar territory and initiating a new sidequest.

Embark on the quest “Beyond the Swirling Sands.”

[Work in Progress]

The General in Black

“The General in Black” serves as the second main mission in Drakenhold, automatically initiating as you venture into the area.


  • Liberate all towns and fortresses: Secure the Liberation’s command post.


  • Command Post (Northern): Holy Herb
  • Command Post (Southern): Giant’s Canopy


  • Giant’s Canopy: Silver Hourglass
  • Revival Orb (M): –

Embarking on this mission promises an engaging experience. Any operation on a grand scale like this tends to be a favorite of BK’s. Moreover, intriguing scenes unfold as the mission commences, particularly with the enigmatic figure of the Black General, who seems to share a connection with Travis.

The initial terrain is narrow, allowing for the deployment of four units. Proceed southward, eliminating enemy forces en route (you have flexibility in choosing which units to deploy). Alain’s inclusion is essential. Additionally, consider deploying a Griffin to the south, preferably capable of dispatching thieves, although Alain alone might suffice. As the path diverges southeastward, assign two units capable of confronting swordsmen and fliers.

As you advance southward, seize the first sparkle for a Giant’s Canopy, a valuable item that nullifies non-combat damage for 10 seconds—a useful asset, especially when contending with force-healing while besieging Ballistas and similar obstacles.

Eastward lies a “Command Post,” likely the first city your units will capture. Upon securing it, you’ll receive a Holy Herb from a resident—a generous gesture. Concurrently, your southern units should press onward to neutralize Einsel Garrison to the south. At this juncture, consider dispatching your southern Griffin westward toward the distant sparkle on the ground. Beware of a concealed Thief unit lurking in the nearby forest, which you may encounter en route to the item—a Silver Hourglass. Should the risk of sending a lone unit seem excessive, pairing it with another unit is prudent.

Continuing eastward past the initial Command Post triggers a scene introducing “Primm,” a detainee purportedly apprehended for violating curfew. A benevolent enemy soldier facilitates her release, introducing a green unit to the battlefield—an opportunity not to be missed. Promptly dispatch another unit from the nearby command post eastward to eliminate enemy units encircling the campfire and secure Primm’s aid.

Simultaneously, as you approach Einsel Garrison, another scene unfolds, revealing the presence of the Black General herself. Notably adept at picking locks, she eludes captivity, becoming another green unit on the battlefield. Despite her solitary status, she proves capable in skirmishes against her pursuers. Hasten to her aid with Alain, ensuring her safety without delay.

Expect General Berengaria to engage in two skirmishes against her pursuers before your reinforcement reaches her. While formidable, leaving her isolated for an extended period is ill-advised. Hasten to her side promptly.

Upon nearing Primm, she offers her assistance, an offer worth accepting. Though solitary, she can provide healing support from behind your units. Subsequently, integrating her into a unit is advisable. Additionally, engaging Berengaria in conversation prompts her to join your cause, driven by her precarious situation. The game introduces the “Dark Marquess (Axe)” class following her recruitment.

Alain and Berengaria can advance southward, capturing the city. Meanwhile, the earlier deployed Griffin can proceed south to neutralize the Watchtower. While not ideal due to its vulnerability to flying units, with strategic unit composition, victory is achievable. Conquering the southern Command Post earns a Giant’s Canopy from a grateful citizen.

Allocate a unit to secure the “Church” located centrally on the map. As the opposition predominantly comprises Clerics, any unit is suited for this task.

With the central area secured, shift focus to the eastern front. Following the use of the campfire, eliminate remaining enemy units. Exercise caution near the Watchtower, where an enemy unit, including a Witch and three Spearbearers, lurks within the forest. Additionally, retrieve another sparkle to the right for a Revival Orb (M).

Upon nearing Aramis, a scene unfolds wherein Primm recognizes him, prompting her to approach him. Permit her to converse with him independently. Expressing gratitude tinged with reproach, Primm’s revelation of her rescuer prompts Aramis to pledge allegiance to your cause—a fortuitous turn of events. As the final city falls under your control, the stage concludes.

Completion of the stage yields additional rewards: a Silver Bangle, Detoxifying Amulet, and House Zechshelm Heraldry.

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