How to Unlock Secret Classes in Lords of the Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, there are a total of 13 characters, but most players are required to start the game with only these nine characters. To unlock the remaining four characters, you need to progress in the game. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock the keys to these four secret classes. Let’s take a look at the four secret classes!

How to Unlock Classes in Lords of the Fallen

In Lords of the Fallen, there exist four classes waiting to be unlocked, each with its own distinct flavor:

  1. Dark Crusader: A class reminiscent of a Paladin, adorned with dark and gothic armor, brandishing a formidable Longsword.
  2. Radiant Preacher: This class offers a fresh take on the Orion Preacher, featuring a wizard-like attire, a radiant catalyst, and a halberd weapon.
  3. Lord: An embodiment of the Pyric Cultist, encased in demonic armor and armed with a formidable sword and the Inferno Catalyst.
  4. Putrid Child: A caster-type character, equipped with an initial Umbral Catalyst and dressed in an armor set that resembles Molhu from the Skyrest safe hub.

Unlocking each of these classes comes with its own set of requirements. Be advised, the following information may contain minor spoilers, so proceed with caution if you wish to keep the element of surprise intact.

How to Unlock Secret Classes in Lords of the Fallen

Unlocking 4 Secret Class

If you want to delve into the hidden world of classes in Lords of the Fallen and discover the four unlockable classes, this guide will help you do just that. Here’s how to unlock the secret classes in the game:

How to Unlock Dark Crusader?

  • Method 1: Purchase the Deluxe Edition.
  • Method 2: Complete Isaac’s storyline, collecting Flayed Flesh and activating memories in specific locations to unlock an Umbral version of Isaac.

How to Unlock Radiant Preacher?

  • Associated with the Radiance ending.
  • To unlock, you must not encounter Elianne and defeat Adyr.
  • Gear and the Radiant Preacher Catalyst can be found in the Tower of Penance.

How to Unlock Lord?

  • Associated with the Rhogar ending.
  • To unlock, you must not encounter Adyr and Elianne.
  • Play for the infernal armor and the Pyric Cultist experience.

How to Unlock Putrid Child?

  • Associated with the Umbral ending.
  • To unlock, you must not encounter Adyr and defeat Elianne.
  • A caster-type character with an Umbral Catalyst and unique armor.

In our simple Lords of the Fallen character unlocking guide, we’ve shown you how to obtain the four hidden classes. If you’re a fan of these kinds of games, you should definitely unlock all of these characters. Each character offers a unique set of abilities and provides a very distinct gaming experience.

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