How to get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go

Hello from our How to get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go guide. Metal coat is special evolution in Pokemon go! This special evolution item was introduced during the second generation of Pokemon and is now an essential component for evolving Pokémon like Scizor and Steelix. When evolving this particular Pokémon, the Metal Coat must be used alongside the required candy and is consumed in the process.

How to get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go

Welcome to our How to get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go guide. A unique metallic film, known as the Metal Coat, plays a crucial role in the evolution of specific Pokémon species. How to get metal coat? This guide will show you!

Earning Metal Coats through Spinning PokéStops and Gyms

When you spin PokéStops and Gyms daily, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll receive a Metal Coat. However, there’s a higher likelihood of obtaining one when you maintain a 7-day streak. So, your best shot at this upgrade item is by consistently achieving the 7-day streak bonuses. While there’s no absolute guarantee, your odds improve with each consecutive 7-day streak.

Obtaining Metal Coats through Field Research Tasks

Some specific research tasks offer Metal Coats as rewards. These tasks may not always be readily available. To check your current research tasks, tap the binoculars in the lower right corner and select the Field tab. The potential rewards for each task are listed on the right, helping you identify the tasks that grant Metal Coats. If none of your existing tasks offer this item, consider waiting for a new task to become available or increasing your interactions with PokéStops to gain more research opportunities.

Collecting Metal Coats from Gifts

Although it’s relatively rare, you can discover a Metal Coat within a gift. If you have numerous friends in Pokémon Go and receive numerous gifts, you might just find the Metal Coat you’ve been searching for. The more friends you have and the more gifts you receive, the slightly better your chances of receiving a Metal Coat.

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