How to Unlock Stairway to Heaven in Pet Simulator 99

To get the Stairway to Heaven in Pet Simulator 99, here's what you need to do!

We’ve explained what you need to do to unlock the Stairway to Heaven in Pet Sim 99. Moreover, with this method, you don’t need Robux or a VIP Gamepass to get the Stairway to Heaven!

Stairway to Heaven Pet Simulator 99

In Pet Simulator 99, there are a few achievements you need to complete to unlock the Stairway to Heaven. In this guide, we’re explaining how to reach the Stairway to Heaven. Whether you have a VIP Gamepass or not, apply the methods below to obtain this hidden paradise without spending Robux.

Method 1: Navigate the Anchors at Area 22: Shipwreck

  1. Head to Area 22: Shipwreck in Pet Simulator 99.
  2. Look for anchors in the area, particularly on the left and right sides of the tunnel.
  3. Swim close to the anchor on the right, and you’ll notice a crack or space.
  4. Slide into the narrow passage, and you’ll be teleported directly to the Stairway To Heaven.
Stairway to Heaven Pet Simulator 99

Method 2: Jungle Obby Dungeon Dive at Area 18: Jungle Temple

  1. Venture into Area 18: Jungle Temple and locate the Jungle Obby dungeon.
  2. As the game begins, take a dive into the acid.
  3. Before being reset, quickly press or click the Home icon at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Experience a seamless teleportation to the Stairway To Heaven instead of the game area.

With these two proven methods, you can now access the Stairway To Heaven in Pet Simulator 99, and the “Falling Down” achievement is within your grasp. Enjoy the ascent and explore new heights in the game!

Video Guide for Stairway to Heaven Without Robux

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