Pet Simulator 99 Traveling Merchant Location Guide

Everything you need to know about the Traveling Merchant in Pet Sim 99!

If you’re looking for the Traveling Merchant in Pet Simulator 99, you’re in the right place. Our Traveling Merchant guide explains what you need to do to easily find the Traveling Merchant while navigating the game.

How to Find The Traveling Merchant

Locating the Traveling Merchant can be a bit tricky as the notification doesn’t pinpoint their exact location. The merchant can appear anywhere between Area 1 to Area 105 around the game’s edges. Here’s a strategy to improve your chances:

  1. Use Your Hoverboard: To cover ground efficiently, navigate from spawn using your Hoverboard.
  2. Area-by-Area Search: Skip the tunnels and explore each area systematically. I found the Traveling Merchant in Area 7, but others reported sightings in different areas like 16.
Traveling Merchant Location in Pet Sim 99

Remember, the Traveling Merchant pops up randomly every 45 to 60 minutes. Keep an eye out for the notification, and once you spot it, act swiftly. The merchant vanishes after about 10 minutes, so time is of the essence.

Items Sold by the Traveling Merchant

The Traveling Merchant is a mysterious NPC offering rare pets for purchase. You can buy these items using gems, but be aware that server restrictions limit the stock. Here’s what to expect:

  • Limited Stock: The merchant typically sells three to four pets on a first-come basis, accepting various currencies, including diamonds and gold coins.
  • Exclusive Deals: These Traveling Merchants differ from permanent ones, focusing on rare pets rather than the usual perks and potions.
Items Sold by the Traveling Merchant

Recap: Finding the Traveling Merchant

To summarize, keep an eye on the game notification indicating the Traveling Merchant’s appearance. Teleport to spawn, utilize your Hoverboard, and systematically explore each area without using tunnels. The merchant shows up every 45 to 60 minutes, giving you a brief window to secure your purchases before they vanish.

Remember, the Traveling Merchant’s location in Pet Sim 99 is random, so starting your search from the beginning will maximize your chances of a successful encounter.

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