HumanitZ Fishing Guide

Seeking information on fishing in HumanitZ? You're at the right spot. HumanitZ fishing is simple, with easily available fishing rods. Explore our comprehensive HumanitZ Fishing guide for details.

Do you need information on how to fish in HumanitZ? Then you’re in the right place. Fishing at HumanitZ is really easy. You need fishing rods, and fishing rods can be found everywhere. Check out our HumanitZ Fishing guide for detailed information on how to use them, repair them and about fish!

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HumanitZ Fishing Guide

How to keep fish in HumanitZ? Where did you find the fishing rod? How to repair a very used fishing rod? And for the answers to many more questions, you should check out our HumanitZ Fishing guide!

Fishing Guide

Fishing is easy, really. You need a Fishing Rod, they can be found all over and they do take damage from use. So use some Duct Tape to repair it so it doesn’t break if its your only Fishing Rod.

You also need bait. Bait is found from cutting Bushes with a sharp tool or weapon like a Knife up to Axes. Once you collect some bait, about 10 should do you should then go fishing. Later on you will NOT need to get bait from Bushes, you will make Bait from the crafting menu with Perch you catch.

You can reel in almost half your line right after your cast with no worries. If i reeled in more than half right away sometimes it would take ages for a fish to bite, but it did still happen.

You need to hook your fish, I just hit the reel in button once when the fish takes the bait and most times the fish is hooked. Sometimes i forget and hit it a bunch of times and lose the fish.

Basically reel in 2 to 3 times when the stress needle dips down, do not reel in when the needle climbs up. If the fish is not struggling hard you can reel in a little more, spamming that button more than 3 times. Every time you reel in you get the fish closer to shore and your line meter decreases. When the fish pulls hard it increases your line meter.

If your fish pulls out more line than the Line Meter it gets away. If you fish pulls hard while your reeling in the line breaks and sometimes the fish slips the hook right at the start.

And you will cook Salmon and Pike, all the Perch you catch should be turned into bait. You’ll never need to cut another Bush.

You can also use Fish Traps to catch Perch, if that hasn’t changed in the last update. And you can cook Perch, but since you need Bait there is no point.

Note: fishing is not as easy as I stated if you did not pick the Fishing Background at character selection. Its that simple.

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