Wizard with a Gun Walkthrough Guide

Looking for a walkthrough, tips, and more for Wizard with a Gun? Our Wizard with a Gun Walkthrough Guide has all the information, tips, and strategies you need to progress.

Do you need the walkthrough guide, tips and more to get the Wizard with a gun? You’ve come to the right place. In our Wizard with a Gun Walkthrough Guide, there is information and tips on how to proceed, strategies. In addition, the details that may answer your questions are also in our guide! Check for details!

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Wizard with a Gun Walkthrough Guide

In this Wizard with a Gun Walkthrough Guide, you will learn the answers to the questions that cause confusion. Check out the information below for tips, strategies and more.


  • Deconstruct Structures on Expedition if you have the time, some are worth your effort
  • Group certain Chests, Crafting Stations, and Research Tables together. Adjacent Stations and Tables can access the contents of those Chests. This also will help you stay sane once the loot piles up, since there is no way to distinguish your chests.
  • If you are a player who takes a lot of damage,get into the habit of healing earlier than later. Most healing happens over time.
  • Take some time and clear out the extra flooring in the Tower, it provides plenty of charcoal and you’ll need it sooner than you’ll need those floors later.
  • Different bullet affects have varying effects. Effects like damage based off stacks makes them more valuable on SMW’s if you can land those shots. Plan your bullets wisely.
  • Don’t get greedy with your Weapon Slots. You can do without the Worldbuilder on Expedition, but not the Groundlayer. I still suggest bringing both though.
  • Every Animal runs away from you, so finding a way to hold it down is useful.
  • Your Bullets effect the environment as much as the enemy. Burning Trees adds Charcoal to their drops. Shocking Metal adds Charged Metal. Force Bullets will drop Fruit from Trees and damages enemies when pushing them into walls.

Type Weakness/Resistance list (Incomplete List)


  • Mechana enemies are Resistant to Poison/Fire
  • Beast enemies are Resistant to Cold (Need to Test)


  • Mechana enemies are Weak(er) to Cold/Shock
  • Beast/Humanoid enemies are Weak to Fire
  • Wooden Structures are Weak to Fire
  • Stone Structures are Weak to Cold
  • Metal Structures are Weak to Shock

The Actual Walkthrough (Beginning – Mechantress)

If you start out playing the Tutorial, you’re introduced to a handful of Mechanics, how to move, how to shoot, how to equip yourself, and how to craft.

Beyond that you’ll be told what The Tower is, how the lore connects it together with how the world keeps exploding.

I’m not covering that bit except to clarify that The UI for The Wheel suggests that when you gather all of The Gears for a zone that something drastic will happen and the world will change. It’s instead very gentle and changes the rate certain Biomes will spawn in your Expeditions, and the different Encounters that will spawn in those biomes on that map.

Instead I’ll be covering how to play the game to help you get through it, aye?

Your First Few Expeditions

After getting to the end of the Tutorial (Talking to Hilda Alive for the first time and leaving) there are a few things you want to do.

  • You want to find some Cult of Iron guys, (the dudes with guns) shoot them, and take their guns

.-Their guns are going to be better than your Wooden Gun, twice as good actually, because they have two whole bullet slots.
Hopefully you are lucky enough to get several from them, because there is an NPC you’ll see spawn soon that will sell them to you, and you want to be cheap right now.

  • Shoot some Trees, gather some plants, and everything that has a Tome on it you see. Develop a prejudice for tome-carriers, because you’ll need them more than they do.

Trees also drop Charcoal if they break while Burning for upgrading Fire Bullets, but you can also get some from the tiles in The Tower once you get The Groundlayer

Your First Few Tower Trips

Move the stuff in your base around

You’re going to be spending a good amount of time in there preparing for your next Expedition, so make it comfortable! I’m the efficient type so I usually place my things close around The Wheel and The Gate.

  • You might be tempted to dump all of your tomes into upgrading a certain element and getting strong.
  • However, it’ll help you to keep upgrading individual bullets for last, and get the core 4 bullet types first.
  • Beyond that go wild, the game is pretty well balanced for you to more or less be able to make anything work.
  • However there are some type-resistances that I think feel bad to try and brute-force past.

(Incomplete List)

  • Mechana enemies are Resistant to Poison/Fire
  • Beast enemies are Resistant to Cold (Need to Re-Test)

But there are also some Weaknesses you can take advantage of.

  • Mechana enemies are Weak(er) to Cold/Shock
  • Beast/Humanoid enemies are Weak to Fire
  • Wooden Structures are Weak to Fire
  • Stone Structures are Weak to Cold
  • Metal Structures are Weak to Shock

Once You Find Your Feet

However you want to set up your bullets and your base, there are a few things I suggest for progressing comfortably through the game.

  • Get Comfortable with your Timer running out. You can afford about an extra Minute or so before things get a little dangerous and the Chaos Goo starts to do real damage. As long as you don’t get hit by a Meteor (which I think can’t target you directly) you should be fine.
  • I suggest not using Homing, the Crude Homing is indiscriminate and can hurt more than help.
  • If you really need extra bullets, throw down another Loading Bench, you just don’t get all the resources back when you Deconstruct it.

Whichever way you play, you gotta get out there and do some Gear Encounters.
I’ll be adding specific information on these later, but in the meantime, get comfortable dodging and try to use bullet types they are weak to, you’ll be fine.

The Gear Behind The Door

While you’re doing Expeditions on your way to finding the Mechantress you’re going to run into an Iron door that bars you from progressing. You need the Gear behind it, and it’s the only Gear Encounter that will spawn until you get it.

  • In order to break that Door you need a Level 8-10 Weapon.
  • The only Bullet that you can Upgrade to this with the Resources available is The Lightning Strike Bullet.
  • It’s only gated behind Chaos Eyes, and is a Level 10 bullet once unlocked.
  • So, you’ll need to farm some Eyes of Chaos to get those Chaos Eyes that spawn as The World Falls Apart after the Timer runs out.
  • While you’re farming for Chaos Eyes you’ll want to stay and get several.
  • A few Chaos farming Tips:
  • Meteors spawn around where you are, not around the map, dropping larger pools of Chaos Goo and damaging or outright Breaking tiles the longer you stay. So move slowly but often and keep your battlefield whole.
  • The Eyes of Chaos only spawn after 7 (Need to Re-Test) pairs of Chaos Rifts open, and will eventually be replaced by even stronger Chaos enemies.
  • The Eyes of Chaos damage tiles as they hurt you, but dodging their laser stops them from damaging you and the tile.

Once you get those Chaos Eyes, you will need to unlock Lightning Strike II.

But when you go to load it, the Bullet requires Charged Lead.

As I understand the only source of Lead in The Imperium is from the Crowned variant of Scavengers which should spawn on your map if you have enough Gears to be stuck behind this door.
It will drop some Lead Scrap (And potentially Charged Lead if Shocked, Need to Re-Test) which you’ll need to smelt and then Charge in the Lightning Furnace from the Lightning Research Station.
-Do not replace your normal Shock bullets with these bullets. The Lightning Strike round exchanges it’s huge damage for having a Cooldown that stops you from continuously firing. I suggest Loading it into your Carbine for this reason.

Once you shoot your way into the door with those Lightning Strike bullets, a dangerous Chaos mini-boss jumps out to get you, and drops the Gear on death. Try and Scan it while you panic.

And from here it’s a few more Gear Encounter’s to the Boss of The Imperium, The Mechantress.

Fighting Mechantress

Mechantress is a fairly standard boss but has a wide array of moves and an arena mostly covered in stacks of books.
Mechantress does not aggro immediately so use this time to Scan them.

Mechanics and Attacks
  • At certain health thresholds Mechantress spawns a wave of Mech enemies, each with reduced statistics.
  • As Mechantress passes 75% health they spawn 4 Mechana
  • As Mechantress passes 50% health they spawn a wave of 6 Mechana and a Mechlander.
  • As Mechantress passes 25% health they spawn a Construct Mechana

Otherwise Mechantress uses a short list of moves:

  • A charge with an AoE on each ‘step’ as Mechantress travels.
  • A highly damaging Shotgun with no Telegraph
  • A melee range swipe with no Telegraph
Battle Strategy

Mechantress is a classic boss for people who have seen this type before.
Their individual damage is all short range so avoid them while dealing with waves of spawned enemies.
I suggest using your Lightning Strike bullets to start the fight, and as they become available. If you are a player who takes a lot of damage, focus on dodging and just use Lightning Strike.
Standard Shock bullets are valuable because of their arc for dealing with each Wave.
If you’re a player who takes a lot of damage, the bookstacks provide valuable cover and the small ones only yield one Arcane Tome on deconstruction, so nothing is lost if they are Broken.
A Carbine and a Blunderbuss using Lightning Strike II Bullets, Shock Bullets, Cold Bullets, and Force Bullets in some combination are recommended.

Then you can reap all your Rewards, and by this time the world is likely destroyed, so you’ll need to press T to Teleport to your tether (this works because you are in one of The Towers)

Once you return and you insert the Gears, The Wheel Gear Assembly will shift up, and reveal the Gear Assembly for The Fell.

This does change The World you see in Expedition entirely, but it adds a section of The Fell (Swamp) to the map.

The Actual Walkthrough (The Fell – Orion)

The Imperium

The Imperium is an 11 Gear Zone, and acts as effectively the extended Tutorial zone for the game.
Generally quaint place, practice your dodges, you’ll want them for a few enemies here, and that skill will help you in The Fell.

Things to Watch For:

  • Jynx Cat Charge attack does a surprising amount of damage and has a larger AoE than it broadcasts.

Items Available in The Imperium Zone/Biome

Materials Available:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal Scrap (Smelts into Iron)
  • Iron Ingot
  • Charged Iron (Breaking Metal Objects or Killing Mechana Enemies while Shocked)
  • Glass Chunk

Plants Available:

  • Tangy Leaf
  • Oak Apple (Either needs time to grow or only available during the day)
  • Fragrant Toadstool
  • Poe Turnip
  • Fiddlehead Fern (Only Harvestable At Night as far as I can tell)

Enemy Drops:

  • Jynx Eye

-Killing Jynxes or Mother of All Jynxes

  • Poisoned Eye

-Killing Beast or Human enemies while Target is Poisoned

  • Small Brain

-Killing Small Beasts

  • Imperial Linen

-Killing Cult of Iron members (May be affected by Fire, need to test)

  • Billycorn Horn

-Killing Billycorn Bull’s or Bill himself

  • Ice Chunk

-Killing Enemies while Target is Cold or Frozen

  • Shoddy Weapons

-Killing Cult of Iron members (May drop the weapon they are carrying, need to test)

  • Arcane Tomes

-Killing Mechana enemies, Beasts, or Humanoids

Structures Provide a valuable source of various items when Broken or Deconstructed.
Deconstructing Yields more items though if you have the time.


  • Shelf/Shelves
  • Bookcases
  • Desks
  • Bookstack/Bookrack

The Fell

The Fell is a 12 Gear Zone/Biome. It’s enemies are marginally more difficult than The Imperium, but enemies with attacks that shoot several AoE or Larger AoE are more common. Additionally, Environmental hazards are introduced in the form of Sludge (Poison Swamp) Tiles.

Things to Watch For:

  • Poison effects stack quickly here, but can be mitigated by the Healing over Time of Potions.
  • Tile Gaps blend in with the background, don’t get stuck.

Scan the Cult of Lead and find Young Joshua
Find Grandma Bogfen (The Potion Icon on the Mini-map) and upgrade your Potions

Materials Available:
  • Rotten Wood
  • Fellstone
  • Lead Scrap
  • Lead Ingot
  • Charged Lead (Breaking Metal Objects or Killing Corrupted Mechana Enemies while Shocked)
  • Glass Chunk
Plants Available:
  • Weeping Velvetcap
  • Thorny Nettle
  • Skunk Cabbage Heart
  • Skunk Cabbage Bloom
Enemy Drops:
  • Phibb Gall

-Killing Phibbs

  • Phrogg Eye

-Killing Phroggs (Eye cannot be Poisoned)

  • Poisoned Eye

-Killing Beast or Human enemies while Target is Poisoned (Phibbs and Phroggs can’t be Poisoned)

  • Poisoned Liver

-Killing Beast enemies while Target is Poisoned

  • Soiled Linen

-Killing Cult of Lead members (May be affected by Fire, need to test)

  • Ice Chunk

-Killing Enemies while Target is Cold or Frozen

  • Rugged Weapons

-Killing Cult of Lead members (May drop the weapon they are carrying, need to test)
Arcane Tomes-Killing Mechana enemies, Beasts, or Humanoids


Structures Provide a valuable source of various items when Broken or Deconstructed.
Deconstructing Yields more items though if you have the time.

  • -Deep Sludge (Provides Poison when Deconstructed in The Tower, may also on Expedition, need to Test)
  • -Anything Tome as always
  • -Lead Furniture

The Frozen Wastes


The Barren Sea



‘Where do I get Chaos Eyes from?’

-From the Chaos Creatures that spawn after the Timer hits 0, or from rare/stronger spawns as the game progresses.
If you wait until the timer runs out, Chaos Intensifies and meteors containing Chaos goo drop from the sky, destroying tiles. Several groups of meteors will drop and then a pair of Chaos Gates will spawn.
The longer you wait after the Timer hits 0, the stronger the Chaos creatures will become.

‘I’m Stuck behind a big Iron Door and can’t progress!’

You’ll need to wait until The Timer runs out and fight the Eye of Chaos’ that spawn for their Chaos Eye drop.
-You’ll need to use that Chaos eye to unlock Lightning Strike Bullet II which is a Level 10 Bullet to be able to damage that door. Other bullets you have available aren’t high enough level for you to break through it. That bullet requires Charged Lead to Load, so you’ll need to fight the Crowned variant of The Scavenger or get lucky acquiring Lead from Chests that spawn on the map. I know of no other source of Lead before reaching The Fell.

Written by SneakySnacker

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