Hypnolab VR Walkthrough Guide

Push the boundaries of science in Hypnolab VR! Acquire and use laboratory equipment effectively with insights from our comprehensive Walkthrough guide.

How should you acquire and use laboratory equipment in this adventure where you will push the boundaries of science? Here you can learn everything about the equipment using the information in this Hypnolab VR Walkthrough guide.

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Hypnolab VR Walkthrough

This Hypnolab VR Walkthrough guide will show you how to get all of the “lab equipment” as well as where to find all 10 hidden Cat gods.

Hypnotic Equipment

Catium Pendant

  • Quest: N/A
  • You should already have this when you start the game.

Catium Crystal

  • Quest: Raw Catium
  • Kady is wearing the pendant. Go behind the glass to the room Kady is in and pick it up from her.

Slave Collar

  • Quest: Instant Pet
  • Pick up the Catium Pendant and stare at it to hypnotize yourself. You should be teleported to the dungeon. Look for the key on top of the chest up the stairs. Use it to open the other chest. The Slave Collar is inside.

Mindwipe Goggles

  • Quest: Mindwash Headset
  • Use the remote in the lab to change the channel until you see the goggles. Stare at the TV while standing close to it until you are teleported into the TV room. Then, change the channel on the TV in the room using the knobs until you see the goggles again. Pick them up.

Love Potion

  • Quest: ‘Loveberry’ Sodas
  • Look for a key on top of a filing cabinet in the lab. It’s behind a plant. Use the key to unlock the drawer to the right of the console. Take Kady’s card and insert it in the vending machine in the room. Push the button that just lit up. Pick up the love potion from the vending machine.

Delimiter (phone)

  • Quest: The music of… winter?
  • Open the door to leave the lab. Go down the hall and enter Kady’s office. You should see pink light coming from the couch in Kady’s office. You may need to move the pillow. Under the pillow is the phone. Pick it up.


  • Quest: Mental Reprogramming
  • Stare at the Catium Crystal to hypnotize yourself. You should be in the world with the black and white checkered floor and ceiling. Behind the painting of René Descartes is a safe. You need a five digit code to open it. Look in Kady’s office for a hint to the code. It’s on her desk on the calculator. The code is: 80085. Use the code to open the safe. Pick up the microchip.


  • Quest: Induction Firearms
  • Smash the window in the alley (the area you get to by using the microchip) with an object. Pick up the hypnogun.

Command Equipment

Green Dildo

  • Quest: Phallic Imitations
  • The dildo is on the desk next to the tv. Put in on the console and hit the activate button.
  • Unlocks: Dildo command


  • Quest: Mysterious Machinery
  • Put the Slave Collar on yourself. You should be teleported to the room that is a field of grass with a big tree and a big OBEY sign. Walk away from the tree and the sign until you hear some music. The music should lead you to the “mysterious machine”. Pick it up.
  • Unlocks: Sybian command

Kady’s Panties

  • Quest: The Mistress and the Apprentice
  • In the TV room (the one where you got the Mindwipe Goggles), look on the floor to the right of the desk.
  • Unlocks: Undressing of individual clothing items


  • Quest: The ‘Magic’ Wand
  • Drink the love potion by pulling the cork out of the bottle and putting the bottle over your mouth. You should be taken to the enchanted forest. There is a giant nut in the middle of the forest and a stone axe next to a big rock. Pick up the axe and use it to crack open the nut (Give it a really good swing! It won’t open with a light swing.) The wand should be inside the nut. Pick it up.
  • Unlocks: Wand – Bust, Wand – Clit


  • Quest: Buzzing Beat
  • Turn on the delimiter/phone and listen to the music to hypnotize yourself. Once you are in the new area the quest hint will be some binary:
  • 010100000101001000110100001100010101001100110011010000110011010001010100010001110011000001000100
  • When translated into ASCII it says: PR41S3C4TG0D
  • To complete the puzzle in this room you must interact with a series of virtual apples in the correct order to obtain your reward. The correct sequence is: Purple -> blue -> orange -> green
  • Once you interact with the virtual apples in this order you should see the vibrator. Pick it up.
  • Unlocks: Vibrator command

Butt Plug

  • Quest: The Dark Side
  • Hypnotize yourself with the Hypnogun by shooting yourself with it. You should now be on the moon. Find a green keycard and take it to the chest that is under the UFO. Wave the keycard over the chest to open it. The butt plug is inside. Pick it up.
  • Unlocks: Butt Plug

Blue Dildo

  • Quest: N/A
  • Go into Kady’s office. Look up at the chandelier. You should see the blue dildo. Knock it down by throwing an item in the room at it (such as the folder in the filing cabinet). Once you’ve knocked it down you should be able to pick it up.
  • Unlocks: Anal Dildo


The Cats

Once you have picked up at least one cat, there will be a cat in the lab standing on a box. Pick it up to see how many cats are left on the TV.

  1. Get to the dungeon by using the Catium Pendant. Inside the locked chest is a book titled “Tome of the Catgod”. A bunch of cats will appear while you are holding the book. Keep holding the book and interact with the cat in the corner of the room with greens eyes that is standing on top of a barrel.
  2. Put the Slave Collar on yourself and go to the grass field. There is a cat in the field going towards the big tree. (Take your time enjoying the awesomeness of the giant cat because it goes away when you leave the area).
  3. In the TV room (where you get the Mindwipe Goggles), keep changing the channel with the knob. First it will say WRONG CHANNEL then I SAID, WRONG CHANNEL and finally DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU. Look behind you to get a scary cat.
  4. Drink the love potion to go to the enchanted forest. Coming from the teleporter orb, look for some rocks to the right of the giant nut. Behind these rocks is a “fake cat”. You must pick up this cat before the real one will appear behind the large rock where the stone axe is.
  5. In the delimiter/phone room, complete the virtual apple puzzle, but instead of the normal sequence, get the purple apple at the end. Collect your virtual cat.
  6. Put the microchip on yourself to go to the alley. The cat will be on top of a streetlight above you. Throw an apple at it to knock it down. The apple will come back so you should get multiple attempts.
  7. Hypnotize yourself with the Catium Crystal to go to the world with the checkered floor. Use the code used to get the microchip, but this time use it backwards. So, the code is now 58008.

Inside the safe should be the cat.

  1. Use the Hypnogun on yourself to go to the moon. Find the pink remote on the other side of all the floating keycards. Use the pink remote a few times to make the UFO come down. Once the UFO has fully descended the cat will come out of it.
  2. In Kady’s office on top of a desk on top of a stack of papers is a cat.
  3. In Kady’s office on her desk is a calculator. Underneath the calculator is a keycard. Bring the keycard back to the lab and use it in the vending machine. Your new cat will be dispensed from the machine.

The Helmet

Collect all 10 Catgods, then interact with the cat in the lab once it has green spiral eyes. The cat should hypnotize you if you stare at it. You should be taken to another area where you can find the helmet on the beach.

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