Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Map Money Farming

Amass wealth in Medieval Dynasty with our Oxbow Map Money Farming guide. Learn strategies to quickly accumulate riches and own a prosperous domain!

Do you want to own an Oxbow map and create wealth? Using the information in this Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Map Money Farming guide, you can quickly accumulate your wealth and become the owner of many things!

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Medieval Dynasty Oxbow Map Money Farming

Embark on your wealth-building journey in Medieval Dynasty’s latest update, 2.0, featuring a rebalanced economy and the all-new Oxbow map. By strategically looting abandoned buildings, optimizing your early-game decisions, and mastering seasonal tasks.

How to make up to 25,000 coins by the first summer? By following this guide, you’ll swiftly accumulate wealth in the Oxbow map, setting the stage for a prosperous medieval dynasty. Best of luck, adventurer!

Note that your results may vary based on difficulty settings, luck and solo or co-op play. Here’s your step-by-step guide to rake in the profits quickly.

  • Steal Mirogod’s chest, loot abandoned buildings, and sell the acquired items.
  • Use the earnings to purchase all Fertilizer and Flax Seeds in Piastovia and Ostoya.
  • Plant the seeds, mine copper until the end of spring.
  • In summer, harvest and process flax, craft Coif with the stalks, and make Copper knives.
  • Finally, sell the seeds, Coif, and knives for 20k coins or more.

Spring, Day 1

Complete starting quests until “Stay Vigilant.” Grab weapons from the chest by your starting building.

Spoiler Alert: Go to Mirogod’s house and steal the items in his chest.

Follow the path bellow to find a few abandoned buildings on the way. Stop in Skauki to sell stolen items and loot. Focus on gathering valuable items and coins. Stolen goods can be sold in a different town.

Spoiler Alert: A well-hidden, valuable treasure is at the blue pin on the map.

Cook raw meat, craft simple bags from leather.

Return to Piastovia, sell looted items (except tools and a few bags), and purchase all available Fertilizer and Flax Seeds.

Travel to Ostoya and buy additional Fertilizer and Flax Seeds.

Spring, Day 2

Locate a suitable spot near Piastovia and establish a farm with sufficient space for all acquired seeds (e.g., 16×16 and 8×8 plots). Prepare the soil and plant all the seeds.

Spring, Day 3

Visit as many mines as time allows until the season ends.

Mine locations:

Summer, Days 1-2

  • Return to Piastovia, buy a scythe and harvest all your flax.
  • Build a Barn and process the flax.
  • Build a Smithy, smelt ores, and craft Copper Knives. Craft stone knives if necessary to unlock technology.
  • Build a Sewing Hut and create Linen Threads. Use the Loom to turn half of them into Fabric. Craft as many Coifs as possible.
  • Sell your Flax Seeds, Coifs, Copper Knives, and surplus bars for profit.

In my playthrough test, I had products worth 24,000 coins to sell by day 3 of summer, and I still had over 1,000 coins in my possession. I used unlimited Stamina and Infinite Carry Weight.

Oxbow Map Money Farming in Medieval Dynasty, Summer Day 1

In a 2 player Co-op (no cheats, pure hard work!) we accumulated about 19,000 coins by the same time. We had some bad luck with the random loot and the number of available flax seeds was only 260.

Additional Tips

  • You may want to customize your gameplay with settings like Unlimited Carry Weight and Fast Crafting for an optimized experience.
  • If you find yourself overloaded, try running sideways; it’s faster
  • You don’t have to sleep; feel free to work through the night.
  • In the unfortunate event of death, take advantage of the fact that you respawn at the starting town. Use this to strategically plan your activities and save on travel time.
  • If you run out of fertilizer but still have seeds, consider buying manure and converting it into fertilizer at the barn. This is also a more cost-effective alternative.
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