I Expect You to Die 3 Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to our I Expect You to Die 3 Walkthrough & Guide. This guide will show you detailed information about missions and walkthrough in the game!

Hello from our I Expect You to Die 3 Walkthrough & Guide. Within this game, you persistently assume the identity of the audacious agent known as Phoenix, tasked with surviving against all odds. As your journey unfolds, you will traverse to a checkpoint in Romania, a destination reached after your victory against Zor’s stronghold. In this triumph, you effectively dismantled his global perilous schemes.

I Expect You to Die 3 Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to our I Expect You to Die 3 Walkthrough & Guide. This guide will show you detailed information about missions and walkthrough in the game!

Mission 1: Getting Back in the Game

Embarking on the opening mission of I Expect You To Die 3, your central aim is to reestablish contact with the Agency in the aftermath of the destruction of the nearby base. To accomplish this, adhere to the guidance provided by the tape you’ve inserted into the projector.

Insert the Tape & Input the Code

Initiate the I Expect You To Die 3 Walkthrough by inserting the tape into the projector. To unveil the tape’s contents, align it as instructed on your screen (Atrsighten > Agency > Tune In). Subsequently, input the code 146 into the machine.

Verify Your Identity

A capsule arrives, which you can manipulate using your newly acquired Telekinetic abilities. Retrieve the capsule and place it into the “Open-o-Matic” in front of you. Once it opens, position the damaged earpiece and passport on the table within the capsule.

After placing the items, press the button on the Open-o-Matic to seal the capsule and send it back.

Engage in Dialogue with the Handler & Mend the Damaged Panel

The capsule delivers a new earpiece, allowing you to communicate with your Handler. Following a brief exchange, a power surge disrupts the main breaker panel, resulting in sparks.

Utilize your Telekinesis to bring the panel closer and then use the soldering gun found in the top right drawer to solder the wires on the panel’s rear.

Upon repairing the panel, send it back and systematically power up the electronic devices.

Activate the Apparatus

With the panel now repaired and in position, you can illuminate the darkened room by activating the lights. Locate and use the required cranks and tools to achieve this. You’ll discover three boxes containing the necessary items.
Find a crank inside an open wooden toolbox on your left. Apply it to the panel to initiate the lighting.

Furthermore, open the lower right drawer to locate a handle, which you can use to activate the red switch on the upper right side of the room.

Unveil the shutter on your right and obtain the Wheel. Place the Wheel onto the mechanism on your left and rotate it, following the illustration provided below:

By following these steps, you will illuminate the entire room, accompanied by the distinctive I Expect You To Die introductory melody.

Mission 2: House Call

In this mission, your objective is to visit the residence of Roxana Prism, a former Agency inventor and the brilliant mind behind your telekinetic implant. Your task involves retrieving sensitive research papers as part of Operation: House Call.

Summon the Robulter

Use the remote on the table to call the Robulter by pressing the button with the robot symbol. Engage in a brief interaction with the Robulter, which introduces itself and initiates casual conversation.
While exploring the room, discover and interact with the handle on the sofa to reveal a hidden compartment. Inside, you’ll find a miniature Robutler and some notes. Progress through the mission by continuing onward.

Craft Invisible Ink

Pick up the apparently empty checklist from the table (this is crucial). Though it seems void of content, the checklist conceals hidden writing in invisible ink. To unveil the invisible ink, you need to concoct a solution.
Follow the instructions from the dark bottle of invisible ink on the couch: Combine 1 part Tonic and two parts lemon.

To obtain lemons, press the “food” button on the remote, prompting the robot to provide you with a lemon wedge. Squeeze the lemon juice into the mixer, add the Tonic, and shake the mixture.

Once prepared, apply the mixture to the checklist to reveal Dr. Roxana’s secrets. Of particular significance is the instruction to change the password from “clever covert robot agent” to something else.

Unlock the Secured Suitcase

Spot a conspicuous blue suitcase that’s unfortunately locked. Thankfully, the Robulter holds the key, though it won’t give it up willingly.
To divert the robot’s attention and obtain the key, place three logs of wood (recommended: 2) in the fireplace and ignite a fire using the remote.

As the robot moves to extinguish the flames, use your Telekinesis to retrieve the key from its waist and unlock the suitcase. Access its contents, which include Vodka, a lemon, a hat (optional), and a button-equipped device.

Alter the Password

The device features various words, including those related to the password. Adjust the slider as indicated in the image to mimic the robot’s voice.
To input the password, interact with the “Recording” button on the Computer Access device. On the voice-mimicking machine, input the password: Clever > Covert > Robot > Agent. This action will grant you access to Dr. Roxana’s Computer.

Activate the Computer

Activate the computer by connecting the missing plug next to it, completing the circuit. This will expose you to poison, revealing the Robulter’s malicious intent. The Robulter is actually programmed to eliminate you with poison.
As the Robulter leaves, thinking you’ve succumbed, arrange the plugs in a pattern that will save you.

Follow this pattern:

Mix 2 parts Tonic and 1 part vodka to create an antidote, and shake it until the mixer emits steam. Consume the antidote to survive.

Retrieve Kinesium

After dismantling the robot, you’ll discover glowing Kinesium among the wreckage. Retrieve the Kinesium and listen to Dr. Prism’s monologue.
This concludes the second mission of the I Expect You To Die 3 Walkthrough. As a reward, collect the capsule sent to you and place it in the open-o-matic to receive three delightful macaroons.

Prepare for the upcoming mission, “Not a Drill,” as you delve deeper into the captivating world of espionage.

Mission 2: Not a Drill

In this mission, you revisit the miniature Robutler, uncovering its more significant role beyond being a mere charming robot toy. It holds valuable recordings of conversations between Dr. Prism and Dr. Morales, the director of the agency.

Insert the Tape for Mission Two

Upon inserting the tape into the projector, you discover the necessity to venture to the abandoned Pennsylvania mines and gather proof of Xor and Dr. Prism’s activities.
After reviewing the tape, press the START button to initiate the second mission, titled “Operation Unveiled.”

Engage the Machinery

To set the machinery in motion and activate it, you need access to the system. However, avoid using your own fingerprint on the fingerprint scanner.
To gain access, procure a clear fingerprint from discarded gum and a nearby coffee mug. Transfer the fingerprint onto the coffee mug using the gum and then press the gum-adorned mug onto the fingerprint scanner. But gaining approval is only part of the challenge; you also require a passcode.

The correct passcode for the mine’s machinery in I Expect You To Die 3 Mission 2 is 2577.

Assume a Disguise

To outsmart Dr. Prism’s robotic entities, locate a cap within the leftmost locker and employ it to disguise yourself. You’ll also find fliers and a wrench inside the lockers.

Obtain Mining Kinesium

With your disguise in place, engage in drilling to extract Kinesium. Keep a close watch on the small television screen to choose the right moment for Kinesium extraction. Consult the image on a nearby flier to identify stable Kinesium, which you can mine when the TV displays the corresponding image.

Adjust the drill’s orientation using the brown-handled gears to match the desired image on the TV. Once aligned, activate the red switch to extract the Kinesium.

Stabilize and Transport Kinesium

After obtaining the Kinesium, transport it via the trolley and ensure its stability. Adjust the track indicators to the “cool” position by setting them to blue.
In close proximity, locate two pipes; one contains liquid nitrogen for cooling purposes. Fix the broken pipe using a piece of gum, then activate the mechanism to cool down the Kinesium.

Once properly cooled, transfer the Kinesium to the correct robot by adjusting the track indicators to the “hot” position (red). Similarly, modify the indicator near the robot’s location to “hot.”

Extract Additional Kinesium

Repeat the Kinesium extraction process, but this time, skip the stabilization phase involving liquid nitrogen. Instead, use the other pipe to destabilize the Kinesium. Rotate the pipes using the wrench discovered in the lockers.

Initiate a Mine Collapse

Initiate a volcanic eruption by activating the pipes, leading to the destabilization of the Kinesium. Send the trolley carrying the destabilized Kinesium to the CORE.

The resulting explosion will demolish the mine along with its equipment, alerting Prism to your interference. Be prepared for the return of a hostile robot set on eliminating you with lasers.

Disable the Robot and Make Your Escape

Utilize the drill as a defensive weapon to shield yourself from the robot’s laser attacks. After several attempts, you will successfully counter the robot’s aggression.
As the mine crumbles, avoid being trapped by utilizing the elevator. Replace the broken elevator Wheel with the one located next to the drill, then press the elevator button to flee the collapsing mine.

I Expect You to Die 3 Walkthrough Mission 3: Blind Spot

Embarking on Level 3, known as Hidden Challenge, you’re met with a sequence of objectives that demand your ingenuity and rapid decision-making.

Guide for Mission 3: Blind Spot

This mission’s goals encompass:

  • Engaging the autopilot, acceleration, and steering systems
  • Extracting all three fuses from the truck
  • Unveiling the truck’s contents
  • Safeguarding your vehicle
  • Averting an impending explosion

Mission 4: Hot Water

Mission 4, named Boiling Point, confronts you with an array of tasks to conquer.

Guide for Mission 4: Hot Water

The objectives within this mission include:

  • Activating the power supply
  • Surviving a trap and locating envelopes
  • Initiating the first experiment
  • Initiating the second experiment
  • Initiating the third experiment
  • Commencing the fourth experiment
  • Embarking on the fifth experiment
  • Embarking on the sixth and final experiment

Mission 5: Cold Shoulder

Mission 5, labeled Arctic Challenge, introduces a fresh set of trials for you to navigate.

Guide for Mission 5: Cold Shoulder

The objectives set for this mission encompass:

  • Accessing a secure area and surviving a trap
  • Opening the firework box to halt the blizzard
  • Outlasting a surprise encounter and prevailing in a battle
  • Weathering a catastrophe
  • Escaping from the gondola
  • Transmitting a distress signal

Mission 6: Operation: KBOOM

In the sixth mission, Operation: Explosive Endeavor, you’ll encounter a succession of intricate tasks.

Guide for Mission 6: Operation: KBOOM

Your objectives in this mission involve:

  • Surviving a cunning trap
  • Powering up the laboratory
  • Crafting a substitute and mending gears
  • Deactivating the destabilizer
  • Rescuing companions and adhering to commands
  • Buying additional time
  • Reallocating power
  • Solving the central challenge

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