Where to Find Moose RDR2 Online

Looking for Moose locations in RDR2 Online? Explore our guide to easily find Moose spawns and enhance your Red Dead Online experience!

Are you looking for the Moose Locations in RDR2 online? There are several points in Red Dead Redemption 2 where Moose spawns, it’s just not spawn to a single location. With this guide, you’ll learn where you can find the Moose. The array of Moose locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 is considerably more extensive than what most individuals realize. Several of the most dependable spawning sites remain unlisted on the majority of maps and guides. This guide aims to provide insight into established Moose spawn points, along with some lesser-known ones that might have escaped your notice. Additionally, we’ll delve into strategies for triggering Moose spawns once you’ve identified their initial locations.

RDR2 Online Moose

Welcome to our Where to Find Moose RDR2 Online guide. Within the realm of Red Dead Redemption 2, the moose stands as one of the most infrequent species, manifesting solely within a few distinct habitats. Despite their scarcity, a grand total of three legendary moose exist, spanning both the original game and those introduced in the online rendition, Red Dead Online. These legendary specimens surpass even their usual Bull and Cow Moose counterparts in terms of their elusive nature. This guide will show you them!

Where to Find Moose

The Western Bull Moose inhabits the region of West Elizabeth. It sustains itself through an omnivorous diet comprising of shoots derived from willow and birch trees, alongside aquatic plants and forbs. These impressive creatures can be brought down using either an Improved Arrow-equipped Bow or a long-range scoped rifle. The hide and antlers of the moose serve as valuable resources for crafting.

Spotted within the secluded wooded zones of West Elizabeth, Ambarino, and New Hanover, the Western Moose exhibits its omnivorous dietary habits by consuming shoots of willow and birch trees, as well as aquatic plants and forbs. For effectively hunting down these sizable mammals, one can opt for an Improved Arrow-fitted Bow or a long-distance scoped rifle. The moose’s hide holds utility in the realm of crafting.

Moose Spawn Location Map

Moose spawn locations in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online game. The red dots on the map illustrate possible Moose locations.
Moose spawn locations in RDR2. The red circles on the map illustrate possible Moose locations.

Here’s where you can find Moose in Red Dead Redemption 2:

  • Big Valley
    • Painted Sky
    • Strawberry (southwest side)
  • Roanoke Ridge
    • Willard’s Rest
  • Tall Trees
    • Aurora Basin
    • Bear Claw
  • Grizzlies East
    • Wapiti Indian Reservation (east side)
    • O’Creagh’s Run (northwest side)
  • Grizzlies West
    • Colter (east side)
    • Cairn Lake
    • Cattail Pond
    • Lake Isabella
    • Barrow Lagoon

West Elizabeth

  • In the southernmost part of West Elizabeth lies the initial point where you might come across the moose. This occurs along the pathway connecting the Manzanita Outpost and the Aurora Basin.
  • Another potential area to explore for moose resides in the Northern Tall Trees region, directly north of the aforementioned marked location.
  • If you venture to the opposite side of the Aurora Basin, near its western bank, you may occasionally catch sight of moose.
  • Continuing further upstate, a spot emerges along the Upper Montana River, located south of Strawberry. At this juncture, the river briefly splits to form a couple of small islands, presenting another locale where moose are known to appear.
  • Traveling a bit to the east from that particular stretch of the river, moose sightings have also been reported in proximity to a crossroads en route to Strawberry.

New Hanover

  • Moose can frequently be spotted quenching their thirst at the noticeable bends of the Dakota River, which serves as the natural boundary between West Elizabeth and New Hanover.
  • In New Hanover, moose sightings have been documented exclusively in the northern reaches of the Roanoke Ridge vicinity, particularly around Annesburg.
  • Your initial destination should be the significant river bend situated northwest of Annesburg.
  • The second area to explore is where the legendary moose can be encountered in Red Dead Redemption 2. This impressive creature, characterized by its gray fur, resides in the far north above Brandywine Drop. To distinguish it on the map, we’ve designated this distinctive location with a white marker.
  • The legendary Knight moose is rumored to manifest somewhere along the Kamassa River. However, due to the absence of a precise location, we haven’t indicated it on the map.
  • We recommend scouring the banks coursing through Roanoke Ridge, particularly in the vicinity where previous moose sightings have taken place.
  • This moose, with its black coat, emerges within narrow time windows around 8 AM and 8 PM.


  • Upon entering Ambarino, instances of moose sightings have been recorded within the region of Grizzlies East.
  • Direct your attention to the southeast of Calumet Ravine, positioning yourself roughly between the map’s “I” and “N” in the label “Ambarino.”
  • Moose have also been documented making occasional appearances in the Grizzlies West, particularly around Cairn Lake.
  • Lastly, the renowned Snowflake moose has been observed in the vicinity of Barrow Lagoon, which lies centrally within the Grizzlies West. This specific location is denoted with a white marker on the map.
  • True to its name, this moose boasts a coat as white as snow, aiding it in seamless blending with its environment. However, its black antlers can sometimes betray its presence.
  • Similar to the Knight Moose, the Snowflake Moose emerges solely around 8 AM and 8 PM. Notably more finicky, it exclusively reveals itself during rainy weather.

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