Ikonei Island An Earthlock Adventure Achievements Guide

Discover all game achievements and their acquisition methods with detailed information provided in our comprehensive guide.

This guide will show you all the achievements in the game and how to get them with detailed information.

Achievements Guide

How to get all achievements? This guide will show you.

Storyline and Quests


  • Discovered Heartland

Storyline. Reach Heartland region.

A New Purpose

  • Completed C.A.T.’s Quest

Build Workshop at Heartland and upgrade it once. Speak with C.A.T. and give him iron ingot.

No Pirate Life For Me

  • Completed Fiolas’s Quest

Speak with Fiola in any pirate camp after defeating pirates base. Build Studio at Heartland and speak with Fiola again.


  • Freed 8 trapped creatures

Defeat 4 pirate camps and free 2 trapped creatures in each of them.

Island in Order

  • Destroyed all pirate bases

Destroy 5 pirate bases (see screenshot above). 5th camp is located on end game island (Crescent Island).

The Hero We Deserve

  • Completed Sariel’s Quest

Pick up memory stone after speaking with Sariel in Farmhouse (Build it). Place it in 3 glowing places, interact with memory stone to see cutscenes and return to Sariel.
1st one: Dawning Sands. 2nd: Highlands. 3rd: Enchanted Plateau.

Ikonei Island An Earthlock Adventure Achievements Map

Earthlock ‘n Load

  • Found all the Earthlock Parts

Long Distance Relationship

  • Completed Milas’ Quest

Suddenly, Pirates!

  • Got ambushed by Captain Rustbristle

A Frogboy Special!

  • Crafted Bottle O’ Wind!

…and Stay Away!

  • Blew away the pirates

Heroes of Ikonei Island

  • Restored the magical cloud cover

My storyline is softlocked on repair Amri Forge quest, so I know anything about these achievements.


Taking Shelter

  • Got all Dwellings to level 2

Build and upgrade each Dwelling (5 total).


  • Activated all Beastmaster Statues

Activate 5 Beastmaster Statues (Use frog on them). Each Beastmaster statue tells you how to tame a creature.


  • Activated all Scholar Statues

Activate 14 Scholar Statues.

Frog Catcher

  • Activated all the statues

Activate 5 Beastmaster Statues and 14 Scholar Statues.


  • Activated all Advisor Statues

Activate 17 Advisor Statues. In game achievement is awarded for 15 Advisor Statues. May be broken.

Shrining Bright

  • Activated all the Shrines

Activate 8 Shrines. After activation you can fast travel there.

A Better World

  • Destroyed all Scrap Piles

Destroy 79 Scrap Piles with Longhorn.

Five Stars!

  • Got 100% rating in all regions
  1. Activate all Shrines and frog statues.
  2. Free all animals.
  3. Construct all bridges and buildings.
  4. Destroy each pile of grass and rocks.
  5. Place requested amount of decorations.

Fixer Upper

  • Completed all the Construction Altars

Completed all 59 Construction Altars. Most likely broken. There is no 59 Construction Altars in game.


  • Destroyed All Monster Spawners

Destroy all 13 Monster Spawners with Axepecker. Some of them requires 3 stars (max) Axepecker.

Do something X times

Progress can be tracked in game on achievements tab.


  • Picked up 1000 items

Pickup any 1k items.

Monster Hunter

  • Defeated 1000 Monsters

Monsters respawn each night, but can be found during daytime too.

Mining Your Business

  • Broke 1000 rocks

Break 1000 rocks with Longhorn. Good spawn point is Highlands and to the north from Froglet Grove Shrine.

Tools of the Trade

  • Used a tool to gather 1000 resources

Break 1000 resources using Hammer or Hatchet.


  • Placed down 1000 items

Place 25 decorations (pet stones are small and cheap), pick up, repeat again and again.

Ikonei Island An Earthlock Adventure Achievements Map

Felling Fine

  • Chopped something down 1000 times

Chop down 1000 trees using hatchet or axepecker.


  • Fished up 1000 items

Get 1000 items from Fishing with fishing rod (Can be bought in shop) or otterlot.

Digging It

  • Dug up 1000 items

Dug up 1000 items with shovel (Can be bought in shop) or stormdog.

Busy Bibi

  • Pollinated 1000 plants

Pollinate 1000 plants with bibi or Pollinating bags.

Gardener of Ikonei

  • Harvested 1000 fruits

Harvest 1000 fruits (Flowers and/or farmable plants).


Part of the Herd

  • Had all companions following at the same time

Tame and summon all 5 different creatures.


  • Unlocked all other achievements

Unlock all 35 other achievements.


  • Equipped three pieces of clothing in different slots

Craft 3 three pieces of clothing and Equip it in different slots. You will get clothing recipies by getting different achievements. Pebbleput set doesn’t require rare resources and easy to unlock.

Master Engineer

  • Obtained one of each weapon
  1. Clothing Crusher (recipe is unlocked by purchasing it from shop)
  2. Copper Claymore (recipe is unlocked by purchasing it from shop)
  3. Keen Candelabra (recipe is unlocked by purchasing it from shop)
  4. Leaf Blade (recipe is unlocked during tutorial)
  5. Mashing Mannequin (recipe is unlocked by purchasing it from shop)
  6. Seashell Scimitar (recipe is unlocked by purchasing it from shop)
  7. Spud Club (recipe is unlocked by purchasing it from shop)
  8. Umbranium Greatsword (recipe is unlocked by purchasing it from Milas)
  9. Umbranium Greatclub

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