Immortal Mantis Revenge: Hospital Safe Puzzle Solution

Hospital Safe Puzzle solution in Immortal Mantis Revenge.

In Immortal Mantis Revenge, you must solve the hospital’s safe puzzle and move on. So what is a secure password and how to unlock it? We explained it with an example in this guide.

Puzzle Solution

This guide teaches the logic behind the safe password and how to open it.In this guide we will teach you the logic that will allow you to open the safe.

Find the 3 Numbers, Which are Part of Progression Logic

Each time the scene is started, a new password for the safe is randomly generated.

In the example below, the three numbers would be: 6,5,2

  • 7+6 = 13
  • 13+5 = 18
  • 18+2 = 20
  • 20+6 = 26
  • 26+5 = 31
  • 31+2 = 33

After that, check which is the largest number, the smallest number and the intermediate number, to relate them to the color (2 orange, 5 red, 6 purple).

Add the Paper Number to the Color

In the same example:

  • 11133
  • +
  • 56562

Resulting in password: 67695

After finding this password, go to the safe and enter the numbers, starting in the direction indicated on the paper (also randomly generated) and alternating the direction in the following numbers.

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