Skull and Bones: How to Repair Ship

Details about how to repair any damage to your ship.

While fighting in naval battles in Skull and Bones, your ship may get damaged and it may be up to you to repair it. In this guide, we’ve explained how to repair any damage to your ship and what you’ll need.

Repair Your Ship

Repairing your ship in Skull and Bones is vital for navigating the perilous waters and emerging victorious in naval battles. Here’s a guide on how to keep your vessel afloat and your crew safe:

Repairing your ship can mean the difference between triumph and defeat on the high seas. By default, you can initiate repairs using the left direction of the action wheel. However, this control option can be customized in the menu to suit your preferences.

Alternatively, if you survive a skirmish and reach the safety of a settlement, you can repair your ship while docked. Access the ship customization menu to find the repair option, along with features like fast travel and cargo management. Repairs come at a cost, with the price varying based on the extent of the damage.

Note: Using a repair kit incurs a cooldown period, during which further repairs are unavailable. The cooldown duration is determined by the effectiveness of the repair kit used. Thus, strategic repairs should be coupled with evasive maneuvers to minimize further damage.

Repair Kits Location

Repair kits are consumable items essential for ship maintenance. They can be found, looted, or purchased from various sources throughout the game.

Vendors, found in settlements across the game world, are reliable sources of repair kits. Additionally, salvaging cargo from shipwrecks or defeated enemy vessels can yield repair kits among other valuable loot.

Remember to manage your repair kit stock wisely, as they are finite resources crucial for keeping your ship afloat amidst the dangers of the open sea.

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