IN HEAT Lustful Nights – Security Room Mechanics & Tips

In this guide, I will explain the mechanics of the Security Room section of the game and tips for what you need to know.

General Tasks

  1. The Fuse Box-

You must tap the colors in the correct order, from left to right on your wall when the fuse switch is upwards. A quietish sound will play when the fuse turns up, meaning you have to go fix it.

  1. The Valve:

The valve loosens periodically throughout the night; displaying purple smoke. You must use Q or E to move the bar into the green.

  1. The Cleaning Robot-

You may have to move the camera a bit to find him if he goes down, just click on him to flip him back up.

  • The fuse light in your office, will display green if all your tasks are completed and are in working order.
  • It will display yellow when you need to complete 1 or more tasks.
  • It will display red when you’re running out of time for said task(s).
  • and it will display purple when you’re about to lose the game by getting “Fired” from your job for not completing your tasks.

The Monster Girls

There are technically 7 monster girls here that you’ll need to worry about.
I’ll refer to them by their animal as follows.

  • Bunny
  • Tiger
  • Fox
  • Wolf (blue)
  • Shark
  • Jackal (Egyptian girl)
  • The Hunter (pink wolf)


The bunny isn’t a massive threat. Here and there she’ll appear at your door, in which you do nothing. She can’t kill you when she is in your doorway, or if she can; its very rare. When she appears at your window however, you must close the door until she leaves. She also has a bomb plush that will drop down from your top vent periodically. It can make a loud sound, quiet sound, or no sound at all at random and you must click and hold to defuse it before it game ends you.


Tiger is a win and lose situation. She has 2 phases. The in your room, and window. When she’s in your room you must “struggle” by looking up, down, or right to make her dizzy and leave. While she’s in your room, you cannot do any actions or look at cameras. However when she get’s dizzy and leaves, she refills half your sanity. She can also appear at your door. Once you close the door on her she should quickly move to the window in most cases and leave after not long.


The massive chested fox girl is a bit of a background character. Her main purpose is to block the cameras. You can make her move to the microwave room by clicking the microwave, however you can only activate the microwave a few times in a night- so only use it when you absolutely need her to move. If you don’t use the microwave for an amount of time though, she can appear in your right doorway, blocking you from closing the door while she talks to you. I’m assuming she can game end you if you don’t ever feed her, but it hasn’t happened to me yet.


The wolf is the mental health manager. Periodically she’ll check up on you during the night, force opening the right door if need be to stare at you for several seconds, before leaving and giving you control of the door back. If your sanity stays too low for too long, she’ll game end you.


The shark is sleeping, she exists to make sure you don’t spam the plush for sanity. She is very forgiving with the noise though, you can either spam the plush in intervals or bursts, just space it out. If you squeeze it too much however she’ll make a scream noise and come at you from your left door. If your left door is closed she’ll bang on it, heavily draining your sanity, however you can spam the plush during this to make sure the wolf doesn’t game end you. She does have a rare phase where she’ll try to pry open the door in which you need to struggle to keep it closed, this usually ends in a game over due to sanity loss.

As quoted by WolfHeck in the comments: Misty (Shark) will only come at you if you use the plushie 5 times without a 5second cooldown. So 5 squishes -> 5s -> 5squishes, ok. 5 Squishes -> 3s -> 1 squish -> Misty Screams -> Game over.


This one is an attention ♥, but not a very big problem. Her mechanic is her heart meter, let’s call it an “Attention Check”. She always spawns in the microwave room. If you switch cams to a room she is in she’ll play an alert sound, in which you can stay there to fill her heart up which will calm her for a while. While her attention check is completed she’ll usually leave you alone. However if you fail or ignore an attention check 3 times while she in the same room, she’ll permanently disable the camera for that room. You also can’t attention check her while she in humping your window.

The Hunter

This one seems to be a pink version of the wolf, a shemale. You’ll only deal with them on night twelve. They embody the weeping angel mechanic, not moving if you have camera’s on them (most the time); and moving if you don’t. They can’t be stopped by the door, so make sure you keep an eye on them here and there to stunt their movement.


Your sanity naturally drains as the night goes on, if it get’s too low you’ll hear heavy breathing.
You can regain sanity by either completing a struggle on Tiger, or squeezing the plush for an amount of sanity regain.

  • Closing a door, increases sanity loss.
  • Closing 2 doors, drastically increases sanity loss.
  • and Shark banging on your door will drain your sanity massively, (survivable like I described.)

Make sure to open a door as soon as the monster girl is off the window, excluding Tiger in most cases.

You can also take a risk and quickly open a door and squeeze the plush for a boost to sanity if you’re getting unlucky with girl’s not moving off the window. Just make sure to close the door as soon as possible.

The Gallery (NSFW)

The Gallery contains random NSFW scenes featuring our beloved monster girls. I haven’t confirmed it but I’m pretty sure you unlock gallery scenes by collect the little red tapes that spawn on the floors of several rooms. There’s only a set amount per night you do and is a chance for them to spawn at all. One of the spawns is in the valve room, and the rest are spread between the other rooms.


  • This game is relatively simple, as long as you aren’t too unlucky.
  • You can stay in your office and watch the fuse bar, only really needing to move to camera’s to attention check Egyptian or to do a task when it turns yellow or red.
  • Periodically squeeze the plush to keep sanity as high as possible.
  • When Bunny or Egyptian are at the door keep it open, and close when they are at the window.
  • When Tiger is at the door close, and keep closed until she moves to window and leaves.
  • If you’re desperate and running low on sanity, close the left door and spam the plush several times.
  • Make sure to use the microwave if fox is in your right door or blocking the valve.

A good tip is you don’t need to stay when completing a task, as soon as you click the last button on the fuse you can leave, also with the valve even if you quit during the animation; as long as it would’ve landed in the green it’ll be completed.

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