Once Human – Rewards Codes & XP Boosts

If you are not yet at level 10 in the game, you can find detailed codes that will allow you to earn free rewards in this guide.

New Player Gift Codes and XP Boosts

What you’ll Get

Free Rewards + Meeting Gift Pack + XP Boost til Lvl 30

  • Free Weapon
  • 10% EXP Buff
  • 10% EXP Battle Pass Buff
  • Meeting Gift Pack *if playing on the same server


Complete the following steps to start receiving your rewards + XP boost:

  1. Hit F3 then navigate to “Events” tab
  2. Go to the Accept Invitation Event
  3. Hit F and copy + paste the code:
  • yq150046963


This will likely only work before you reach lvl 10!!!

If you are already over lvl 10, your event may show “Gather friends” meaning you can no longer enter the code.

I am currently playing on pve01-00016 / north america / manibus – if we are not on the same server, you won’t be able to receive the meeting gift rewards

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