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In Stars And Time Behind the Scenes Achievement Guide

This In Stars And Time guide provides a compilation of all Loop conversations and triggers necessary to unlock the "Behind the Scenes" achievement.

In this adventure, you will need some achievements to challenge enemies, solve puzzles and progress. Here in this In Stars And Time Behind the Scenes Achievement guide you will find the compilation of all the Loop conversations and triggers to unlock the success of “Behind the Scenes”.

This is the guide Floflosera it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

In Stars And Time Behind the Scenes Achievement Guide

This In Stars And Time Behind the Scenes Achievement guide will show you list of all Loop convo and triggers for the achievement Behind the scenes.

Let’s Talk about Something

This achievement can be missed. There are discussions which can only appear in ACT 2 or ACT 3, and some are trickier.

This achievement is only linked with “Let’s talk about something.“. You don’t have to see all their other dialogs, and you will unlock this achievement during ACT 4, not after.

Every time you speak to Loop, each accessible events have (more or less) the same probability, so if you want to see specific temporary events, loop back to see it before you move forward in the story or in secondary triggers.

There are 23 conversations which unlock the last one, but you have to see 21 of them, or 23 of them, but not 22 of them. If you meet the conditions for only 22 of them, you won’t get the last dialog which give you the achievement.

You must have the dagger for 2 of their dialogs, so I highly recommend you to take it and to keep it. If you really don’t want it, you have to do all the 21 other events and don’t miss anything.

The garden of the 2nd Floor is your worst enemy. There are 3 conversations about it, but the first two can be easily missed.

A convo about the Silver Coin can only appear if you don’t see “The Incident”. This event can be trigger starting from the ACT 3, so don’t use your Silver Coin in you inventory during ACT 3 and 4 before you see this event. It’s random but you can trigger “The Incident” anytime by using the coin during these ACT if you are not next to Loop.

A convo about the King appears after you defeat him, but disappear after a certain moment of the story (when you speak to him about Time Craft). So do it quickly.

Can be Blocked During ACT 2 or after

1 – ACT 2 only – Loop question : “So, I’ve seen you don’t like to be touched, huh? Why do you think that is?”

Touch your party in the garden of the 2nd floor 2 or 3 times (NOT MORE)

The garden is a room in the west of the 2nd Floor, easy to find. To “touch” you party : Walk around the table, past the NPC frozen in time, and go next to the plants. Then retrace your steps until you’re in front of the entrance of the room, where an interaction should occur.
Do this 2 or 3 times and not more (by looping back), and go talk to Loop (saying “Let’s talk about something.“). You need to loop back and come back to talk to them until you’ve had that conversation so you don’t miss it and you can do the next one.

2 – Loop question : “So, so, so, how’s your touch exposure therapy going?”

Touch your party in the garden of the 2nd floor 4 to 8 times (NOT MORE)

You don’t have to do the previous event to have this, you just must have 4 to 8 “touchs”, so make sure you’ve seen the previous dialog before.
Same here, return to the garden to “touch” your party members. You can loop back to repeat this. Interactions will be different, but you have to return to speak about it with Loop when you’ve done you 4th interaction. (the 8th at the maximum but less is better, just in case)

The last garden dialog can’t be missed so feel free to poke your party members now.

3 – ACT 2 to 4 – Loop : “HOLD UP!!! ME!!! I WANT TO CHAT!!!”

Do NOT see “The Incident”.

Do not use the Silver Coin during ACT 3 and 4 before you see this conversation to be sure. I recommand you to trigger this during ACT 2, so you will not think about this later (because it’s funny to use the Silver Coin).
“The Incident” is an event which have a low chance to happen during ACT 3 if you use the Silver Coin (and that you are not next to Loop). During ACT 4, there is a lot of chance for it to happen. You just have to know you can’t take any risks.

ACT 2 only

4 – “Are you getting on my nerve on purpose?”

No other condition, do it during ACT 2.

5 – “Can you read my thoughts?”

No other condition, do it during ACT 2.

Do not forget the first touch garden event in the above paragraph

ACT 3 and more (dagger related)

6 – Loop question : “You’ve been… Using that dagger of yours quite often, aren’t you?”

Use the dagger 10 times or more.

The event where you can choose to take the dagger is triggered during ACT 3 or 4, when you talk to Loop after you have used 20 tears or more to loop. They will speak about tears, and after this, you have to choose to think of an other way to die and choose to take the dagger.

Tip : If you want to take the dagger, you can keep this event for later to make sure you don’t get stuck at 22 conversations and can’t obtain the achievement.
Because the last convo is triggered when you have seen 21 or 23 dialogs with them and if you do not meet any other dialog conditions. If you miss a previous event, take the dagger, keep it, but don’t use it. So you will have the next event but you will stay at 21 in the end.
You can also make this if you are at 20 dialogs, it works too.

I think it’s because there are two events which only occur when you have the dagger, so you can have the achievement without taking the dagger by doing 21 dialogs with Loop. But maybe you want to have a chance to not miss the achievement using this trick.

7- Loop question : “So. You like theater, huh?”

Choose to keep the dagger when Loop ask you about it.

Loop will speak to you in an other loop after the event where you obtain the dagger. Make sure to keep the dagger if you want to see this conversation.

Of course, you can “give it back” if you are sure that you will do the 21 other dialogs and that you have not already seen the previous dialog where you have to use 10 times the dagger (but it should be ok).

Do not forget the dialog about the Silver Coin, if you have not done it during ACT 2, make sure you don’t use you Silver Coin before this event to be sure not to trigger “The Incident”

Beginning of ACT 3

8 – “The King really likes stars.”

You can see this dialog after you’ve beaten the King for the first time, BUT !
You have to see this before you speak to him about Time Craft

ACT 3 or less only

9 – “What do you think of my *friends*?”

5 loops or more (You will do these 5 loops, but you have to see this before ACT 4)
Depending of your moment in the game Siffrin can say something else than “friends”.

10 – “What do you do, when I’m not here?”

No other condition, do this before ACT 4.

ACT 3 only

11 – Loop question : “Why don’t you tell your little team about the loops you’re stuck in?”

No other condition, do it before ACT 4.

12 – “Are you jealous of my *friends*?”

No other condition, do it before ACT 4.
Same here, it can be other word than “friends”.

After this, all the events can’t be missed if you keep a save during ACT 4. (You have surely already done some of these events, but as there are not dangerous, it’s ok to just continue the game and see if you miss anything later.)

ACT 3 and more

13 – Loop question : “You know, don’t you. What your fighter is trying so hard to say to you!”

Maybe after the related Isabeau’s subquest, but you will see this for sure.

14 – “Why Stardust?”

No other condition.

15 – Loop question : “So! I’m sure you must have questions about me at this point. Theories.”

No other condition.

ACT 4 only

16 – Loop question : “Say, stardust.”

No other condition.

ACT 4 or less

17 – “Aren’t you bored?”

No other condition.

18 – “Since I remember, isn’t there a chance?” “A chance they’d all remember?”

No other condition.

19 – “So, are you a star?”

No other condition.

20 – Loop question : “…So.” “How’s your touch therapy going?”

Touch your party in the garden of the 2nd floor more than 12 times.
You can do this just after the first two with the garden, but this dialog can’t be missed.

21 – “Did you know your eyes have different shades?”

Talk to Loop more than 20 times.

22 – “What’s the difference between looping with a Tear, and looping because of my dagger?”

After the dagger conversation, which is unlocked by looping 20 times with tears (so during ACT 3 or 4).
Even if you don’t take the dagger.

23 – “(You don’t know what to say, so you stay quiet.)” ACT 2/After “(You have nothing to talk about, so you stay quiet.)”

20 loops or more.
The first sentence of Siffrin is different if you have it during ACT 2, but it’s considered to be the same dialog.

So that’s it?

When you’ve seen all this 23 conversations, or maybe 21 of them precisely (if you don’t take the dagger or for other specific reasons), good job! You’ve done it!

You just have to loop back and return to Loop to have your last conversation and to obtain the achievement!


I’ve made a guide for this achievement specifically because it’s too hard to have it without doing a new game, and it’s still hard if you do a new game!

If you keep a save during the end of ACT 4, you can obtain almost all the achievement. There are just two which can’t be obtainable during or after the last part of ACT 4:

  • This achievement: “Behind the scenes”
  • “…You are loved” (the conditions are simple but you can’t to this at the end of ACT 4)

So I recommand to keep a save during the ACT 4 (anywhere, like in the beginning) and a save at the end of ACT 4 (Like, the moment when you can go to ACT 5. Just save everytime and make an other save when it’s written “ACT 5”, it’s not hard to do this.)

Don’t forget to use the Silver Coin after you’ve seen the dialog with Loop about it. See “The Incident” by using your Silver Coin anywhere but not next to Loop, and then use it next to loop. There are two achievement related directly to this coin, and you can’t miss it during ACT 4. When you have these, you can do ACT 5 with no trouble (believe me). But if you do all the secondary quest during ACT 4, you will have more dialogs on the epilogue. And keep a save during the epilogue (other than the ones during ACT 4, of course!), you’ll see when you will do the others achievements that it can be useful.

OP achievement is time-consuming but easy, you just have to xp your characters to the level 99 for Siffrin and 75 for the other, on any loop in the same time before the boss of the 3rd floor. (Floors boss are good to xp your characters (and you can farm the 3rd to xp Siffrin), but be max level after beating this boss can not give you the achievement. (Don’t forget to use the Memory which give more xp to your members (story related))

The achievement with the “three ghosts” can be hard to do, but you can save and load before going to the hallway where each appears in each floors.

1st: Left hallway past the locked door.
2nd: Right hallway from center room.
3rd: In the hallway after the bathroom, before the keyknife.

Last tip! 3 Memories can be hard to find! The Memories of Pillars, the Memories of Barrils and the Memories of Fishing! But they are aptly named, so it’s ok!

That’s all for me, thanks for reading! And thanks Adrienne and all the people who have worked on this fabulous game!

Written by Floflosera

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