Indigo Park – All Collectibles in Chapter 1

Detailed guide about locations of all collectibles in chapter 1.

I’ve listed the locations of all collectibles in chapter 1 of the game below.

Location of All Collectibles in Chapter 1

Lloyd Plush

Lying in front of the main gate at the very start, beside the power cable.

Finley Plush

To the right of the walkway outside of the gate to the engine room, on a stack of cardboard boxes.

Rambley Plush

To the right of the door inside the generator room, on a stack of cardboard boxes.

Mollie Plush

After opening the gate, take a right. She will be on a bench.

Raction Figure

After entering the tunnel area, there will be a men’s and women’s restrooms to your left. Enter the women’s restroom and turn to your right, it will be in the very corner of the room.

Rambley Ears

After the Rambley’s Railroad ride is interrupted and you’re given another gear puzzle to solve, this collectible will be to the right of the power box on a shelf.

Souvenir Cup

At the start of the street towards Jetstream Junction, to the right, there is a restaurant. Head inside and the collectible will be sitting on top of the main desk.

Gold Rambley Plush

To the left of where you find your first Information Kiosk, there’s a building you can enter. Inside on one of the tables will be the collectible.


After entering Jetstream Junction, there will be a small room behind the Mollie statue to the right of Mollie’s Landing Pad. Inside this room will be an arcade cabinet, which you can interact to play a game called Rambley Rush. Complete the minigame and the collectible will hover in front of the cabinet.

Poodle Plush

When going up the stairs to Rooftop Races, take a left instead of a right. This will take you to a small area above the Jetstream Junction entrance, where this collectible will be sitting on a small couch.

Rambley Head

During the chase sequence with Mollie, in the short hallway before entering the vents, there will be the collectible on the shelf to your right. Be quick to grab it while running ahead, if you stop for it or turn back to grab it, you WILL die.

Retro Lloyd Plush

After completing the chase sequence with Mollie and Rambley instructs you to head to the security room to the left in the hallway, keep moving forward instead until Rambley closes the hallway door. To the left, there will be a shelf with the collectible on it.

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