Men of War 2 – Rifleman Strategy

Strategy guide for rifleman in the game.

Below I will detail a deck and strategy that will provide you with infantry and rifles that will bring victory.

Epic Gamer Strategy (Riflemen Only)

As all people who have played Wargame Red Dragon know, “It always comes down to the Infantryman and his rifle”. The best doctrine then is to pack your deck with as many infantry and rifles as possible.


I present to you, the riflemen experience.

This strategy can be implemented with either 1st Infantry or Engineer Battalions of each nation. Infantry Battalions get access to more infantry in Echelon 1 than Engineers do, otherwise very similar.

The following is a 1st Infantry Battalion build for Germany following this doctrine:

As you can see, there are 200 units of Riflemen in this deck. Including Jaegers, 220 infantry total. Against artillery and armored players, this can actually be pretty decent as they usually don’t have large quantities of infantry.

If desired, one set of infantry in in Echelon 1 can be swapped for engineers if you want access to fortifications.

This build works for the 1st Infantry Battalion of any nation.


Main strategy I have found is spreading the infantry out, putting them in worm mode, then having them crawl towards the enemy, shooting at them when possible (if they haven’t already died). It is best in flat areas with a wide front.

Two things that can cause an issue:

  1. A Tank
  2. A Very Fortified Position

Solution 1:

  • Keep crawling your men forward until the game ends, you somehow run out of infantry, or you take their position

Solution 2:

  • Go around them

Solution 3:

  • Whine to your teammates until they remove the issue with either artillery or armor

Sometimes changing positions and finding a weak spot is what is needed. This deck is also very effective at pouring cheap units through gaps to capture territory.

Obviously this is just the best deck. Riflemen? Broken. Overpowered. There is no counter.

This can actually be useful when pairing with an armored teammate, using your infantry as fodder and screens to protect their tanks.

Though when alone against good players it can be very painful.

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