Inscryption Farming with Beast & Zombies

Welcome to our Inscryption Farming with Beast & Zombies guide. This guide will show you everything you need to know.

Inscryption Farming with Beast & Zombies

Farming Dummy (x14 per duel)

First, you need these cards. Make a deck with these, and fill the rest with anything you have (more copies of the same cards better).

  • 1 x Squirrel Ball
  • 3 x Skeleton (or any other 0 cost tribute fodder)
  • 1 x Urayuli
  • 2 x Wolf Cub
  • 1 x Mantis God

Next, you need to pass turn until you draw all these cards, and then, follow the steps:

  1. Play the Squirrell on the left
  2. Wait for the Squirrel to fill all zones
  3. Play Urayuli to the left
  4. Summon 3 Skeletons, tribute for mantis on place 2, and the two Wolf Cubs to the right, places 3 and 4
  5. Done! This will deal exactly 14 damage every time

Note : You can do the same with stim mage and energy coil or whatever gives infinite energy. Just make sure you place something that generates a green gem for the wizard and leave enough room for the complete circuit.

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