Inscryption How to Grind Foils for Packs

Welcome to our Inscryption How to Grind Foils for Packs guide. This is a technically a spoiler for the second part of the game. I suggest that you leave the cabin before looking at this guide.

Inscryption How to Grind Foils for Packs

Foils for Packs in the Second Part of the Game

If you picked the undead starter pack this will be pretty easy, otherwise you will need to pick up a few cards to do this first.
Have at least one skeleton, three grave diggers, and one bone heap. This is what i found at the beginning, there might be a better method that i haven’t seen yet. After you have these cards go to the second floor of the mage tower and battle the training dummy. In this fight you can simply place one skeleton to gain a bone, then use grave diggers to build up a large amount of bones to buff your bone heap. I suggest getting the training dummy to one hit from death,with other skeletons since they die at the end of your turn, and then going in with the heap with around 30 bones to buff it. Since you gain foils from excess damage dealt at the end of the fight you can get a few packs from one encounter, and since this is a repeatable fight you can receive enough to gain a few packs per fight.

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  1. There’s a few infinite damage strategies I’ve found that work much better. Both involve rare cards though. The first is just using necromancer and graverobber to generate infinite bones. Just summon both and use a bone to make a skeleton from graverobber summon it and hit it with the hammer to generate two bones since necromancer kills it twice. Now you can put all those bones into your bone heap.

    The better way though is to make infinite energy with an energy generator in a circuit with two null circuits and just spam it’s ability. You’ll have to set up the green mox first to summon stim mage putting it at the far left or right, then hammer the mox and set up your circuit (energy generator, null circuit, null circuit). Then you can just press the ability button until it hits 1k or slightly over for more foils if you haven’t dealt damage yet, and easily hit the foil cap of 999.

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