Islands of Insight: Enclaves of Puzzle Solutions

Maps and checklists for 100% completion of puzzles in an enclave.

In this guide you can find maps and checklists for 100% completion of puzzles in an enclave.

Completion of Puzzles in an Enclave

The maps and lists are quite rough and ready, especially all the hidden cubes in Chasm and the Void. I will be looking to make refinements in the future, but for now they should work as a general guide for 100% enclave completion.

  • The “area” column is very approximate, but should make sense if you’re in the enclave.
  • The “direction” (dir.) in the tables in turn is very approximate to the center of the area.
  • The map icons are placed as near their actual location as possible, but I tried to limit overlapping icons as little as possible, and the huge player marker on the in-game map is also not that helpful.

Empyrean Journey

100% enclaves
No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl
1Logic GridArrival islandsEOn the ground1
2Logic GridWest buildingWOutside, on an elevations1
3Logic GridWest buildingWOn the floor1
1Hidden RingWest buildingWOn top of a column
1Armillary RingsWest buildingWOn the floor
2Hidden RingWest buildingNSuspended in the air
2Armillary RingsWest buildingNOn a floating island
1SkydropWest buildingCLook to the North
3Hidden RingWest buildingESuspended in the air
4Logic GridEast buildingNWOn the ground next to the building2
5Logic GridEast buildingWOn the ground1
2SkydropEast buildingCLook to the West
6Logic GridEast buildingSOn the ground, walk around the building2
7Logic GridEast buildingNEOn the building1
3Armillary RingsEast buildingNEOn the building
5Hidden RingEast buildingNESuspended in the air
8Logic GridEast buildingCOn the building1
4Armillary RingsEast buildingSOn the gate
5Hidden RingEast buildingSSuspended next to tree roots
9Logic GridWest buildingSEOn the floor1
6Hidden RingWest buildingSOn two statues
10Logic GridWest buildingSOn a slight elevation1
11Logic GridWest buildingCOn top of the gate2
5Armillary RingsWest buildingCOn top of the gate
7Hidden RingWest buildingSSuspended above a tree
3SkydropWest buildingSWOn a floating island, look to the North-East
12Logic GridEast buildingSWOn top of the building1
4SkydropEast buildingSNext to the tree, look to the North
13Logic GridColumn islandNEAt the bottom of the staircase1
14Logic GridColumn islandEOn the ground East of the staircase1
15Logic GridColumn islandCOn the floor1
8Hidden RingColumn islandNWInbetween two columns
5SkydropColumn islandSELook to the North-West, over the columns
16Logic GridCrooked Tree islandNOn a slight elevation1
6SkydropCrooked Tree islandNWLook to the North-West, over the crooked tree
17Logic GridCrooked Tree islandSEOn the ground next to the staircase2
6Armillary RingsCrooked Tree islandSOn the ground next to the staircase
18Logic GridBottom islandNEOn the ground3
19Logic GridBottom islandNOn the ground2
9Hidden RingBottom islandNWOn top of a stone head
7Armillary RingsBottom islandWSuspended behind a gate
8Armillary RingsTop islandNSuspended above bottom island
20Logic GridTop islandNEOn the ground
10Hidden RingTop islandWInbetween two columns
11Hidden RingTop islandCInside the big gate
21Logic GridTop islandSWAtop some stairs2
22Logic GridTop islandSEOn the ground next to the wall3
7SkydropTop islandSEOn top of the wall, look North
23Logic GridTop islandNWOn top of the wall4
8SkydropArrival islandsSWFly from Top island. On top of a horizontal column, look North-East
24Logic GridArrival islandsNWNext to a tree, on top of some rubble
12Hidden RingFive small islandsNJump back with the rift next to the horizontal column, suspended inbetween Top island and the first small island.
1Wandering EchoFive small islandsNOn the first small island
13Hidden RingFive small islandsNSuspended inbetween the first and second islands.
25Logic GridFive small islandsNOn the second island2
14Hidden RingFive small islandsCSuspended inbetween the second and third islands.
9Armillary RingsFive small islandsCOn the third island
15Hidden RingFive small islandsCSuspended inbetween the third and fourth islands.
9SkydropFive small islandsSOn the fourth island, look North
16Hidden RingFive small islandsSSuspended inbetween the fourth and fifth islands.

Glass Temple

100% enclaves
No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl
1Crystal LabyrinthSmall labyrinthsNW
1Hidden ArchwaySmall labyrinthsNWOn top of the gate to the first labyrinth
2Hidden ArchwaySmall labyrinthsNWN of the entrance of the first labyrinth
1Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsNWOn top of the wall N of the first labyrinth1
2Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsCOn the central walkway1
3Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsCOn the central walkway1
4Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsCOn the central walkway2
2Crystal LabyrinthSmall labyrinthsN
5Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsNOn the ground floor1
6Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsNAt the exit2
3Hidden ArchwaySmall labyrinthsNOn top of the exit
7Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsNOn the second floor, through a hole in the S wall3
3Crystal LabyrinthSmall labyrinthsW
1Hidden PentadSmall labyrinthsWAt the entrance
4Hidden ArchwaySmall labyrinthsWOn the ground floor after the exit
8Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsWIn the basement after the exit2
4Crystal LabyrinthSmall labyrinthsE
9Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsEOn the first floor at the N rift2
5Hidden ArchwaySmall labyrinthsEOn the first floor at the S rift
5Crystal LabyrinthSmall labyrinthsS
10Pattern GridSmall labyrinthsSOn the ground floor1
6Hidden ArchwaySmall labyrinthsSOn the first floor, through a hole next to the exit
7Hidden ArchwaySmall labyrinthsSHorizontal on the E side of the exit
11Pattern GridBig labyrinthWIn the open3
8Hidden ArchwayBig labyrinthNWNext to the wall
6Crystal LabyrinthBig labyrinthMagenta route
9Hidden ArchwayBig labyrinthWNear the entrance
10Hidden ArchwayBig labyrinthSOn the glass floor
12Pattern GridBig labyrinthSOn the glass floor2
2Hidden PentadBig labyrinthSYellow dots
7Crystal LabyrinthBig labyrinthCyan route
13Pattern GridBig labyrinthSEOn a beam under the glass floor1
11Hidden ArchwayBig labyrinthSUnder the archway on the glass floor
8Crystal LabyrinthBig labyrinthYellow route
9Crystal LabyrinthBig labyrinthGreen route
3Hidden PentadBig labyrinthNPurple dots
10Crystal LabyrinthBig labyrinthRed route, jump a big gap to the stairs
14Pattern GridBig labyrinthE3
15Pattern GridBig labyrinthE5
12Hidden ArchwayBig labyrinthEDirectly under the exit
11Crystal LabyrinthBig labyrinthBlue route
16Pattern GridBig labyrinthEAt the exit3
12Crystal LabyrinthBig labyrinthGrey route
13Crystal LabyrinthBig labyrinthGrey route
17Pattern GridBig labyrinthSEAt the end of the enclave3
18Pattern GridBig labyrinthSEAt the end of the enclave4
19Pattern GridBig labyrinthSEAt the end of the enclave5
13Hidden ArchwayBig labyrinthSEOn top of the wall at the end of the enclave
14Hidden ArchwayBig labyrinthSEOn top of the glass roof of the big staircase
4Hidden PentadBig labyrinthCCyan dots
15Hidden ArchwayBig labyrinthSENext to the tree on the wall
16Hidden ArchwayBig labyrinthNOn top of the basement entrance
20Pattern GridBig labyrinthEOn top of the tall wall5


100% enclaves
No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.Description
1CubeFirst floorNWBehind the tree
2CubeBasementSWIn the back of the cave
3CubeRoofEIn the center, next to the wall
4CubeOutsideNEInside the crooked tree
5CubeOutsideSEIn a tree on the floating island
1Hidden PentadFirst floorCIn the middle of the floor
2Hidden PentadBasementSEAt the start of the cave
1Wandering EchoOutsideSEOn the floating island

Chamber of the Tribunes 1/2

100% enclaves
1CubeArrivalWNext to the rift
1Match ThreeArrivalCOn a wall
2CubeArrivalEInside the bushes
2Match ThreeWalkwayNWOn a wall
3Match ThreeWalkwayWOn a wall
4Match ThreeWalkwaySWOn a wall
5Match ThreeWalkwaySOn a wall
6Match ThreeWalkwaySOn a wall
3CubeWalkwaySOn top of the wall
7Match ThreeWalkwayEOn a wall
8Match ThreeWalkwayNEOn a wall
1Armillary RingStaircaseNOn top of a statue
4CubeStaircaseSBehind a statue
5CubeNW BasementWOutside
1Sentinel StonesNW BasementNWOutside
6CubeNW BasementWS of the Sentinel Stones
2Armillary RingNW BasementNIn an alcove
9Match ThreeNW BasementNin another alcove
7CubeNW BasementNS of the tree
10Match ThreeNW BasementEOn the ground
11Match ThreeNW BasementSEOn a wall
8CubeNW BasementSNext to a statue
2Sentinel StonesNW BasementCIn the central room
9CubeNW BasementCBehind a dog statue
1Wandering EchoNW Basement
10CubeSW BasementSWOn a pile of sand
12Match ThreeSW BasementCIn the central room
13Match ThreeSW BasementCIn the central room
14Match ThreeSW BasementCIn the central room
15Match ThreeSW BasementCIn the central room
16Match ThreeSW BasementCIn the central room
11CubeSW BasementNEIn the hallway on a brazier
17Match ThreeSW BasementNEin the hallway on a wall
18Match ThreeSW BasementEin the hallway in an alcove
12CubeSW BasementSOutside in an alcove
3Armillary RingSW BasementSOutside in an alcove
2Wandering EchoSW Basement
4Wandering EchoSW Basement
21Match ThreeC BasementWOn the back of the staircase
4Armillary RingC BasementCAbove a door
13CubeC BasementCNext to a door behind a column
20Match ThreeC BasementENext to a door
21Match ThreeC BasementENext to a door
14CubeC BasementENext to a door
9Sentinel StonesNE BasementCIn the central room
37CubeNE BasementNOutside inbetween the rocks
16CubeSE BasementSBehind a rock
4Sentinel StonesSE BasementCIn the central room
17CubeSE BasementNOn some rubble
8Wandering EchoSE Basement
18CubeNW Ground floorSOn a broken wall
19CubeNW Ground floorSOn a column
22Match ThreeNW Ground floorWOn a wall
23Match ThreeNW Ground floorWOn a wall
24Match ThreeNW Ground floorEOn a wall
40Match ThreeNW Ground floorNOn a wall
20CubeSW GroundsNEIn the bushes next to the stairs
21CubeSW GroundsSEIn the bushes next to a crumbled wall
22CubeSW GroundsSWOn the floor in the open
5Armillary RingSW GroundsEIn the bushes
9Sentinel StonesSW GroundsCIn the center
26Match ThreeSW GroundsWOn a wall
27Match ThreeSW GroundsWOn a wall
28Match ThreeSW GroundsCOn a wall
29Match ThreeSW GroundsSOn a wall
23CubeN Ground FloorWInside a broken wall behind a column
37CubeN Ground FloorNIn between rubble on top of a sand pile
11Armillary RingN Ground FloorNEIn the open
33Match ThreeC Ground FloorWOn the back of the staircase
7Armillary RingS Ground FloorCAbove the sentinel stones
31Match ThreeS Ground FloorNOn a wall
32Match ThreeS Ground FloorNOn a wall
40Match ThreeS Ground FloorNOn a wall
37CubeS Ground FloorSEOutside on the path
8Wandering EchoS Ground Floor
26CubeFirst FloorNIn the open
6Wandering EchoFirst Floor
8Wandering EchoFirst Floor

Chamber of the Triibunes 2/2

No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.Description
27CubeSecond FloorNOn a column next to the rift
28CubeSecond FloorCNext to the statue’s right leg
8Armillary RingSecond FloorCIn the statues lap
34Match ThreeSecond FloorCOn the statues back
6Sentinel StonesSecond FloorSOn the floor
8Wandering EchoSecond Floor
9Armillary RingS CourtyardSOn top of a rock next to a tree
9Sentinel StonesS CourtyardSOn the ground
10Armillary RingN CourtyardSNext to the crooked tree
29CubeN CourtyardCNext to the trunk of the crooked tree
30CubeN CourtyardCOn top of the crooked tree
31CubeN CourtyardENext to the basement wall
9Sentinel StonesN CourtyardCOn the ground
35Match ThreeN CourtyardNOn a wall
32CubeSmall BuildingNBehind a crumbled wall
36Match ThreeSmall BuildingNOn a wall
33CubeSmall BuildingSIn the open
40Match ThreeSmall BuildingSOn a wall
34CubeSmall BuildingNOn top of the wall on the roof
37CubeSmall BuildingSOn top of the wall on the roof
11Armillary RingSmall CourtyardNWOn top of a column
9Sentinel StonesSmall CourtyardCOn the ground
36CubeSmall CourtyardSESouth of the stairs
38Match ThreeSmall CourtyardNENorth of the stairs
37CubeBig StatueCUnder the statue’s chin
39Match ThreeBig StatueCOn the statue’s legs
40Match ThreeBig StatueCOn the statue’s legs

Ancient Court

100% enclaves
No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.Description
1Hidden ArchwayEastEOn the rock
2Hidden ArchwayCenterNNext to the lore fragment
3Hidden ArchwayBuildingNEInbetween some pillars on the first floor
4Hidden ArchwayWestWIn the water
5Hidden ArchwayWest wallNInbetween some pillars
1Hidden RingCenterCAround a tree next to the lore fragment
2Hidden RingEastCSuspended inbetween the rock and the wall
3Hidden RingEast wallSSuspended inbetween some columns on the first floor
4Hidden RingWest wallSInside a doorway
5Hidden RingBuildingNWSuspended above the rubble
6Hidden RingBuildingEAround a statues neck
7Hidden RingWestSESuspended next to the first floor of the building
8Hidden RingBuilding roofCInside a hole in the roof
9Hidden RingEastSLaying inside the water
10Hidden RingCenterCSuspended at roof height
1SightseerNorthNEOn the ground
Look at the gate in the East wall from the rubble of the West wall
2SightseerNorth wallCOn top of the North column
Look down at the North-West corner of the roof
3SightseerNorthNWOn the ground
Look at the water North of the East wall
4SightseerBuilding roofNWOn top of the roof
Look at the palm trees inbetween the water and the rock in the East
5SightseerBuilding roofEOn top of the roof
Look at the North-East side of the Building from the North-East
1MatchboxSouthCIn front of the building
In front of the building
2MatchboxBuildingCSouth of the entrance, on the ground
North of the entrance, up in an alcove
3MatchboxEast wallCBehind a hole in the North part of the wall
On the South-East side of the wall
4MatchboxNorthENorth of a rock, on the ground
South of a rock, in the water
5MatchboxNorth wallCInside the top of the column
Inside the building
6MatchboxWest wallSInside the wall, visible from the center court
On top of the rubble in the North-West of the building
7MatchboxBuildingSEVisible through a hole in the North of the entrance wall
South-East of the building, next to the water
8MatchboxWest wallCAbove a gate in the East wall
Above a gate in the West wall, visible from the West
9MatchboxBuilding roofCIn the South-East of the first floor
In the North-West of the first floor
10MatchboxWest WallSOn the South-West of the West wall
Inside a window next to the green cube

Shattered Oasis 1/2

100% enclaves
No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl.
1CubeAtrium ground floorNWUnder rock
2CubeAtrium first floorNWOn rock
3CubeAtrium first floorNWOn rock
1Logic GridAtrium first floorNWOn rock2
2Logic GridAtrium ground floorNW1
3Logic GridAtrium ground floorW2
4CubeAtrium ground floorNWater
4Logic GridAtrium ground floorNOn a ledge2*
5Logic GridAtrium ground floorW1
5CubeAtrium ground floorWColumn
6CubeAtrium first floorW
6Logic GridAtrium ground floorSW3
7CubeAtrium ground floorS
1EchoAtrium ground floorSC atrium – W Rift – NW road
8CubeAtrium ground floorSE
7Logic GridAtrium ground floorSE2
8Logic GridAtrium ground floorE2
9CubeAtrium ground floorEColumn
10CubeAtrium ground floorNEUnder ramp
2EchoAtrium ground floorNENE ramp, NE ramp first level
9Logic GridAtrium ground floorNE2
10Logic GridAtrium ground floorCThe answer is in the column walls4
3EchoAtrium first floorEE column, E column, E colum second
11Logic GridAtrium first floorN2
12Logic GridAtrium first floorNW3
1PillarAtrium first floorNW1
2PillarAtrium first floorNW1
3PillarAtrium first floorNW2
4PillarAtrium first floorNW2
11CubeAtrium first floorWColumn
13Logic GridAtrium first floorSWThe answer is on the floor1
38Logic GridAtrium first floorSE1
12CubeAtrium second floorNW
15Logic GridAtrium first floorWColumn2
13CubeAtrium second floorSWIvy
16Logic GridAtrium second floorS5
14CubeAtrium second floorS
17Logic GridCircleSOn a ledge3
18Logic GridCircleWOn a ledge3
15CubeCircleWOn a ledge
19Logic GridCircleC1
20Logic GridCircleNW1
18CubeCircleNEUnder ramp
21Logic GridCircleC1
22Logic GridCircleNE1
23Logic GridCircleC1
24Logic GridCircleSE1
25Logic GridCircleSE4*
26CubeCircleCTall column
26Logic GridColumnsW1
27Logic GridColumnsNE2
30CubeCircleNWTall column

Shattered Oasis 2/2

No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl.
31CubeNorth RuinsS
32CubeNorth RuinsNW
28Logic GridNorth RuinsSW1
29Logic GridNorth RuinsC1
33CubeNorth RuinsNE
30Logic GridSouth RuinsSW1
34CubeSouth RuinsSW
35CubeSouth RuinsNWPalms
36CubeSouth RuinsNE
31Logic GridSouth RuinsSE1
37CubeSouth RuinsSWTall column
32Logic GridEast RuinsS1
33Logic GridEast RuinsSW1
34Logic GridEast RuinsW1
5EchoEast RuinsNWNW gate, N ruins column, S ruins column, SE gate
38CubeEast RuinsNW
39CubeEast RuinsN
35Logic GridEast RuinsN2
36Logic GridEast RuinsE2
40CubeEast RuinsE
37Logic GridEast RuinsNE3
41CubeEast RuinsCInside arch
38Logic GridEast RuinsCOn top of arch3
42CubeEast RuinsNInside broken column
43CubeEast RuinsS

Gather No Moss

100% enclaves
No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.Description
2Rolling BlockArrival corridorWOn the path
1Rolling BlockArrival corridorNWNorth of the path
2Rolling BlockArrival corridorSWSouth of the path
3Rolling BlockArrival corridorNOn the path
4Rolling BlockArrival corridorSOn the path
5Rolling BlockArrival corridorEUp the stairs
6Rolling BlockBuildingWEast of the lore fragment
7Rolling BlockBuildingNWWest of the stairs to the courtyard
8Rolling BlockBuildingNWEast of the stairs to the courtyard
9Rolling BlockNorth courtyardSWAlong the South wall
1Armillary RingsNorth courtyardNNext to the stone wall
10Rolling BlockNorth courtyardWNext to the stone wall
1Sentinel StonesNorth courtyardWNext to the stone wall
11Rolling BlockNorth courtyardCOn a walled platform
30Rolling BlockNorth courtyardCOn a walled platform
13Rolling BlockNorth courtyardNNext to the stone wall
2Armillary RingsNorth courtyardCInbetween some stone walls
2Sentinel StonesNorth courtyardNENext to the stone wall
14Rolling BlockNorth courtyardSENext to the edge
1Flow OrbsNorth courtyardSEAround the doorway to the building
15Rolling BlockNorth courtyardSEOn a walled platform
16Rolling BlockNorth courtyardSEOn a walled platform
3Sentinel StonesSouth courtyardNENext to the edge
17Rolling BlockSouth courtyardNESouth of the lore fragment
1Hidden PentadBack of the buildingCIn the water
18Rolling BlockSouth courtyardNNorth of the water
2Flow OrbsSouth courtyardCIn the water
3Armillary RingsSouth courtyardCIn the water
4Armillary RingsSouth courtyardSWBehind the pillar row
5Armillary RingsSouth courtyardSWOn top of a broken pillar
19Rolling BlockSouth courtyardWNorth of the water
20Rolling BlockSouth courtyardNWSouth of the building
21Rolling BlockBuildingCWest of the diagonal rift
22Rolling BlockBuildingCUnder the diagonal rift
6Armillary RingsNorth courtyardSNext to the wall
23Rolling BlockNorth courtyardEOn a walled platform
24Rolling BlockNorth courtyardCOn a walled platform
25Rolling BlockBuildingEIn front of a statue
26Rolling BlockSouth islandNW
27Rolling BlockSouth islandNE
2Hidden PentadSouth islandC
7Armillary RingsNorth islandS
8Armillary RingsBuildingEInside the roof
28Rolling BlockNorth islandS
29Rolling BlockNorth islandC
3Flow OrbsNorth islandC
3Hidden PentadNorth islandSE
30Rolling BlockBuildingEInside
4Flow OrbsBuildingWOn top of the columns

Dyads in the Mist 1/2

100% enclaves
No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl
1Hidden ArchwayAutumn forestWEast of the water
2Hidden ArchwayAutumn forestNWSouth of the East building
3Hidden ArchwayAutumn forestNEast of the East building
4Hidden ArchwayAutumn forestNSouth-East of the East building
5Hidden ArchwayAutumn forestNESideways on a cliffside
6Hidden ArchwayAutumn forestSIn the lower area
7Hidden ArchwayPine forestSEWest of the water
8Hidden ArchwayMountainNOn the path North-East of the West building
9Hidden ArchwayMountainNWOn a ledge overlooking the West building
10Hidden ArchwayWest buildingSWOn the roof
11Hidden ArchwayEast buildingSWOn the roof
12Hidden ArchwayNorth cliffsNENorth of the East building, next to a rift
13Hidden ArchwayNorth cliffsNWNorth of the West building
1Hidden RingWaterNUnder the bridge, above the rift
2Hidden RingWaterSInside the gazebo
3Hidden RingAutumn forestNWSuspended above the water
4Hidden RingEast buildingSWUnder the awning
5Hidden RingWaterNSuspended South of the bridge
6Hidden RingWaterNSuspended South of the bridge
7Hidden RingWest buildingSESuspended above the South-East path
8Hidden RingWest buildingEUnder the awning
9Hidden RingMountainNOff a ledge overlooking the West building
10Hidden RingWest buildingESuspended off the roof overlooking the East building
11Hidden RingEast buildingESuspended off the roof overlooking the West building
12Hidden RingEast buildingSESuspended off the awning
13Hidden RingNorth cliffsNESuspended next to a rock wall
1Logic GridWaterSInside the gazebo1
2Logic GridAutumn forestWSouth-East of the water1
3Logic GridAutumn forestNWSouth of the East building1
4Logic GridEast buildingSWUnder the awning2
5Logic GridAutumn forestNSouth-East of the East building2
6Logic GridAutumn forestNEOn a rock floor behind a hidden archway4
7Logic GridAutumn forestENext to the edge3
8Logic GridAutumn forestSEOn top of a big rock3
9Logic GridAutumn forestCIn the lower area2
10Logic GridAutumn forestSWSouth of the bell2
11Logic GridPine forestSEOn the path to the West building1
12Logic GridWest buildingNEUnder the awning2
13Logic GridWest buildingSEUnder the awning2
14Logic GridPine forestEOn a ledge next to the path3
1MatchboxAutumn forestSWOn top of the bell
Inside the bell
2MatchboxAutumn forestWOn a lower ledge
Inside a tree
14Hidden RingEast buildingNWOn top of a gazebo
3MatchboxEast buildingNWRock face South of the bridge
Inside the wooden floor of the bridge
4MatchboxMountainNAtop the platform
Underneath the platform
14Hidden ArchwayPine forestSSouth of the path
15Logic GridPine forestCOn a stone pedestal2
16Logic GridPine forestWInbetween trees3
15Hidden RingWest buildingNEInside a gazebo
5MatchboxWest buildingNESouth of the stone stairs
North of the stone stairs
16Hidden RingNorth cliffsSWOff a ledge North of the West building
17Hidden RingNW upper islandSSuspended inbetween the main island and the upper NE island
15Hidden ArchwayNW upper islandSWAtop a hill
18Hidden RingNW upper islandNAround a tree
17Logic GridNW upper islandEOn the ground2
16Hidden ArchwayNW upper islandWUnder the awning
6MatchboxNW upper islandWSouth in the siding of the awning
North in the siding of the awning
7MatchboxNW upper islandEOn the ground
Inside the green cube
8MatchboxNW upper islandWUnder the island, next to the scaffolding
Atop the awning
18Logic GridNW upper islandNWAtop the awning4
19Hidden RingNW upper islandCIT’S HUGE
20Hidden RingNW lower islandSIn the bushes on the lower island
19Logic GridNW lower islandSWOn some rocks3
9MatchboxNW lower islandNOn the edge between some rocks
Inside a stone lamp

Dyads in the Mist 2/2

No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl
10MatchboxNE islandCUnder the gazebo roof
Under the gazebo on the ground
20Logic GridNE islandSOn the ground4
21Hidden RingNE islandCOn the roof of the gazebo
17Hidden ArchwayMountainNWOverlook the South-West island
21Logic GridMountainCOn the ground3
18Hidden ArchwayMountainCAt the top of the mountain
11MatchboxWaterCUnder the bridge
Atop the gazebo
12MatchboxWest buildingNEOn the ridge
Inside the bridge
22Logic GridMountainSWOn a ledge on the side of the mountain4
13MatchboxWest buildingNWOn the middle awning
On the lower awning
23Logic GridWest buildingSWOn the middle awning
22Hidden RingSW islandCUnder the gazebo roof
24Logic GridSW islandCOn the ground3
14MatchboxEast buildingNWInside the floor under the awning
Inside the ground outside
19Hidden ArchwayEast buildingNEOutside
15MatchboxEast buildingNEAtop the deck
Under the deck
25Logic GridEast buildingSWOn top of the awning3
16MatchboxEast buildingNInside a tree
Inside a tree North of the West building
20Hidden ArchwayNorth cliffsNWSideways on a cliffside
23Hidden RingUnderneathJump off the waterfall and fly South
24Hidden RingUnderneathJump off the waterfall and fly South
25Hidden RingUnderneathJump off the waterfall and fly South
26Hidden RingUnderneathJump off the waterfall and fly South
17MatchboxEast buildingSEOn a corner dragon
Inside the house on the same level
26Logic GridSE lower islandSNext to some rocks4
27Hidden RingSE lower islandNWOn the ground on a rock
18MatchboxSE lower islandNInside some rocks
On rocky ground
21Hidden ArchwaySE upper islandSInbetween trees
27Logic GridSE upper islandCOn the ground2
28Hidden RingSE upper islandWAround a tree
22Hidden ArchwaySE upper islandCNext to the building
29Hidden RingSE upper islandEUnder the building
19MatchboxSE upper islandEEast of the building
West of the building
20MatchboxSE upper islandEBehind a rock West of the rope bridge
East under the rope bridge
28Logic GridSE upper islandEOn the building’s awning2*
30Hidden RingSE upper islandCSuspended off the building to the West
21MatchboxSE upper islandNUnderneath SW island
Underneath NE island
31Hidden RingSE lower islandESuspended inbetween the SE islands
22MatchboxEast buildingSWNext to the South-East wall
Underneath the awning
23MatchboxPine forestEOn a ledge next to the water, next to an archway
On the ledge above, next to the path
24MatchboxWest buildingSOn a rock underneath the second awning
On the East corner of the second awning
25MatchboxSW islandNWUnder the West corner of the awning
On the North corner of the awning
26MatchboxSE upper islandEOn top of the building
Underneath the green cube
32Hidden RingNW lower islandSSuspended inbetween the NW islands

Phase and the Melody 1/2

100% enclaves
No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl.
1Phasic DialNE houseNOn a wall
1SkydropN houseELook North
2Phasic DialN houseNEOn a wall
3Phasic DialN houseNOn a wall
4Phasic DialN houseNWOn a wall
1SightseerLow greenSWOn the ground
Look at the red bridge South of the NW House
2SkydropLow greenSWLook South
5Phasic DialNW houseNOn a wall
6Phasic DialNW houseWOn a wall
7Phasic DialNW houseSOn a wall
8Phasic DialHillclimbSWBehind the NW house
9Phasic DialHillclimbCSouth of the lore fragment
3SkydropNE houseELook East from the roof
4SkydropNE houseNELook South
1Flow OrbsNW houseNGo over the houses’ roofs to the floating island
5SkydropFloating islandSLook West
2Flow OrbsLow greenNEGo under the houses to to the South-West
6SkydropNW houseWLook North under the deck
10Phasic DialHillclimbCEast of the lore fragment
11Phasic DialHillclimbNENorth-East of the lore fragment
2SightseerHillclimbEOn the ground
The staircase North-East of the lore fragment
12Phasic DialHillclimbESouth-West of the Sightseer
13Phasic DialHillclimbENorth of the SE house
14Phasic DialSE houseSEOn the North-West wall
15Phasic DialHillSOn a wall
3SightseerC houseNOn the ground
South-West of the SE house
16Phasic DialC houseNIn front of the house
3Flow OrbsSE houseNWOn the stairs
4SightseerC houseSBehind the house
On the Hill South of the Sightseer
4Flow OrbsC houseNIn front of the house
7SkydropC houseNELook East
8SkydropSE houseSELook North-West
9SkydropHillSLook North-East
10SkydropC houseCLook East from the roof
11SkydropC houseCLook -South-East from the roof, to the roof of the SE house
17Phasic DialHillCOn a wall
18Phasic DialHillSWOn a wall
12SkydropHillWLook under the big floating island in the West
13SkydropHillSELook to the small island with a music grid in the South-West
5Flow OrbsC houseSEFrom the roof over the hill to the big floating island

Phase and the Melody 2/2

No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl.
1Music GridSE FieldNOn the ground1
2Music GridSE FieldNOn the ground1
3Music GridSE FieldNOn the ground1
4Music GridSE FieldNOn the deck2
5Music GridSE FieldCOn the ground1
6Music GridSE FieldCOn the ground1
7Music GridSE FieldCOn the ground1
8Music GridSE FieldCOn the ground1
9Music GridSE FieldSOn the ground2
10Music GridSE FieldSOn a floating island2
11Music GridSE FieldSOn the ground1
12Music GridSE FieldSEOn the ground1
13Music GridSE FieldSEOn the ground2
14Music GridBig floating islandCOn the ground2
15Music GridBig floating islandNEOn the deck1
16Music GridBig floating islandNEOn the ground2
17Music GridSE FieldNOn the small deck3
5SightseerBig floating islandNIn the gazebo
NE house, looking at the small floating island
6SightseerBig floating islandNIn the gazebo
South of SE Field looking North-West
7SightseerBig floating islandIn the gazebo
Look at the front of the C house from the West
18Music GridBig floating islandNOn the ground2
19Music GridBig floating islandNIn the gazebo1
20Music GridBig floating islandNOn the ground2
21Music GridBig floating islandNWOn the ground3
22Music GridBig floating islandNWOn the ground3
23Music GridBig floating islandNWOn the ground2
24Music GridBig floating islandNEOn the ground3
25Music GridBig floating islandNEOn the ground2
26Music GridBig floating islandNEOn the ground2
27Music GridBig floating islandNEOn top of the gazebo4
28Music GridBig floating islandSOn the ground3
29Music GridBig floating islandSOn the ground3
30Music GridBig floating islandSOn the ground5
31Music GridBig floating islandSOn the ground2
32Music GridBig floating islandSOn the ground4
33Music GridBig floating islandSOn the ground5
34Music GridC houseSOn the roof1*

Chasm and the Void 1/2

100% enclaves
No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl.
1Hidden CubeArrival platformCUnder the platform
2Hidden CubeArrival platformSUnder the rocks under the stairs to the platform
3Hidden CubePeninsulaSEOn a tree stump
1Logic GridPeninsulaEOn a rock2
1Pillar of InsightPeninsulaCAcross from the arrival platform
4Hidden CubePeninsulaWOn the edge North of the North building
5Hidden CubePeninsulaNWIn between edge on the North edge
2Logic GridPeninsulaNWest of the arrival platform2
1Wandering EchoPeninsulaNWest of the arrival platform
3Logic GridPeninsulaWNorth of the North building2
6Hidden CubeNorth buildingNUnder the rope bridge
7Hidden CubeNorth buildingNEInside a stone lamp
8Hidden CubeNorth buildingNUnder the stairs
1Light MotifNorth buildingSWFrom the rocks on the awning
9Hidden CubeNorth buildingSEUnder the roof
10Hidden CubeNorth buildingSEInside a stone lamp
4Logic GridNorth buildingEOn the porch1
11Hidden CubeNorth buildingSWInbetween the rocks and the roof
12Hidden CubeNorth buildingEOn the roof
2Light MotifNorth buildingNFrom the edge on the back of the stairs
13Hidden CubeSouth floating rocksCOn the island with the diagonal rift
3Light MotifSouth floating rocksCOn the island with the diagonal rift
4Light MotifSouth floating rocksELook West
14Hidden CubeSouth floating rocksEOn top of a small rock
15Hidden CubeSouth floating rocksNUnder a big rock
16Hidden CubeNorth mountainNInbetween rocks
17Hidden CubeSouth mountainNEOn a ledge above the North building
18Hidden CubeNorth mountainEInbetween rocks
5Logic GridSouth mountainWOn the path2
5Light MotifNorth mountainSEOn the path, look North
6Logic GridSouth mountainNOn the rocks2
2Wandering EchoSouth mountainEOn a ledge above the North building
19Hidden CubeSouth mountainENext to the wandering echo
6Light MotifNorth buildingNWOn top of the roof, look South
7Logic GridSouth mountainSOn the rocks2
20Hidden CubeSouth mountainSWInbetween rocks
21Hidden CubeSouth mountainWInbetween rocks
22Hidden CubeSouth mountainSInbetween trees
23Hidden CubeSouth mountainSWOn the ground between the path and the rocks
8Logic GridSouth mountainCOn the rocks3
3Wandering EchoNorth mountainSNext to a lion statue
2Pillar of InsightNorth mountainCOn the rocks
9Logic GridNorth floating rocksNWOn the rocks3
4Wandering EchoSouth mountainNOn the rocks
24Hidden CubeSmall mountainNOn the rockside
25Hidden CubeNorth floating rocksCInbetween rocks
26Hidden CubeNorth floating rocksWUnder a big rock
27Hidden CubeNorth floating rocksNOn the West side of a rock
28Hidden CubeNorth floating rocksSWOn a ledge on the bottom of a rock
5Wandering EchoNorth floating rocksSEOn a rock
29Hidden CubeSouth floating rocksSEOn a rock
7Light MotifNorth mountainNEOn the rockside, look South
30Hidden CubeRoadNOn the path
31Hidden CubeRoadNOn the path
32Hidden CubeRoadNEOn the path
33Hidden CubeCliffsNWWest of a small waterfall
34Hidden CubeCliffsNWNext to a rock wall
35Hidden CubeCliffsNNext to a rock wall
10Logic GridCliffsNOn the edge1
11Logic GridCliffsNEOn the edge3
36Hidden CubeCliffsNENext to a rock wall
37Hidden CubeCliffsENext to a rock wall
38Hidden CubeCliffsNEOn a ledge

Chasm and the Void 2/2

No.Puzzle typeAreaDir.DescriptionLvl.
12Logic GridCliffsNWClose to the path, on the rocks3
39Hidden CubeCliffsNOn some rocks
40Hidden CubeCliffsNEUnder a tree
41Hidden CubeCliffsEInbetween some ferns
8Light MotifCliffsEOn a rockface, look West
42Hidden CubeCliffsEOn a ledge
43Hidden CubeCliffsCInbetween some rocks West of the water
13Logic GridCliffsCOn a ledge next to the water4
44Hidden CubeCliffsCInside a waterfall
45Hidden CubeCliffsWUnder a pine tree
46Hidden CubeRoadCInbetween some pines East of the path
47Hidden CubeCliffsCInside the water
48Hidden CubeRoadSInbetween a pine and some rocks
49Hidden CubeCliffsCInbetweem some rocks next to the water
50Hidden CubeRoadCOn top of a tree trunk
14Logic GridRoadCNext to a birch tree next to the path2
51Hidden CubeRoadCNext to the path
52Hidden CubeRoadEBehind a tree close to the ledge
53Hidden CubeSmall mountainSNext to some trees
15Logic GridSmall mountainNWOn the rocks2
54Hidden CubeSmall mountainCOn the rocks
16Logic GridSmall mountainSEOn the rocks2
55Hidden CubeSmall mountainSOn the rocks
17Logic GridRoadSEUnder the rockface next to the ledge4
56Hidden CubeRoadSBetween some red bushes
57Hidden CubeRoadSBetween some red bushes
58Hidden CubeRoadSNext to the path close to the South building
59Hidden CubeCliffsSEOn a ledge next to a fern
6Wandering EchoCliffsENext to the edge
18Logic GridSouth buildingNOn the rocks3
7Wandering EchoSouth buildingNIn front of a lion statue
3Pillar of InsightSouth buildingCNext to the water inbetween the building’s halves
60Hidden CubeSouth buildingCNext to the pillar of insight
61Hidden CubeSouth buildingWInside a stone lamp
62Hidden CubeRoadSOn a ledge South of the South building
63Hidden CubeRoadSWest of a stone bridge next to the path
64Hidden CubeRoadSOn the edge South of the Spitj building
65Hidden CubeCliffsSEInbetween rocks East of the South building
66Hidden CubeCliffsSEInbetween rocks East of the South building
9Light MotifCliffsSLook North towards the South building
19Logic GridSouth buildingSBehind the building
67Hidden CubeSouth buildingSBehind the building on the rock ledge
68Hidden CubeSouth buildingSBehind the building next to the wall
20Logic GridSouth buildingCOn the first floor2
69Hidden CubeSouth buildingSOn a roof corner
8Wandering EchoSouth buildingSOn the first floor
70Hidden CubeSouth buildingCOn the roof under a lion
71Hidden CubeSouth buildingEOn the roof
72Hidden CubeSouth buildingEOn a spire
73Hidden CubeSouth buildingCInbetween roofs
74Hidden CubeSouth buildingSWUnder the roof against the facade
75Hidden CubeSouth buildingSInbetween roofs under a corner
76Hidden CubeSouth buildingNWUnder a red bridge in the water
77Hidden CubeSouth buildingNInside a stone lamp
10Light MotifSouth buildingNLook at the East part from the North
78Hidden CubeSouth buildingNEBehind a red column
79Hidden CubeSouth floating rocksSEInbetween rocks
80Hidden CubeSouth floating rocksWUnder a big rock
81Hidden CubeNorth buildingSOn a ledge
82Hidden CubeNorth buildingSEBetween the rocks of the light motif
83Hidden CubeSouth buildingSNext to a waterfall rockface
84Hidden CubeSouth buildingSNext to a waterfall rockface
85Hidden CubeNorth floating rocksCOn the East side of a rocki
86Hidden CubeSouth floating rocksNEOn a ledge close to the peninsula
Written by ErakTheBrave

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