Nightingale: Increase Carrying Capacity

Details you need to know to increase your carrying capacity.

In Nightingale, the amount of items you can initially carry is limited. In this guide, we’ve told you all the details you need to know to increase your carrying capacity on the Nightingale.

How to Increase Carrying Capacity

Welcome to the enchanting world of Nightingale, where survival hinges on resourcefulness and the ability to carry essential items. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to increase your carrying capacity by crafting backpacks, essential tools for navigating the Fae realms with ease.

In Nightingale, the amount of items you can carry is initially limited. However, with the right crafting skills and materials, you can expand your inventory space to carry more weight and resources, enabling you to explore deeper into the enchanting realms.

Crafting the Simple Sewing Bench

To begin your journey towards increasing carrying capacity, progress through the tutorial sections until Puck directs you to your starting realm. Here, your first milestone is to craft the Simple Sewing Bench. To do this, locate the Essence Trader on your map and acquire the necessary recipe.

Materials Required:

  • 10 Wood Bundles
  • 15 Fibre
  • 1 Bone

Obtaining Materials:

  • Wood Bundles: Chop down trees using your axe.
  • Fibre: Gather from smaller plants scattered throughout the realm.
  • Bone: Defeat wildlife in the biome to obtain.

Once you’ve gathered the required materials, return to your base and construct the Simple Sewing Bench.

Crafting the Simple Pack

With the Simple Sewing Bench in place, you’re now ready to craft your first backpack, the Simple Pack. This basic backpack will increase your weight limit by 75, allowing you to carry up to 150kg of items comfortably.

Materials Required:

  • 2 Leather
  • 6 Fibre

Crafting Process:

  • Hunt wildlife and gather additional Fibre as needed.
  • Return to your Simple Sewing Bench.
  • Craft the Simple Pack to enhance your carrying capacity.

Future Backpack Upgrades

While the Simple Pack serves as a solid starting point, there are more advanced backpacks waiting to be crafted as you progress further into the Fae wilds. Keep exploring, gathering materials, and unlocking new crafting recipes to expand your inventory capabilities.

With your newfound knowledge of backpack crafting in Nightingale, you’re equipped to venture deeper into the enchanting realms, gathering resources and facing challenges with confidence. Happy exploring!

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