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Isonzo Officer Guide

Welcome to our Isonzo Officer Guide. So you’re considering becoming an Officer at Isonzo. If you’re smart and committed to your team, it’s a rewarding experience, especially if you love leading your team to the challenge.

Isonzo Officer Guide

So lets begin, First you’ll notice you have a few unique options as an officer compared to the Rifleman, Officers get unique abilities that can change the game completely. You have abilities like Issuing Orders (Which allows you to cut down the respawn timer for your team and the ability to direct your team to a potential attacking point) Second you get this awesome gadget called the Flare Gun (This allows you to fire off markers, these markers are important for artillery) tip: remember to look at your mini-map this shows you were the flare will land, which means you can drop artillery there! and Finally you have your passive, personally I only run the x2 officer whistle because it allows me to get more people in the fight.

Call In Artillery!!!

Officer Guide
To keep it simple, Call in Artillery it will be your best friend. Beware the potential of doing more damage then helping. To call in Artillery you must first be a Officer, there are always 2 slots in a game for your team, next you need to find the call boxes (they will be by for your spawn points most have them) click E then you will access the artillery menu

Officer Guide
This is the menu (granted from an old dev blog) this menu allows you to call in artillery ,gas ,and aviation. Personally my favorite is Aviation, due to the process of a rolling bombing with the bomber squadron. As an Officer you need to see which way the enemies are pushing you, for an example the enemy is funneling through the back of A, I’m going to mark it with the flare gun and drop Artillery or call in a bomber. If your defending, you need to keep away from the Forward spawn points. If you can see over the battle you can call in anything, and you can keep orders flowing for your team. I tend to stick by the Call boxes.

Pros and Cons

Since you are an officer there is a target on your back, especially when your on the Call box. Just remember your not Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Your pistols are hard to use, granted you can shoot faster than the normal Rifleman but you have a longer reload and a range drop off. So play it slow, clear out the trench slowly and control kill corners (spots that effectively stop the flow of enemies with out giving away your position) Your revolver will keep you alive in CQB but in out of trench you will struggle, but thats where your squad mates come in they have rifles and grenades to make your job easier. Officer is a well rounded class, just remember play smart and with your friends!

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