Agonize Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay

Welcome to our Agonize Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay guide. Agonize is meant to be solved and explored by the player but just in case your lost or need some help this guide will come in handy.

Agonize Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay

Agonize is meant to be solved and explored by the player but just in case your lost or need some help this guide will come in handy.

Tips and Tricks

If you find yourself struggling with beating the game, here are some tips and tricks. If you need some guidance and are lost then skip past these tips.

  • If agro’d by the monster you have 3 chances of escape being:
  • Outrunning her
  • Trapping yourself in a room with a chance she doesn’t break the door down
  • Using a trap on your level to stop her agro or slow her down
  • You need to use the traps to stun her before injecting her with a syringe that contains a serum
  • Using the wrong serum will trigger her so use the periodic table and the blackboard to find the correct serum
  • Serums spawn on floor 2, 3 and 4, and can be stored inside the jars in the basement after you have processed the serum
  • If one of your teammates dies with the serum, check the basement jars for the serum they lost
  • Make sure to pickup revive syringes solo or in teams. These are important and almost necessary to win.

Floor Plans/Map

Agonize Guide[previewicon=28995195;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 2.jpg]
[previewicon=28995196;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 3.jpg]
[previewicon=28995197;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 4.jpg
Agonize Guide[previewicon=28995196;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 3.jpg]
[previewicon=28995197;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 4.jpg
Agonize Guide[previewicon=28995197;sizeOriginal,inline;Floor 4.jpg
Agonize Guide

Walkthrough – Agonize Walkthrough & Basic Gameplay

Step 1To open the front door you will need to find the Front Door Key.

The key is found around the back of the house inside the graveyard

Step 2Explore around the house and look for a keycard left behind to enter the laboratory in the basement.

The keycard can be in these marked locations:
Agonize Guide

Step 3Inside the basement there will be a chalkboard which will contain 3 numeric values. These values are Atomic Numbers which can be found on the periodic table also inside the basement.

The 3 values are the 3 serums needed to help you escape from the monster and leave the mansion.
Using the 3 numbers you will cross examine with the Periodic table then with the vials on the table to find the 3 coloured serums.

Numbers on Chalkboard

Atomic Numbers on Periodic table
Agonize Guide

Vials on table labelled with different elements.

Step 4With the key from the basement, the next floor will be unlockable which gives access to the first 4 serums. Find the first coloured serum and a syringe, Go back to the basement to process the serum, Withdraw the processed serum into the syringe and head towards a bear trap.

Step 5Get the monster to trigger the bear trap, inject her with the correct serum and then grab the key she drops for the next floor.

*If a key isn’t dropped, then the wrong serum was injected into her*

Step 6Repeat Step 4 and 5 with Floor 3 and 4 using the rope trap and tesla trap instead.

Rope Trap:
Rope needed from floor 3 used throughout floor 2 and used to trip the monster.

Tesla Trap:
Grab the Tesla from basement after having accessed and obtained serum from floor 4. Place Tesla in one of the two stations throughout floor 3. Inside the basement activate the Tesla through the CCTV Camera system, have monster run through to inject her with the last syringe and finish the game.

Step 7Congratz! You finished Agonize, be proud of yourself, this was a mighty challenge!

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