Potion Permit Slow Motion FIX

Welcome to our Potion Permit Slow Motion Fix guide. This guide will give you a general […]

Welcome to our Potion Permit Slow Motion Fix guide. This guide will give you a general walkthrough for Slow Motion NVIDIA Users. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Potion Permit game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Potion Permit guide.

Potion Permit Slow Motion FIX

As the title says, In our case we excitedly re-entered to play it, just suffered a massive slowdown like controller or keyboard was broken but after some fiddling we realized it was a V-Sync issue.


1. Access the NVIDIA Control Panel

2. Go to Manage 3D Settings

3. Select Program Settings next to Global Settings

4. If Potion Permit is not on the list of programs go ahead and select Add and put it in there

5. In the Specify the settings for this program section you are looking for the Max Frame Rate option

6. I have a 144 Hz Monitor So I capped it at 144 Frames, If you have a 60 Hz monitor I would suggest capping at 60 FPS

So yea it’s a V-sync issue/FPS issue, I noticed it since my FPS was staying at 800 FPS regardless of V-sync setting being turned on or off

About Potion Permit

The town of Moonbury has always preferred to rely on traditional healing methods, keeping aloof from advances in the outside world. But one day, when the mayor’s daughter fell ill and the town goblin couldn’t help her, they had to seek help from outside their small community.

Take care of the residents.

Moonbury has about 30 unique residents who occasionally get sick and will seek your help. The program of patients who recover in bed is interrupted.

Diagnose the symptoms and find a cure!

Hmm… Low heart rate and a swollen liver. Do you also get cramps in your shoulders? No, these are definitely signs of pneumonia. This patient has consumed too much jelly! Easily treatable; you just need to make some Mint Glass.

Gather supplies in the outside world.

Once you’ve decided on a potion, pomade, or ointment, use your tools to gather materials from the environment. Upgrade your hammer, ax and sickle for new swings and attacks to aid in their daily chores. Beware of changing weather conditions! You can get caught in rain, a freezing blizzard, or even a scorching desert heat.

Fight scary monsters to get your supplies.

Sometimes gathering supplies isn’t as easy as plucking fruit from a tree, and you may need to turn your trusty tools into weapons to gather supplies from monsters hunting in the nearby wilderness. Combat is real time and since you are a chemist you can craft concoctions that strengthen you or inflict diseases on your enemies, and you have various tools to assist you.

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