IXION Chapter Layout Guide

Welcome to our IXION Chapter Layout Guide. A simple layout guide that contains various tips about […]

Welcome to our IXION Chapter Layout Guide. A simple layout guide that contains various tips about how to get to the last chapter with 4 core sectors, last 2 will be built depending on endings. This guide is updated for version with single difficulty.

IXION Chapter Layout Guide

This guide aims to be efficient and avoid redesign, only need to add more buildings as you progress. We recommend beating the game first since this guide contains minor spoilers. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the IXION game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our IXION guide.

Prologue – The Tiqqun

Chapter 0 serves as a tutorial and pretty straightforward, you only need to lay down the foundation for later, as for research I recommend EVA > Probe > Insect farm > Steel Mill.

Note: Building the Probe Launcher is optional for a hidden achievement but I won’t cover it here since it’s not an achievement guide.

Chapter Layout guide

Chapter 1 – Dead Earth

The goal of this chapter is to set up 2 more sectors to secure our food and steel income. The first thing to do is finish Steel Mill > Cryonic Center with research points from Earth so you can open new sector and get more workers. Below is the layout before opening food sector:

Chapter Layout guide

Next is to keep the Mill off, transfer all the available workers that just woke up to food sector as you spam the first few Insect Farms:

Chapter Layout guide

When you start to build up excess food, the steel you get from Earth should run out and you should have enough workers and power to run both Tech Lab and Steel Mill at the same time. Keep at least 1 Cryonic running and open the Industry sector as soon as you have 40 workers. Build 2 Mills to secure steel and at the end 2 Polymer to prepare for next chapter:

Chapter Layout guide

Finally, at the end of chapter 1 you should aim for this:

Sector 1 – Tier 1 Space

Chapter Layout guide

Sector 2 – Tier 1 Food

Chapter Layout guide

Sector 6 – Industry

Chapter Layout guide

Chapter 2 – The Protagoras

On this chapter we focus on completing our opened sectors, get enough resources for us and the Protagoras and build our first housing sector.

At this point, Sector 1 should be tier 2 Space so we can get the bonus for the EVAs

Chapter Layout guide

Farm sector

Chapter Layout guide

Industrial sector

Chapter Layout guide

Why bother with Fire Station you ask? In my playthrough when moving through the space storm to reach the Protagoras I got hit by lightning, my EVA and Cell housing caught fire and then spread so I decided to build them just in case, with sector 1 and 2 you can just build them to put out the fire then scrap them right after.

Sector 5 for housing, recycling and colonist training

Chapter Layout guideYou only need 1 Cell and 1 Waste running for electronics, other housings and wastes can be paused and built when you have enough resources but I recommend building then turn off the Waste Center so you get the tier 1 recycling bonus. You should have Nihei protocol (housing produce waste tech) unlocked by now.

Chapter 3 – The Etemenanki

In this chapter we upgrade our food supply, stock up batteries and build the 2nd housing sector.

First thing we do is to complete our food supply ASAP, this will feed ~4000 people in the Tiqqun with normal food policy and always have 2 full large stockpiles.

Chapter Layout guide

In order to stock up batteries, we need to complete our industrial sector.

Chapter Layout guide

Tier 2 space sector, the overkill EVAs can be turn off, will need later.

Chapter Layout guide

Our first housing will be complete around the time you pass the storm, this can prepare you for one of the endings too.

Chapter Layout guide

If you play correctly with my layout you should swim in resources by now, so the 2nd housing is easy, I use this sector for preparing to speedrun next chapter (the big stockpile is for polymer).

Chapter Layout guide

Chapter 4 – The Piranesi

We’re here to play cat and mouse with the Piranesi while collecting research points to improve the Tiqqun QoL. The building part is done in the previous chapter so there’s only a few notes left:

– Take time to explore and finish what you haven’t, build up full polymer in the 2nd housing sector.
– When you ready change the probe launcher into missile launcher, 1 is enough but I always have 2 at the ready just in case, then connect to the Piranesi.
– Probe can pass through this chapter storm safely, haven’t tested with the ships, need confirms.

Chapter 5 – A New Home

One of the endings requires you to build this, I left a space in 2nd housing for it.Chapter Layout guide

If you choose the other ending then just upgrade Colony Training Center and cycle between non-workers and colonist in and out.

There still lots of spaces left to spam batteries, you can open the last sector for it too if you want, you don’t need a guide for it.

Enjoy the game!


  • In early chapters homelessness is acceptable as long as you keep their number low.
  • Never get stuck in transfer resources by setting the wanted amount 10 units below max.
  • This build only uses 2 Polymer factories which may bottleneck your economy while you rush the Solar Panels.
  • I only need 3 mining ships and 8 cargo ships in the entire playthrough, the rest are science ships.
  • This build with 1 Water Treatment will use up all the wastes in the Tiqqun if left unchecked I recommend only turn it on from time to time, it requires too many power (100 then 50 with upgrade) but it is needed since 1 Fusion Station can not keep up with 3 Algae Farms.
  • Tier 2 food, industrial and recycling are all trash.
  • Let’s pretend population tier never exists.
  • Exo Dome and Health Center along with Train Station are the last and can be built only when you already completed other needs.
  • Current state of game balance ( made lots of buildings and policies trash to use or irrelevant, in the last chapter I ended up with 999+ research points and 1 unopened sector so feel free to max tech and try stuffs, all the resources will go boom anyway.

Any feedback or issue you encounter during your play with this build feel free to let me know so I can improve this guide.

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