Jedi Survivor Walkthrough Guide

In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, intergalactic journeys await you! During your interstellar adventure, you may not be able to obtain everything. So, what can you expect on this journey? What do you need to know about chapters, strategies, defeating enemies, and challenging bosses? This is where our Jedi Survivor Walkthrough guide comes into play! You can take a look at our spoiler-filled guide, which shows you boss battles, tips, puzzle solutions, and more!

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Walkthrough Guide

In “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor,” the epic journey continues for Cal Kestis, who faces the daunting task of keeping power-sensitive children safe from the clutches of the relentless Galactic Empire. This comprehensive Jedi Survivor walkthrough and strategy guide will lead you through every step of the game, from the title screen to the thrilling end credits. You’ll find tips for conquering enemies, defeating challenging bosses, solving intricate puzzles, and locating all collectibles.

Chapter 1

  • Coruscant: Pursue the Senator’s Yacht
    After ambushing Imperial forces on Coruscant, Cal reunites with his crew to acquire critical data. This mission introduces the Double Blade stance, Dual Blade stance, and Ascension Cable.
  • Coruscant: Escape Undercity Meats
    Armed with crucial data, Cal must evade the overwhelming force of Coruscant to meet up with his old crewmates.

Chapter 2

  • Koboh: Find Greez
    With the Mantis crashed on Koboh, Cal seeks out his old crewmate Greez to recover the ship. Here, you’ll unlock the Resilience Perk.
  • Koboh: Find Gyro Module
    Cal assists Greez in finding a Gyro Module to repair the Mantis. Along the way, you’ll obtain the Nekko mount, Health Essence, and enhance your Confuse ability.
  • Koboh: The Forest Array
    Cal ventures into the Forest Array, uncovering insights about Tanaloor. In this mission, you’ll acquire the Nekko mount, Health Essence, and a more potent Confuse ability.

Chapter 3

  • Jedha: Rendezvous with Cere’s Contact
    Cal heads to Jedha to rendezvous with an old crewmate and uncover a path to Tanalorr. Here, you’ll unlock the Blaster stance and Spamel mount.
  • Shattered Moon: Research Tanalorr
    Investigate the Shattered Moon and return to Koboh for more information about Tanalorr.
  • Koboh – Research Tanalorr:This mission provides the Crossguard stance, bounties, BD-1’s Koboh Grinder, and the Marksmanship perk.

Chapter 4

  • Jedha: Reach Pilgrim’s Sanctuary
    Cal embarks on a desert journey in Jedha to uncover vital contact codes. You’ll gain access to the Dash ability.
  • Jedha: Locate Brother Armias
    Within Pilgrim’s Sanctuary, Cal hunts down Brother Armias to gather contact codes, granting the ability to dash through green forcefields.
  • Jedha: Rescue Zee from the Lucrehulk
    Armed with contact codes but missing Zee, Cal returns to Koboh to save the droid. This mission yields a health essence, Force Slam, and Force Lift abilities.

Chapter 5

  • Shattered Moon: Pursue Rayvis
    Learning of Rayvis’ location from Zee, Cal returns to the Shattered Moon. You’ll earn the Centered perk and Advanced Ascension Cable.
  • Koboh: Confront Dagan at the Koboh Observatory
    With the Compass in sight, Cal confronts a formidable foe back in Koboh. Here, you’ll unlock BD-1’s Electro Dart ability.
  • Jedha: Bring Compass to Cordova
    Cal returns to Jedha with the Compass but faces an obstacle in his path.

Chapter 6

  • Nova Garon: Locate the Traitor
    Cal infiltrates an Imperial base on Nova Garon, where the power of the Force alone won’t suffice.
  • Koboh: Align Arrays at Koboh Control Center
    To reach Tanalorr, Cal aligns arrays on Koboh.
  • Tanalorr: Confront the Traitor
    Finally, on Tanalorr, Cal faces his ultimate nemesis.

Ending Explained

Discover what awaits Cal Kestis in the conclusion of the game with our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor ending explained guide. Unravel the mysteries of Kata and Cal’s battle with the dark side, and find out what’s next for our heroic survivor.

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