Lethal Company How to do Murder

In Lethal Company, gather scrap by night, but danger lurks. Need to eliminate to succeed? Find answers in our "How to do Murder" guide.

In Lethal Company, your job is to collect abandoned, industrial scrap to meet the company’s profit quota, but things can get dangerous at night. So, what will you do when faced with danger? Do you need to eliminate someone to succeed in your job? You can find the answers to all these questions in our Lethal Company How to do Murder guide.

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Lethal Company How to do Murder

Welcome to a cooperative horror about collecting abandoned satellites to sell for scrap to the company! Check out our Lethal Company How to do Murder guide for detailed information on how to kill your friends in dangerous situations!


The classic, now the shovel and stop sign are obviously good for killing your teamates for buying 3 TZP’s but the obvious problem is that it’s boring as, We’re better then that. I’m pretty sure everyone knows how to get a shovel or stop sign but if you don’t then maybe boot up the game its pretty good.

If you want a more interesting way to kill with the shovel then you’ll need a teleporter. First of all say your going to be the chairman or ship guy or whatever you call it. Then go dark after 2-3 minutes, then you should start teleporting people to the ship, they’ll have no weapons or walkie talkie to stop you as you beat them to death with the doors closed, rince and repeat until your demise is plotted.


Now if you want to get creative on making your friends hate you bees are a really good method. The best part about them is that you have plausible deniability. Lets say, hypotheticlly, you found a hive and need and need money, you would not be responsible if, sadly, the bees found the hive in the ship and mauled all of your team to death. You’re just a bystander.


This is most likely the most effective method to kill people if they’re new. This one is pretty easy to do. “IF YOU SCREAM LOUD ENOUGH EYELESS DOGS GET SCARED OFF” then they die. I’ll give a few fun examples. “If you fall into the pit in the elevator room you can get up using the elevators.” “The snare flea goes away if you run into an enemy, they kill the snare flea first” but the real fun of misinformation is you making it, so get out there and make your teamates have trust issues.

Written by Frogtrot

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