Judgment – Beginner Guide

Beginner Guide

The Game Has a Slow Start and Many Options Come With Time

A lot of side activities are added gradually. New mini-games, friends, additional investigations – they are all added systematically with the next chapters of the campaign. The majority of the options are unlocked only near the end of the game. However, there are so many side activities that it is better to enjoy additional content on a regular basis – if you wait until the end of the game, the additional content may overwhelm you.

Side Cases Give a Lot of Money

From time to time, you can participate in the so-called side cases – optional investigations that give a lot of money and offer a mini story (they work like side quests). Some cases will appear on the streets of the city, however, you can go to the house of the main character, Genda Law Office and the Tender bar to get a special cases.

You Can Use Items During Fights

The first chapters of the game are quite simple, but after a while, the difficulty level increases significantly. There are a lot of enemies, they become stronger and are accompanied by even more powerful opponents. You can use healing items during fights. Use your phone, go to the tab with items and heal. You can assign some items to the quick access toolbar to speed up the whole process.

Buy Supplies in The City

Once you complete a few side missions, you will have a lot of money. You can spend them on curative items like Tohughness Z, Staminan X or food like Oden or Sushi Set. Over time, you will also get access to extracts that enhance our hero in battle. Collect supplies for more challenging fights.

Severe Wounds and Treatment

Normal wounds can be healed with food in the restaurant or snacks accessed from the inventory. However, your character can suffer severe wounds that will block a certain portion of your health bar. When the enemy is extremely powerful and, for example, uses katanas or firearms, that opponent can damage Yagami so much that you can not be cured above a certain section of your health bar. You have to go to Moroboshi Clinic to buy kits or be cured by the doctor.

Fighting in The Streets

There are no vehicles to drive in Judgment – you have to explore the city on foot or by using taxi cabs. Thus, almost every step you make will be interrupted by a group of enemies. You can fight them to gain some experience or ignore and keep running – the enemies will disappear after a while. A good option is to, for example, talk to an NPC – a conversation resets enemies.

Friends in The City

You will find a lot of friends in the city – these NPCs can have mini-quests for us or are waiting for you to complete their requests. Some of them only require you to talk with them a few times, others may need a special item – if we gain the maximum level of intimacy with them, we get special bonuses. Some friends will help us in battle, others will offer unique items for sale, or take part in an EX move.

Save Experience Points and Buy…

…Boost Attack, Boost Combo Speed and Boost Health. These abilities are very helpful in combat. Try to reach level 2 of all of these abilities as fas as you can. After that, you can focus on getting new moves and special skills. Photo Op Sense is also useful – it speeds up the process of taking photos in missions that require you to do this action.

Are You Stuck? Check The Case Files

Although there are many missions with indicators that show where to go – some missions require you to figure out what to do next. If there is no symbol on the map, go to the case files and read the main character’s comment. Sometimes, it is necessary, for example, to read the address from the business card and go to the given place, etc.

Choices and Wrong Decisions Don’t Matter

From time to time, you will have a conversation in which you can choose a proof, a dialog line, etc. Although it may seem that our decisions are important, don’t worry – the choices don’t matter and the game will guide you to the right decision. Thus, you can make mistakes and choose the most humorous options for dialogue.

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