Judgment – Skills Guide

Skills Guide


Almost every skill in the Ability tab is useful. Three of them are especially important – Boost Health, Boost Attack and Boost Speed Combo. These skills are crucial in fights and give huge passive bonuses to our hero. Boost Ex Gauge and Balance of The Tiger are also useful – they increase your combat capabilities even further.


This category has a lot of skills but only a few really deserve special attention. Leapfrog is very useful. The same goes for its variants: Leapfrog Rush, Finisher and Throw – these skills will quickly neutralize individual enemies and give you an advantage in 1vs1 fights. Double Quickstep, Dodge Roll, Roll, Quickstep Cancel and Quickster Strike are very useful in dodging enemy attacks and countering them. Flux Fissure and its modifications are very helpful in fights with bosses. EX moves are useful, but you can safely buy them at a later time.


This category has several useful abilities: Detective’s Hunch and Photo Op Sense – your gamepad starts to vibrate when you are close to the evidence or an object that should be photographed. These skills are very useful in searching for evidence. Blame Shifter – allows you to make purchases after a fight with enemies in a store. Nice Fridge, Sweet Fridge, Badass Fridge – carry more items with you. Bottomless Stomach – allows you to eat food even when you have full health. This is very useful when you want to max out meals in restaurants and get SP fast.

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