Just Cause 4 – Head Into Caquillos Vacios Walkthrough

Head Into Caquillos Vacios quest is part of Just Cause 4 Operation Whiteout main story mission.

Head Into Caquillos Vacios Walkthrough

Step by step

1. Once you regain control, use your wingsuit & parachute to glide into Caquillos Vacios
2. When you’re in the area, use the AR scanner to locate the position of the generators
3. After locating the generators, spot the entrance to the generator building
4. Locate the fuel barrels by the entrance and toss them towards the door to create an opening
5. Head into the building and find the generator
6. Use your grappling hook and tether the generator’s metal plating to the floor remove it
7. Once the generator is exposed, shoot it to destroy it
8. Leave the building and find the other buildings with the generators inside them
9. Destroy the other two generators and Black Hand will arrive to interfere
10. Eliminate all Black Hand as you make your way to the electrical room

Tips for steps

4. Using Your Grappling Hook

  • Tether Grappling Hook To Barrels To Toss Onto Doors

You can open up the entrance to the generator buildings by tethering your grappling hook onto the barrels located by them. Tossing them onto the entrances will destroy them & create an opening for you.

6. Using Your Grappling Hook

  • Use Grappling Hook To Rip Metal Plating Off Generator

You can also use your grappling hook to remove the metal plating protecting the generator. Tether the plate onto the floor to pull it off.

10. Eliminate Black Hand

  • Use Rocket Launcher To Take Down Chopper

Black Hand will come in with a chopper full of soldiers. Take it, and the soldiers, down by launching rockets onto it.

Congratulations! Just Cause 4 Head Into Caquillos Vacios Mission is completed.

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