Just Cause 4 – Hack the Console Quest

Hack the Console Walkthrough

More enemies await you at the top. However, these enemies are also the regular ones, and there aren’t many of them. Head towards the console. Press the button displayed on the screen to start hacking. During this process, you have to defend yourself from all direction. The enemies are still easy to defeat, but there are more of them this time – open the chest near the console (it contains a rocket and a grenade launcher). With these weapons, you shouldn’t have problems with defeating the hostiles. When the hacking bar gets full, it will trigger a cut-scene. After that, you will be moved to another location.

Meet Mira

You are in a new location. Your character doesn’t have any gear – the objective is to meet Mira. Follow the mission marker. You won’t come across any threats, except the bridge that will collapse suddenly – simply jump to move forward. Watch the cut-scene that will introduce you to the game’s plot.

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