Just Cause 4 – Destroy Generators Quest

Destroy Generators Walkthrough

Time for another gadget – a wingsuit. Jump down and then press the button displayed on the screen. This allows you to use the wingsuit – the gadget gives you the ability to glide. Head towards the mission marker. If you fall down, continue your journey by using the parachute and the grappling hook.

When you reach the destination, the game will inform you how to use the AR scan – this system shows you nearby mission objectives. Use AR scan to mark three generators. Reach all three buildings and destroy the generators.

How to get inside a building?

Every building with a generator is accessed in the same way. Shoot the grappling hook at a barrel near the entrance. Don’t release the button yet. Instead, you have to hold it. An explosive barrel is now attached with the grappling hook – shoot another hook at the door. The barrel will fly towards the entrance and detonate – do that with all three buildings.

How to destroy a generator?

Every generator has a cover that you have to remove before destroying it. The process of removing a generator’s cover is very similar to how you were making the entrance to a building. Hold the grappling hook button while you are aiming at a generator. Then, shoot another hook at, i.e. a wall. This removes the cover and reveals the generator. Shoot it.

Do that with all three generators.

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