Red Dead Redemption 2 – Use Dead Eye and Level Up

Use Dead Eye

Dead Eye is best used in the heat of battle when you’re facing off against multiple foes, or when you’re on horseback and need to take down tenacious lawmen or random individual you don’t like the look of.

To use Dead Eye, just click down on the right analogue stick while you’re aiming – this will slow down time and allow you to target enemies with a red X. Depending on what stage of Dead Eye you’ve unlocked, you can tag multiple enemies before firing, line-up headshots, and eventually pick out vital organs to blast. Once you’ve lined up the red X, pull the trigger to unleash a volley of deadly shots.

Level Up

You can level up Dead Eye skills up to 5 levels, details on each level are provided below.

1. Slowdown Time

At the first level of Dead Eye, you will only be able to slow down time.

2. Pain Targets Automatically

At Level 2, the red X AIM points are automatically placed on the enemies. This is done by moving the aiming reticle over the enemies you want to target. Once the marking is done, just press the FIRE Button and all the marked enemies will be shot.

3. Manually Pick Your Shooting Points

Works similar to what it does at Level 2 but the only difference is that you can manually place the RED X AIM Points on the enemies by pressing the R1 or RB button. Manually marking the enemies gives you an advantage of precision. You will your say in which enemies to target, which body part of the enemies to target. This completely eliminates the accidentally marking of the weaker enemies and wasting the ammo.

4. Target Enemies’ Vital Organs

Level 4 is the best Dead Eye level right now (as we don’t have details on what exactly the Dead Eye offers you at Level 5). At this level of Dead Eye, Arthur Morgan gets an Eye X-Ray ability which marks the vital organs of your target enemies. You can use these vital organ markings on the enemies and ensure that you kill them with one shot. Level 4 of the Dead Eye will be useful when you want to clear massive waves of enemies without causing any problem to yourself. Also, it will be helpful when you want to hunt down the animals quickly and effectively.

 5. Yet To Be Discovered

It might allow Arthur to automatically fire a shot at the vital organ of the enemies that were marked in the Dead Eye Level 4. This will eliminate the process of aiming at the vital organ quickly and carefully. As well as the head and heart you can now target lungs and stomach, specifically. You’ll be getting a lot more one-shot kills and they become a lot easier.


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