Just Cause 4 – Pilots How to Unlock

How to Unlock Pilots

Pilots in the Just Cause 4 are used for fast travel and supply drops. After using these options, the pilot must wait a few minutes before they are available again. It’s worth to get new pilots in order to be able to use these functions more often. This page, which answers the question of how to unlock additional pilots in Just Cause 4, will help with that.

  • At first, you have only two pilots.

After completing the quest Project Illapa, you will gain access to fast travel and a supply drops. Both options require the use of pilots, who are unavailable for a few minutes after each operation. Right after completing the quest we mentioned, you will only be able to use two pilots. And what to do to unlock more pilots? You must reach the next levels of Chaos. The Chaos bar and level can be found in the top right corner of the screen. It’s very easy to fill the bar and earn more levels of Chaos – you only need to destroy the red objects and vehicles at enemy posts.

New pilots will be unlocked at Chaos Level

  • Unlocked by story progression
  • Unlocked by story progression
  • Unlocked at Army of Chaos Level 4
  • Unlocked at Army of Chaos Level 6
  • Unlocked at Army of Chaos Level 9
  • Unlocked at Army of Chaos Level 11
  • Unlocked at Army of Chaos Level 14

Just Cause 4 Chaos Points

The name may have given this away, but you get Chaos Points for causing Chaos. Which means cause mayhem, wreak havoc, destruction and explosions. The world is your canvas for a tapestry of explosions.

In general, I recommend getting a vehicle. Something like the Spectre Attack Heli, which you can then use to destroy Black Hand bases. Doing this awards you with enough Chaos to fill out your bar in one trip. Other vehicles such as Patrol Boats can also help you causing mayhem.

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