Katana ZERO Achievements

Katana ZERO Achievements Guide Here is a list of all achievements, their description, and a short […]

Katana ZERO Achievements Guide

Here is a list of all achievements, their description, and a short explanation on how to get them. I haven’t figured all of them out, so any ideas or solutions you have should be commented below so I can add them.

The Dragon’s tape

Complete The Dragon’s tape.

Completed during the course of the game, after picking up the prison tapes in [Chinatown] and playing through the level they grant once you return to your apartment.

To be continued

Beat Katana ZERO.

Beat the game.

Don’t hang up!

In 1962, the Orlons released one of the all-time greatest doo wop hits, Don’t Hang Up. Google it. Anyway, you hung up your phone a lot.

At the start of the game hang up repeatedly on your employer until you get this achievement.

The End

Meet your final end in chinatown.

When offered the choice to die in chinatown, take it. Credits will roll, but you can hit continue in the main menu and return to the level to beat the game for real.

Prism key

Most people go right. You went left.

Discussed in the guide.

Master key

You stopped a suicide. With a murder.

Discussed in the guide.

Phoenix key

Found what the robber left behind.

Discussed in the guide.

Savant key

Didn’t wake up Leon.

Discussed in the guide.

Prototype key

Fulfilled your secondary goal in the prison.

Discussed in the guide.

Secret hunter

Found all the hidden keys.

Discussed in the guide.


You ruined his fresh track suit.

Beatdown, defeat V until Snow comes and saves him. jump+slash down when he charges in red, dodge the blue charges and slow down time when he fires bullets. Hitting him in the back is optimal.No Love For Robots, in Studio, the space floor, do not kill the first big robot and continue on. Once you get the key and start backtracking, stop and listen to his monologue until you get the achievement.Party animal, be nice to V in his limo and give him the katana so he can cut coke with it.Funny Prank, in Bunker 1, get a molotov cocktail and kill yourself when riding an elevator, note that the elevator you start the screen in doesn’t count.

No love for robots

Poor guy.

For “No love for robots”: Go to the 2nd to last segment of studio and go to the “a space uncertainty” floor. The first room has a robot that begins talking once you enter the room. You need to leave him alive and continue through to the keycard. On the way back listen to his dialogue on how he feels love and youll get the achievement

Coffin Head

You killed a suspiciously familiar character on the Quiet Hills set.

During the mission [Studio], after beating the Quiet Hills set floor, a Pyramid Head looking robot can be seen walking around during your return walk. Kill him.

Refused medication

This will go well…

Discussed in the guide on how to get the Prototype key.

Party Animal

Why did you think it was a good idea to give him your Katana anyway?

Unknown. Comment if you know. Pretty sure you just give your Katana to V in his limo, but I can’t test at moment.

Funny prank

Kill yourself in an elevator.

Unknown. Comment if you know.

What a bad idea

Jump off the balcony of the penthouse.

Discussed in guide for the Master key. Description is also pretty clear on what needs to be done.


Defeat the psychiatrist’s final form.

Psychotherapy, this one has multiple flags to be set up. Essentially you have to make every wrong choice that pisses off the Psychologist. Keep interrupting him, Talk to Electrohead DJ and refuse to take more medication, kill everyone in Prison, repeatedly hang up his calls and insult him when you have the chance. In the pre-Bunker session he will say something along the lines of “I am sad that you are still alive” that is an indication that you set this up correctly. After that just continue with the story and you will eventually get the achievement.

Forbidden Ultimate Danger Tempest-Eyed MAJORDOMO Imperial Barrage Crab, Evixion

Your trap card was activated.

MAJORDOMO, in Hotel, select the cosplay dialogue options so the receptionist likes you. Having set up that flag, in Bunker 1 when you see her again, choose these dialog options:

-“can’t you just let me pass?”
-“I can’t show you my ID but…”
-“It’s a challenge, alright”

After that, keep spamming the interruption dialogue option until you win with the “You’ve just activated my trap card” line and you get the achievement.

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  1. Yeah, the “Party Animal” Achievement is if you give your katana to V. Then he leaves it on the floor early in the Studio stage.

  2. For Funny prank on Bunker on one floor will be Molotov. You have to keep it to elevator and then kill yourself with it


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