Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission – Hero Promotion System

Hero Promotion System


Leveling the hero in Dragon Ball Super World Mission can be extremely tedious after level 50, so you may be wondering why you would.

First, the following applies whenever you reset a hero:

  • Retain stats obtained from both bonding and comraderie.
  • Unlock new abilities
  • Higher base stats (haven’t confirmed)

Below is what you get for waiting to promote a hero at level 99:

  • Additional stats (average of 9.6 points per level from level 66-99 on an early promotion).
  • Max rank of abilities
The Data
I ran a few tests, but the data for the most clear scenario is listed below. I controlled the variations in both accounting for any stats gained from bonding or comraderie and subtracted those out from the total stats below. The below is using a Kai class hero. This was also done by taking a backup of the save file and restoring it after getting the data of one reset.
Trial 1
Level 66:

  • Starting HP: 2658
  • Starting PWR: 3677
  • Starting GRD:

Level 3 – Post Promotion:

  • HP: 2613
  • PWR: 3421
  • GRD: 1699

Trial 2
Level 99:

  • Starting HP: 3453
  • Starting PWR: 4367
  • Starting GRD: 2214

Level 3 – Post Promotion

  • HP: 2754
  • PWR 3537
  • GRD: 1759

On average, about 9.6 stats per level was gained on reset over the 33 level difference. This is a total of 317 stats. There was about a 16.8-18.1% stat carry over without accounting for base stats. I believe this would in fact be closer to 20% when base stats are accounted for. In addition to that, level 5 or the max rank of abilities on most promotion tiers is unlocked at level 99.

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