killer7 – Steam Controller Gyro

killer7 gyro aim, auto fire revival, quick persona swap

This is a guide for a steam controller configuration

It’s optimised for the game Mouse Aim Sensitivity to be set to minimum.
Everything else usese the default configuration.

If you need to adjust the aiming sensitivity, do so in the steam configuration, not the game configuration. Keep that one at minimum for the best possible aiming resolution.

Due to using mouse controls in first person, the rumble feature will not work.
Fortunately the steam controller rumble isn’t very good to begin with.
(I do recommend playing the game with proper rumble as well, it’s great)


The configuration uses standard game controls,
including the new quick heal on the left bumper and game exit on select.

Here are the new features:

  • left stick and pad click open the menu
  • right grip enables a gyro mouse
  • hold right trigger soft pull to activate gyro aiming
  • click right trigger full pull to toggle gyro aiming
  • while aiming, left bumper performs the counter attack, right bumper the special
  • the gyro is disabled during target lock on and scan for precise aim
  • left grip for quick persona swap on right pad (this requires the big picture overlay)
  • right grip plus right pad click for persona revival

Non gyro

If you like the shortcuts, but want to aim using the stick: Simply bind the right trigger back to default.

The stick itself has a dead zone adjustment tailored to the steam controller.

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