Kingdom Two Crowns – Banker

Who is Banker?

After you upgrade your tents to a more, castle-esque building, you will now have the Banker! One of the most powerful tools in the game! This fellow will store your gold and draw interest every night. He is very important for a successful economy and to help survive winter if you don’t have spearmen / don’t use them.

How to Effectively Use Banker?

This is the interesting part. It’s a little meh to focus on hard numbers. Just make sure his stockpile is full, and doesn’t go up or down anymore. (No decreases on withdrawal / No increases on deposit.) This will allow you to spam infinite money.

  • You cannot withdraw after you deposit. If you give him 10 coins you now must wait for the next day.
  • You can deposit any amount you want per day. You may also withdraw as many times as you want as long as you don’t deposit.
  • To deposit coins, drop a coin and he will pick it up, after he grabs 10 coins, he will do a nice animation of depositing them.
  • If you drop coins for him and he doesn’t do the deposit animation, Ex: Giving him 8 coins and he goes in for the night. This will still count, those coins did NOT disappear.
  • To withdraw your money, he will either give you 1/3 of the bank, or fill your bag, whichever comes first.

Example Full bank:

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