Kingdom Two Crowns – Lighthouse


The Lighthouse is a structure near the far side dock, it can be accessed by defeating the dock portal, and then pay 6 coins. It is made to allow safe passage to the island, although it can only survive a certain amount of days. Once back to an island with a lighthouse, the boat will arrive unbroken at the far side dock. The disembarking builders will push then the boat to the central dock, near the Town Center. The lighthouse can be upgraded to a stone one for 12 coins and finally to iron for 18 additional coins. The further it is upgraded, the longer the structure will survive.

The structure is built and upgraded instantly and without the need of builders.

When arriving at an island with a lighthouse, the boat will arrive, intact, at the far side dock. The accompanying builders will push the boat to the central dock, closer to the Town Center.

Only knights accompanied by their squires will disembark when you arrive to the next island safely. Any accompanying archers or builders will remain aboard.

Spawns on every island, can be accessed by defeating the dock portal. When you have the lighthouse built on an island, travelling back to that island has a chance of leaving your ship intact, with the chances being better the higher the tier of the lighthouse. The exact likelihoods of ships crashing for each tier are unknown.

Tier 0: Rock

Crash Chance: 100%

Tier 1: Beacon

Crash Chance: ??%

Cost: (6?) Coins

Tier 2: Lighthouse

Crash Chance: ??%

Cost: ? Coins

Tier 2: Iron Lighthouse

Crash Chance: ??%

Cost: 18 Coins

Why build them?

I’m glad you asked! It’s actually both simple, and difficult!
Their purpose:
You use these to save your ship. If you sail to this island again, you will now have a chance to save your ship! No more rebuilding! I’m not entirely sure the odds but I would guess it’s something like
Tier 1 = 25% Tier 2 = 50% Tier 3 = 100%(Could be inaccurate, will update if solid numbers are found)
I have never lost a ship with an Iron lighthouse and highly recommend you get to iron so you don’t play with luck!

Where to build them?

You may only build them at the dock to the ocean. This will be found at the end of one side, while the cliff portal is on the other.

Any requirements to build?

The tiers work just like the castle. Tier 1 is always available, however Tier 2 and 3 require the iron mine and quarry respectively. Other than that, simply walk to the very end of the dock and you will have a coin prompt to build! Also don’t worry, they build themselves! No builders needed!

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