Kingdom Two Crowns – Portal Breakdown

Greed Portal Breakdown

Now this is easy! After obtaining the quarry, you may now upgrade your main campfire to a castle! After buying a shield, a villager without a job will grab it and become a squire! A few archers will automatically begin to follow him as a small army. After having a squire, you must extend your wall out from the base walls. Then a banner will spawn. After paying your coins, they will go to the nearest portal on their side and attempt to destroy it.

Setting up a portal:
After a portal is destroyed, it will leave a magical remnance! You may build on it to create your own portal! These are super useful for moving around the map faster! After the portal is built, you may spend coins to move around. Pan the camera towards the direction you want, and then press the button you use to drop coins (varies on controller vs keyboard). If you’re in an open space, it will create a temporary remnance that can also be built to make them permanently linked! However if you walk away, it will dissipate.

Destroyed portal:


Built portal:

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