Hitman 2 – Elusive Targets

Elusive Target Schedule Target 1 : The Undying Location: Miami Available: November 20, 2018 until December […]

Elusive Target Schedule

Target 1 : The Undying Location: Miami
Available: November 20, 2018 until December 4, 2018

Target 2 : The Revolutionary Location: Santa Fortuna
Available: December 21, 2018 until December 31, 2018

Escalation Missions

ICA facility (Legacy)
The Einarsson Inception
The Snorrason Ascension

Paris (Legacy)
The Videl Cataclysm
The Corky Commotion

Sapienza (Legacy)
The Gladwyn Simulacrum

Marrakesh (Legacy)
The Ignatiev Integrity
The Cheveyo Calibration

Bangkok (Legacy)
The Somsak Equation

Colorado (Legacy)
The Farley Crescendo

Hokkaido (Legacy)
The Meiko Incarnation
The Dexter Discordance

Santa Fortuna
The Macmillan Surreptition Release Date November 28, 2018
The Turms Infatuation Release Date December 29, 2018

Isle of Sgail
The Aelwin Augment Release Date December 13, 2018

Featured Contract Release Dates

Featured Contracts are curated selections of contracts released monthly. They can be found by using the Featured Contracts button on the contracts menu page. New additions are simply added to the top of the list each month. Some months may be themed.

  • December 6, 2018 – Occupational Hazards (5)
  • November 13, 2018 – Launch Day (2)

Story Mission List By Location

Classified – ICA Facility (Prologue)

Guided Training / Freeform Training (stage 1) (Prologue campaign)
The Final Test (stage 2) (Prologue campaign)

France – Paris (Legacy Pack)

The Showstopper (Season 1 campaign)

Italy – Sapienza (Legacy Pack)
World of Tomorrow (Season 1 campaign)
The Icon (movie set) (bonus mission)
Landslide (sunset) (bonus mission)
The Author (night) (Patient Zero campaign)

Morocco – Marrakesh (Legacy Pack)
A Guilded Cage (Season 1 campaign)
A House Built on Sand (night) (bonus mission)

Thailand – Bangkok (Legacy Pack)
Club 27 (Season 1 campaign)
The Source (night) (Patient Zero campaign)

USA – Colorado (Legacy Pack)
Freedom Fighters (Season 1 campaign)
The Vector (sniper) (Patient Zero campaign)

Japan – Hokkaido (Legacy Pack)
Situs Inversus (Season 1 campaign)
Patient Zero (infection version) (Patient Zero campaign)

New Zealand – Hawkes Bay 
Nightcall (Season 2 campaign)

USA – Miami 

The Finish Line (Season 2 campaign) (Ghost Mode available)

Columbia – Santa Fortuna 
Three-Headed Serpent (Season 2 campaign)

India – Mumbai 
Chasing a Ghost (Season 2 campaign)

USA – Whittleton Creek 
Another Life (Season 2 campaign)

North Atlantic – Isle of Sgail 
Ark Society (Season 2 campaign)

Austria – Himmelstein 
The Last Yardbird (Sniper Assassin)


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