Kingdom Two Crowns – Winter Time

Winter Time A quick guide of when the winters will start and end. Includes a roman […]

Winter Time

A quick guide of when the winters will start and end. Includes a roman numeral cheat sheet to help figure out what day you are on.This guide is intended to help you figure out when winter is coming and when it will end, so I will try and be straight to the point. How you wish to use this information is up to you (afk seasons, wait out winter before leaving map, store up gold before winter etc etc).


First 4 winters. (Hopefully this is all the info you need to get to the end of the game).

  • Start XLVIII (48) –> LXIV (64) End.
  • Start CXII (112) –> CXXVII (128) End.
  • Start CLXXVI (176) –> CXCII (192) End.
  • Start CCXL (240) –> CCLVI (256) End.

If you need later dates than this then consult below.
Some key points:

Their are 4 seasons in the year, each season lasts for 16 days. Winter is the 4th of these seasons. So winter starts on the 48th day and ends after the 64th. Winter is not always as obvious as snow, it can also be identified via lack of animals and the farm will be frozen over (water not flowing, wheel not turning).

Each day you will receive a roman numeral with the day on current island (eg. XIV). If you hit escape (menu) you can see the TOTAL count of all days (all islands) in the top right corner, this number will keep rising and does not reset with the year. You need this number to figure out when the winter will occur after leaving island 1.

Concerning roman numerals. Add the century (100) to the front of the numeral to figure out what day you are on when past 100 days: C = 100, CC = 200, CD = 400, D = 500 (if u are in game for this long then u may be playing it wrong.


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