Resident Evil 2 – Ghost Survivors

Ghost Survivors

Much like The 4th Survivor mode, The Ghost Survivors focuses on other characters you never interacted with in Leon and Claire’s adventure throughout Raccoon City’s police station. However, unlike the fourth survivor, Umbrella Security Services agent Hunk, these three additional characters are not meant to make it through the zombie outbreak. In fact, some met their demise prior to the events of the game, as you can discover their fate in Resident Evil 2’s campaign.

The first story, titled No Time To Mourn, focuses on Robert Kendo. Robert is the owner of Gun Shop Kendo, who sets out with a small arsenal to brave Raccoon City’s streets–which are filled with a new type of poisonous zombie–in search of a means of escape. The second story, Runaway, follows Katherine Warren. The daughter of Raccoon City’s mayor, Katherine must sneak her way to safety, all while avoiding or fighting a strangely mutated zombie that can only be stopped with special ammunition. The third story, Forgotten Soldier, follows Ghost. Like Hunk, Ghost is a U.S.S. agent that also survived the initial outbreak and is now trying to escape.


1. The first Mr Raccoon location is in the Gun Shop right at the start of the chapter. It’s in the far right corner, on the shelves on the back wall.

2. You can find a Mr Raccoon location in the middle of the Machinery Room. We found it easiest to spot looking right off the walkway before the room with the zombie wearing a backpack.

3. Another Mr Raccoon location is in the Sewers, specifically the Upper Waterway. To get there, after you emerge from the lift from the Police Station and enter the sewers, go left and down the stairs. After heading through the Sewer and past a G Adult, go left to the dead end. Look up to the ledge above you to see it.

4. The other location is also in the Sewers, specifically the Lower Waterway. To get there, after you emerge from the lift from the Police Station and enter the sewers, go right, through the door and take the lift down. Drop left into the sewage passage, past the three (!) G Adults, and climb up at the end. After that is a vine zombie. Kill that, and the Mr Raccoon is in the pipe straight after.

5. As you travel from the Orphanage to the Police Station, you’ll run through a Basketball Court. The Mr Raccoon location is on the bench to the side. Note there is a Licker here to keep you distracted, so don’t forget to shoot the Mr Raccoon as you go.

6. Before you arrive into the Police Station B1, on the same street as the Gun Shop, is a street filled with cars and zombies. There’s an ambulance here, with a Mr Raccoon location in the back.

7. In the Jail, there are several cells to the north (or right) away from the direct route to your end destination. Inside the middle of these is a Mr Raccoon location on the desk.

8. In the Pump Room is an elevator that takes you to an upper walkway. Take it up, but don’t step off the elevator. Look forwards the railing to the west, then down, to see the Mr Raccoon location on the girder below.

9. Towards the end, just as you are leaving the lab, you have to fend off Mr X as the blast doors open. Run past him and into the Security Room he emerged from. Run round to the computer at the end of the room, where there’s a Mr Raccoon location waiting.

10. There is a Mr Raccoon location hiding away behind one of the doors. Specifically it’s the one with the ‘Let’s Dance’ sign next to it in the back corner. You cannot enter this door, and can only see into it when it opens to let zombies through. It usually bangs several times before that happens, allowing you to stand close by and prepare to shoot through to get it.

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