KonoSuba God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World: Walkthrough

List about jobs, quest, clothes and characters in the game.

If you have just started KonoSuba God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World and are wondering what path you should follow, you will find every detail about the game in this walkthrough guide.

Jobs, Quests & Clothes

This guide will show you detailed about jobs, quest, clothes and characters in the game.

Jobs / Rewards and Likes / Dislikes

  • Stocking Up – Cheap Cloth (Likes: Kazuma, Megumin) (Dislikes: Aqua)
  • Bartending – Quality Cloth, Silver Tray (Likes: Kazuma) (Dislikes: Megumin)
  • Dishwashing – Fine Cloth, Silver Tray (Likes: Megumin, Darkness) (Dislikes: Kazuma)
  • Masonry – Fluffy Feather (Likes: Kazuma) (Dislikes: Megumin)
  • Mining – Hemp Rope (Likes: Kazuma, Darkness) (Dislikes: Aqua, Megumin)
  • Plastering – Iron, Glass Orb (Likes: Aqua)
  • Bricklaying – Glass Orb (Likes: Darkness)
  • Croquette Selling – Cheap Cloth, Quality Cloth (Likes: Aqua)
  • Veggie Selling – Black Ink, Brussel Sprouts Fiber (Likes: Aqua, Darkness) (Dislikes: Kazuma, Megumin)
  • Party Recruiting – Quality Paper, Parchment (Likes: Kazuma, Megumin) (Dislikes: Aqua)
  • Board Game Flyering – Black Ink, Silver Tray (Likes: Kazuma) (Dislikes: Aqua, Darkness)
  • Blacksmithing – Iron (Likes: Aqua, Darkness) (Dislikes: Kazuma, Megumin)
  • Sword Polishing – Silver, Natural Oil (Likes: Darkness) (Dislikes: Aqua)
  • Armor Repairing – Silver, Manatite (Likes: Kazuma, Darkness) (Dislikes: Aqua, Megumin)
  • Guild Filing – Black Ink (Likes: Kazuma, Megumin) (Dislikes: Aqua, Darkness)
  • Guild Sorting – Candle (Likes: Darkness) (Dislikes: Aqua)
  • Butlering – Quality Cloth, Fine Cloth, Lace Trims (Likes: Kazuma, Megumin) (Dislikes: Aqua, Darkness)
  • Guarding – Fine Cloth, Candle, Lace Trims (Likes: Kazuma) (Dislikes: Megumin)
  • Town Cleaning – Fluffy Feather, Glass Orb (Likes: Kazuma) (Dislikes: Aqua, Darkness)
  • Church Cleaning – Herb, Holy Water (Likes: Darkness)
  • Graveyard Duty – Sinister Cloth, Sealing Stone (Likes: Aqua)
  • Babysitting – Quality Cloth, Flower Crown (Likes: Kazuma, Megumin) (Dislikes: Aqua, Darkness)
  • Tutoring – Quality Paper, Flower Crown (Likes: Kazuma, Megumin) (Dislikes: Aqua)
  • Fake Flower Selling – Aqua’s Special Mix (Likes: Aqua)
  • Milk Carton Folding – Quality Paper, Aqua’s Special Mix (Likes: Aqua, Darkness) (Dislikes: Kazuma, Megumin)

Quests and Rewards

  • Giant Toad Hunting (Chapter 1 Unlock) – Frog Mucus, Frog Skin
  • Herb Gathering (Chapter 1 Unlock) – Herb, Flame Grass, Rainbow Bloom
  • Undead Knight Hunting (Chapter 1 Unlock) – Unidentified Bone, Sinister Cloth, Void Soul
  • Mineral Gathering (Chapter 1 Unlock) – Iron, Silver, Gold
  • Magic Herb Gathering (Chapter 2 Unlock) – Silkworm, Antidote Herb, Vile Herb
  • Lizard Runner Hunting (Chapter 2 Unlock) – Fine Fur, Queen Lizard’s Claw, Queen Lizard Frills
  • Brutal Alligator Hunting (Chapter 3 Unlock) – Brutal Alligator Fang, Brutal Alligator Scale
  • Sacred Stone Gathering (Chapter 3 Unlock) – Sacred Stone, Adamantite
  • Brussel Sprout Hunting (Chapter 4 Unlock) – Brussels Sprout Fiber, Brussels Sprout Leaf
  • Phantom Bug Gathering (Chapter 4 Unlock) – Lightning Bug, Phantom Bug

Clothing Unlocks and Job’s/Choices

  • Leather Fantasy (Chapter 1 Story)
    (Choice: Get on your knees)
  • School Invidia (Chapter 1 Story)
    (Choice: Megumin: Time to imagine! Aqua: School idol. Darkness: I guess it’s really not right for you)
  • Pure Doll (Chapter 2 Story)
    (Choice: But it’s white, so..)
  • Idol Superbia (Chapter 2 Story)
    (Choice: Megumin: I wanna see you explode stuff in it! Aqua: Don’t you think you should learn about pride? Darkness: It has to be you.)
  • Sexy Formal (Chapter 3 Story)
    (Choice: Can’t a goddess make anything look good?)
  • Sexy Luxuria (Chapter 3 Story)
    (Megumin: Yeah, maybe these aren’t right for you. Aqua: Getting hit on by Aqua would suck, Darkness: Bare shoulders…)
  • Charming Roomwear (Chapter 4 Story)
  • Berserk Ira (Chapter 4 Story)

Megumin’s Clothing

  • Cute & Small
    (Choice: Time to show my fiery sincerity)
    (Job Unlock: Board Game Flyering)
  • School Swimsuit
    (Choice: Water explosion!)
  • Tropical Cheer
    (Choice: Maybe I’ll wear it)
    (Job Unlock: Tutoring)
  • Swimsuit M
    (Choice: Sexy explosive girl)

Aqua’s Clothing

  • Innocence Healer
    (Choice: Set the standard for Archpriests)
  • Sexy Stripes
    (Choice: Wear this and I’ll praise you)
    (Job Unlock: Plastering)
  • Festive Elegance
    (Choice: Drinking bubbly in a yukata)
    (Job Unlock: Guarding)
  • Swimsuit A
    (Choice: Can I ease her mind?)

Darkness’ Clothing

  • Sweet Honey
    (Choice: Imagination time)
    (Job Unlock: Sword Polishing)
  • Pure Princess
    (Choice: I’ll reward you)
    (Job Unlock: Butlering)
  • Cool Lady
    (Choice: I’ll look out for you if you get catcalled)
  • Swimsuit D
    (Choice: I’ll ask Yunyun)
    (Job Unlock: Armor Repairing)

Wiz’s Clothing

  • Lovely Apron
    (Choice: It is embarrassing…)
  • Sweet Vorpal Bunny
    (Choice: Put it on before everyone dies from stress!)
    (Job Unlock: Veggie Selling)
  • Charming Bathtime
    (Choice: I asked Aqua for a favor)
    (Job Unlock: Graveyard Duty)
  • Swimsuit W
    (Choice: It’s fine, I’ll help with the store!)

Chris’ Clothing

  • Classic Uniform
    (Choice: Go on the offensive)
    (Job Unlock: Party Recruiting)
  • Pure One Piece
    (Choice: These clothes may be too weak for you)
    (Job Unlock: Church Cleaning)
  • School Runner
    (Choice: Maybe I should wear it!)
    (Job Unlock: Bricklaying)
  • Swimsuit C
    (Choice: Ask Megumin instead)

Sena’s Clothing

  • Pajama Party
    (Choice: A professional gets the job done!)
    (Job Unlock: Milk Carton Folding)
  • Regal Maiden
    (Choice: What’s wrong with a strong maid?!)
    (Job Unlock: Dishwashing)
  • Sexy Cheongsam
    (Choice: You’re the only one)
    *(Job Unlock: Guild Sorting)*
  • Swimsuit S
    (Choice: You don’t care about me, do you?)

Yunyun’s Clothes

  • Easygoing Uniform
    (Choice: Fashion knowledge is paramount)
    (Job Unlock: Bartending)
  • Cute Maiden
    (Choice: You’d admit defeat against Megumin?)
    (Job Unlock: Guild Filing)
  • Cute Lady
    (Choice: Pampering makes people happy)
  • Swimsuit Y
    (Choice: Let’s play)
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